Sweet Potato Custard

Here are the ingredients before we turn them into custard. Read below to see the finished masterpiece!

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Hope your week is going amazing! :)

Starting for October, we will be shifting gears a bit and will now post one blogger recipe assignment a month. Recipes will range from breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and of course the highly requested topic — desserts! Yum!

Also, we wanted to thank everyone who participated in the last assignment we did, two weeks go. This was week #18, which was called, “Inspiration.”

Here it are some of the ones that really stood out. We really loved reading about your inspirations!

A. Marlene Martinez – http://fitdelight.com

B. Kiran Berrien – http://snailspacelife.com

C. Pamela Boccia – http://zachellamom.com

D. Beleza Chan – http://travehealing.wordpress.com


Katelyn and I LOVED going though all your submissions — it was so hard to only feature 4 posts. Thank you everyone for sharing your inspirations, along with the hard work and love it took to complete the assignment.

Also, in case you missed it — the other three Wednesday’s out of the month we will do a Q&A post for you!  (Tomorrow though, we will also be doing a Q and A).

We will be answering questions in groups of three on certain topics, though out the month. We love to always have your insight so we ask that you submit your questions. Although we can’t guarantee we’ll answer yours, we’ll certainly do our best!

We’ll also try to answer those questions that seem to be coming up a lot:  Please email katelyn @ kimberlysnyder.com and include “Q&A Questions” in the subject line.

We believe this will be an amazing way to keep helping you learn and evolve in your unique journey, while growing every single week. Please check out last week’s if you missed it here.

Now, Let’s Dive Into Our Recipe…



This recipe is perfect for any occasion — you can have it for breakfast, as a snack, or of course, as desert!

This can also be the kind of thing you bring to potlucks during the holidays to gently show others what is possible and how delicious it can be to eat Beauty Detox recipes.

Sweet Potato Custard_1

I love the bright orange color of this custard. So nutritious and yummy.

Questions About the Beauty Detox Challenges? Great! 

Many of you have emailed Katelyn with questions on the procedure for the blogger assignments — so we wanted to make sure your questions were answered here in this post.

If I don’t submit every challenge can I still be part of the program?

YES! We want the assignments to be motivators to try new recipes, share with family and friends and help you understand the Beauty Detox Lifestyle better. We understand everyone’s life is different and everyone is own their own personal journey. You can, of course, be part of the community even if you miss any challenges.

When do I submit my challenge?

You will have the whole month to do the new challenges, October’s Recipe Features will be posted Wednesday November 5th. Please submit your recipe by 10/27 by 8pm est. I will email you at the start of the month the date/time challenge is due, but it will be end of month. In order to be reviewed for a feature and receive a badge you need to submit your blog challenge to Katelyn. Please email katelyn@kimberlysnyder.com with the subject line “Monthly Blogger Challenge” and she’ll review it with me.

What are “badges” and when will I receive a badge?

Badges are a fun way to express yourself on Facebook, Instagram and your own personal blog. You will receive a Beauty Detox Recipe Badge for your recipe assignment for the month. Please excuse the delay on the badges over the last few weeks. I will be sending you some past badges in upcoming weeks to get everyone caught up. Going forward it will just be one badge a month for the recipe challenges.

How to I get the Beauty Detox Seal of Approval?

To get this seal of approval you must post at least 5 beauty detox challenges or beauty detox related posts and have a blog who’s content is Beauty Detox approved. Please submit your blog to Katelyn once you have reached 5 challenges and or posts so it can be reviewed for approval. Please submit your submission as “Beauty Detox Seal Of Approval” to katelyn@kimberlysnyder.com.

Thanks for Participating!

I hope the challenge is clear — this recipe is one of my favorites. Fall is such a beautiful time, and this recipe is such a nourishing, savory snack or desert — I know it will come in handy.

Don’t forget to submit your questions for next week to Katelyn (see instructions above)… and to submit your challenge once you complete it.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with :)

Talk very soon!




Lovely little custard bowls, don’t they look delicious?