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Today, I’m really excited to present a lovely serving of inspiration for you!

It’s the Beauty Detox Transformation Story of Alix Thomas — and I really think you’re going to love it. So without further ado, let’s meet Alix and hear about her experience!

Alex, how did you first find out about Beauty Detox?

I found Beauty Detox after I had been diagnosed with a very late (almost too late) stage of cancer and had to be rushed into emergency surgery.  If I had waited only one week later I wouldn’t have been here. After this ordeal the first thing I did was go online and read articles and books about health and cancer. I tried a few different things, but ultimately nothing made me feel the way Beauty Detox did. I honestly credit this lifestyle, and of course the support of my mom and youngest brother, for the health and healing of my whole body. This post comes three years almost to the day that I have been cancer free. This is why I am so honored to be asked to write this article because it truly is SUCH a transformation.

How long have you been following the Beauty Detox philosophy? Was it easy to incorporate it into your lifestyle?

I’ve been following the Beauty Detox lifestyle for over a year now. The reason it turned into a something long-term was because it truly is a “lifestyle” and not at all like “going on a diet” or “doing a cleanse” or “detoxing”. In fact, I didn’t even consciously realize until recently how much my eating habits and overall health had changed since one year ago. My body just started to naturally go toward this way of eating and living. This lifestyle is the first and only one that has just made complete and total sense to me since I first started reading Kimberly’s books and blog posts. My body just naturally fell in line and feels best this way.

What is your daily regimen? Give us an example of a typical meal plan and exercise routines.

I wouldn’t say that I have a typical meal plan and exercise regimen because my body feels different day to day. The one thing Kimberly said that really resonated with me was something my mom always said too, which is to just listen to your body. If I feel like working out hard and running, I do. If I feel like just stretching and ballet (I was a dancer for 16 years) and doing some crunches and core work, I do. If I feel like I need a nap instead, I take one. I don’t pressure myself to work out like I used to and I’ve actually dropped unnecessary weight this way because the stress is gone. For me, meditation sometimes just gets me back on track.

As far as food goes, that will also vary with the exception of salads. I love salads and I eat one for every meal, sometimes even breakfast since I crave them in the morning! The recipes in Kimberly’s books are so easy to make and taste so good! My mom and I have similar tastes in food, and my brother is in a band so I cook for him and the guys sometimes and they love it. (They can’t even tell the difference between vegan burritos and burritos with meat if I don’t tell them. Sshhh…) The most common meals in my house are kale salads, black bean burritos with spicy red sauce, marinated Portobello mushrooms with arugula salad, and variations of quinoa and vegan pizza. Those boys literally eat us out of house and home. Another personal favorite for me lately has been the detox tea with ginger, lemon and cayenne, a salad and maybe an occasional baked potato since it’s getting colder and those are such comfort foods for me. Of course, I still enjoy my favorite wine and lots of friends to drink it with.

How do you feel after adopting the Beauty Detox lifestyle? What changes have you experienced?

The biggest change I’ve noticed within myself is how my immune system has strengthened. Not only is my cancer gone, but I’ve also been able to fight off anything and everything that comes my way. The picture I show of my back was taken a little while after the surgery but because my skin is so clear and smooth, people can barely see it anymore! My hair is healthy, shiny and grows so fast, same with my nails, and I feel much more calm (which is huge for someone who gets anxious over getting things done!) I am gentle with my body and I take deep breaths now.


How has this impacted your outlook on life?

My outlook on life has changed dramatically these past three years. I’ve had ups and downs, but I was really tested on the “downs”. If I didn’t have the unconditional love and support of my mom and my brother I wouldn’t have made it. With their help I was able to continue on my healing path and that’s when I found Kimberly and all of you. I wasn’t one to post on the blogs or forums (much less write one) or interact much at all, but when I saw how supportive this community is I decided to share my story with you all. I really realized three main things: be gentle with your body and listen to it, what you put into your body can drastically change your health and your life, and how important support and a sense of community is with people who genuinely want the best for you. These are absolutely priceless.

What words of encouragement do you have for others in the Beauty Detox Community?

I hope that in writing this I can encourage anyone who is going through something similar. Whether it’s you who have a health issue or someone close to you. I know it’s hard and sometimes the last thing you want to think about is eating a salad and raw vegetables, but for me this lifestyle wasn’t about that. It was about listening to what your body is telling you and understanding that it’s designed to watch out for you. Little changes make huge differences and eventually you will be at that place you envision yourself: healthy, happy, full of life, not a care in the world. I thought I wouldn’t be. I battled some serious anxiety and depression on my road to wellness, but it’s all a part of healing. Think of good food as your medicine, and if you can only take a little at a time, that’s okay.

I’m living proof that bad things don’t have to change your life. You don’t have to succumb to the diseases, the lies that pop into your head when you feel down, the stress… this lifestyle to me was about healing and getting back on track. I am now. My goals are set, I’ve met some amazing people, and I’m ready to begin my next chapter, happier and healthier than ever.

Thank you Kimberly, Katelyn, and everyone at Beauty Detox for the opportunity to share my story. Now I can breathe even deeper and smile even bigger.


Thank You for Sharing Alix!

What an inspiring story — so glad you shared with me and the community.

Now, if anyone has a Beauty Detox story they’d like to share, please do send to katelyn @ and put “Transformation Story” in the subject line.

These stories really are profoundly helpful to everyone in the community — and the more we can share, the better!

Talk to you tomorrow and much love.

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