Today, Marina is sharing her Beauty Detox Transformational Story with us. I have met Marina a few times over the last few years and I have to say she is very inspiring and beautiful inside and out! So many lessons we can all learn from her, so without further ado, let’s let her take it away:

How long have you been following the Beauty Detox philosophy? Was it easy to incorporate it into your lifestyle?

I learned and found out about The Beauty Detox Solution almost three years ago. It was not easy to incorporate at first, because I made the mistake to go a little cold turkey. However, I later decide I can just change things slowly. The first thing for me was giving up cereal. At first, I would eat a banana and then ten minutes later I ate the cereal (I should of waited 30 minutes, but my body was adopting still). Finally, after I was able to do my Glowing Green Smoothie in the morning; soon after making small choices. It was much easier to get into this philosophy and lifestyle.



What is your daily regimen? Give us an example of a typical meal plan and exercise routines.

In the morning, I always have the Glowing Green Smoothie and I change it up every three days with different greens and fruits. During lunch, if I am at work I take things like nori wraps with veggies, celery and carrots with hummus, and quinoa. However, at home it can be pasta, veggie soup, or a salad. My lunch varies, but I never eat red meat during this time. Now, for dinner I am usually home and eat with my parents so I eat meat.  Therefore, I highly practice the concept of light to heavy everyday. As far as exercise, I get a lot of that working with kids Monday through Friday. However, I do like meditating a lot when there is a stressful week. Sometimes, when I am not out with my friend I do yoga. My weekends are mostly me walking with my friends to one place to another even on chilly days.


Marina before starting the Beauty Detox lifestyle


How do you feel after adopting the Beauty Detox lifestyle? What changes have you experienced?

There are many chances. One of the best chances is finding this peace within myself that I am doing my body good.  Back then, I would never seen myself meditation and now I almost depend on it. As far as physical change my energy, I use to have bad energy the type you get hyper off sugar. Also, a different change not related to physical but myself I am way more open to try different vegetables and fruits. But overall my change has come within myself then my outer self.

How has this impacted your outlook on life?

I think twice about eating certain junk food. When I do get cravings, I try to get the healthier version. Also, I use to feel I needed that sugar in my life like gummy bears, chocolate bars, and so on. But, I am like wait I might need this vitamin and eat something that contains that vitamin and mineral. I think this where this lifestyle changed the most for me the outlook on life.


Marina’s  mason jar empty after her  yummy Glowing Green Smoothie!

Favorite Recipe and Why?

My top recipe will always be the Glowing Green Smoothie, because this is the start of my day! I do varies green smoothie, but this is a signature one of course.  But my favorite smoothie in the summer is watermelon slush smoothie   so refreshing. But if I had pick one from the orange book, raw gorilla taco wraps wins over any.


In September Marina and I met again at a meet up I held in NYC.

What words of encouragement do you have for others in the Beauty Detox Community?

My advice is try to not to go cold turkey on things, it will eventually back fire. Try to take baby steps. And as always listen to your body, and everything in moderation.  Remember, to take it as a lifestyle nothing more or less.

Thanks So Much for Sharing, Marina!

I hope everyone is feeling uplifted after reading this! It’s inspiring to see the amazing change and radiant health that’s possible for anyone following Beauty Detox principles.

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