Hope you are having an amazing week! Yesterday, I posted a brief, but in-depth update post about many of the things we have in the fire right now — and I hope you read it! If not, definitely check it out

This week, our assignment will be about something I expressed quite a bit in that post yesterday — which is GRATITUDE. More on that in just a moment.

Before we do that, let’s review some of the great work from last week. Here are some of our faves, from our sisters in our community. Awesome job ladies!! 

A. Megann John – www.megannjeannehealthyliving.blogspot.com
B. Liz Ford – www.liz-ford.com
C. Shelley Pavlovich – www.happybyvegan.blogspot.com
D. Lori Maher – www.lorimaherbeautydetoxblog.wordpress.com


Lovely, right? And remember — this recipe is especially powerful because it can be done SO quickly and easily, making it perfect for lunch on the go, or a fast dinner that nourishes you at the end of a long day. There are a lot of days when you just don’t want to futz around when you come home from work or are getting your kids ready for bed. I get it! I myself love fast meals, and most of the time I only make easy meals! 

After many years of experience on the Beauty Detox path and working with many individuals at all levels of experience, I can honestly say that the ability to make simple, fast, delicious, healthy meals for yourself is a HUGE key to success. That’s why I’m so happy that so many of you tried it and succeeded! (and I can’t wait to share our upcoming 30 Day Meal Plan with you, very soon beauties!!!)

Now, for This Week’s Assignment… 

As I mentioned earlier, this one is a writing assignment, and it’s all about gratitude. I chose gratitude because it is truly one of the most powerful emotions on earth. It can literally change your life. It’s impossible to feel sad, worried or angry and feel gratitude at the same time. 

So, by consciously practicing gratitude — it’s like a workout! You strengthen that muscle and you can learn to basque in that feeling of gratitude anytime you want, which will keep you in a positive state. 

So your assignment is simple — here are the steps: 

First, think of something you’re grateful for. It could be a person, or something in your life, or an experience that you had. Anything that makes you truly feel gratitude. 

Second, express your gratitude in 2-3 paragraphs. You don’t have to write a book here, just your candid thoughts about why you’re grateful for that thing you chose to focus on. 

Third, if you can, include pictures or any visuals about the thing you’re grateful for! This will spice up your post and help others connect with the emotion and gratitude you’re feeling. 

Let me give you an example from my own life: 


I am supremely grateful for my husband John. It’s hard for me to put into words how deep our relationship is or how much he means to me, but I am going to attempt to do so briefly, without sounding cliched.

The heart of why we are so connected is our spirituality. We have the same outlook on life, and we believe in love and that we are all connected. We meditate together, and visit Lake Shrine every week we are in LA. Our deep spiritual connection expands into the deepest communication I have ever experienced with another human being. So many times we look at each other, and we know what each other is thinking. Sometimes it’s almost freaky! And I’ve never met something that I love to hug and cuddle with more. It never gets old. I just like to rest on his shoulder and it feels that everything is instantly peaceful. 

John is an amazing man that is so heart-centered, giving, thoughtful and kind. We have had the most amazing adventures together across India, Rwanda, Morocco, Tanzania, Turkey, Korea, and so many other places… When we started going off the grid more he was a bit apprehensive, as he had never traveled the way I had backpacked. But he quickly adopted, as he trusted me. It’s just another way our relationship has deepened. He is my best friend and truly my soul mate. We talk about anything and everything, and he is the one person whose opinion on everything I seek.  I am grateful every day for many things, and most especially John!

So that’s it!

Just let it flow! Don’t worry at all or think too much.

Now Its Your Turn! 

Whether you’re new or experienced in our program, the following steps will help you complete your assignment:

1) Pick the one thing you want to express your gratitude for. It can be anything — people, experiences, or anything that comes to mind! No rules, just whatever you feel grateful for and then write about why you’re grateful and include a picture or two, if you have them. 

Once you finalize your simple post and it’s live, be sure you share it — while linking back to this post, so others who come to your blog understand the process. 

2) Share your post to our Beauty Detox Foods Facebook group, so which will help many like-minded individuals see your post right away! 

3) Email the URL link to your post to Katelyn, our community manager, at beautydetoxgirl (@) gmail dot com with a link to your post so she can keep track.

4) Share your post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and tag me at @_kimberlysnyder— and be sure to hashtag #beautydetox so that others can find it. We don’t want to miss a single post! 

Then, next week we’ll showcase some of the best work for everyone and celebrate! 

It’s really that simple, and I’m incredibly encouraged by the hard work, quality and effort that everyone has been putting into this program. I’m really proud of you all! 

And I can’t wait to hear about what you’re grateful for. Remember, GRATITUDE is one of the strongest forces on the planet!