This week we are featuring Julia it was amazing to read her journey back to health from being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and how applying the Beauty Detox Lifestyle aided in her recovery and overall health. Thank you Julia, for sharing your experiences with our community!

Meet Julia…

How long have you been following the Beauty Detox philosophy? Was it easy to incorporate it into your lifestyle?

I have been following the Beauty Detox program for one and a half years. I was always one for healthy living but I had a big health challenge eleven years ago when I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I turned away from the doctor at a prestigious institute who gave me no hope and instead found excellent doctors who believed in me and weren’t afraid to try an approach I had researched and wanted. I found people from all over the world who had beat the odds and followed their advice, if it made sense to me. I took up meditation, yoga, added supplements like turmeric, drank green tea etc. I also knew my stressed out life style as a high-powered corporate attorney had to change. My husband and children were my strongest support, but I felt I had to take the reins and help heal myself. Against the odds, I went into a complete remission and have remained free of lymphoma ever since.

With my intense career, I sometimes fell back into bad patterns of stress, poor eating, and lack of sleep. In my search for programs that would keep me healthy, I ran across Kimberly’s name and the slew of celebrities who raved about her Glowing Green Smoothies®. So I tried it and loved it. It felt right from the start. With that change alone I noticed increased energy and concentration.

I edged into Kimberly’s program, doubling up on vegetables, trying new ones, experimenting with her recipes, soaking nuts for the first time, getting a dehydrator, using the amazing Vitamix and Ozeri pans, both of which Kimberly recommended. I even use Vapour cosmetics, which she recommends. My copy of The Beauty Detox Foods is worn and smudged from bringing it with me everywhere, lending it to friends and family, and using it for all the wonderful recipes over and over.

My husband saw how weight slid off me, curves and indentations appeared in the right places, my skin was more translucent, my hair shiny. He started following the program but couldn’t take the Glowing Green Smoothie®, so for him, we added almond milk and a little more fruit.  He too lost weight effortlessly and gained lots of energy. Friends noticed how much I had changed, not just the flatter stomach and thinner silhouette, but also a change in me: the confidence and happiness that comes from feeling in control of my health and energy. Finally, I had found a program that made me feel terrific and was easy for me to follow. The continuing support through Kimberly’s blogs and videos help keep me on track and engaged.


What is your daily regimen? Give us an example of a typical meal plan and exercise routines.

I have the Glowing Green Smoothie® every morning. During the day I may snack on nuts (raw, soaked, dehydrated), have a salad, and/or fruit. My husband and I have three days of vegetarian meals and on other nights we have wild salmon, grass fed beef or organic chicken, and all of this served with several vegetables and big salads. I crave vegetables now. We stay away from bread, gluten, and dairy. On weekends we often add buckwheat pancakes, and might have a vegan dessert. We also make healthy smoothies, which we have in the afternoon or, for a pick me up, “energy in a spoon.”

We walk and hike a lot, even more so when we travel. We bike and kayak, and play outside with our rescue dogs. I’ve always belonged to gyms, but now I’ve joined a small dance and fitness center that I find empowering, and where I take Pilates, ballet barre, zumba, and hoola hoops! And now, because I can see Kimberly’s amazing litheness, I will try yoga again. I am by nature a high energy person so I usually get in at least two hours of exercise a day somehow, maybe even just dancing around the house. Anything to move.


How do you feel after adopting the Beauty Detox lifestyle? What changes have you experienced?

From the moment I cut out sugar and started to incorporate large amounts of greens in my diet, I felt a seismic shift: more energy, greater focus, and best of all, within two to three days, my food cravings disappeared! To me, that was nothing short of a miracle. Food cravings, especially sugar, are so emotionally debilitating. I’ve always struggled with them, and even though I wasn’t overweight, it felt terrible to crave certain foods. I tried many things but the only program that has truly worked is Kimberly’s. If I slip up, I feel confident that I can be more diligent with the program and in no time I’ll feel really good again. I feel stronger physically and emotionally, knowing I can make good choices for me. My family and friends benefit from that alone. I also know I’m doing the best thing to keep lymphoma at bay.

Recently, I was on a cruise in Europe and I couldn’t believe that they served green smoothies! I had it every day along with spirulina tablets. I learned that from Kimberly: if you’re not sure you’ll have access to greens, take chlorella or spirulina tablets. People around me came down with colds, but not me! I think my spirulina and green smoothies kept me healthy. I have learned so much about nutrition and good foods from Kimberly. To know I can eat in a healthy manner, enjoy it, feel satisfied, and do away with cravings—that’s a miracle!


How has this impacted your outlook on life?

The confidence I have gained on this program, to know I have control over how I feel, my energy and focus, have led to new ventures: trying yoga again, meditation, freeing myself from anxieties, putting other positive actions into my life. I am a lawyer, artist (I’ve included a picture of me beside an oil painting I did of my husband shown above), actor, and now a writer. I finished a book I had wanted to write but put aside when I got lymphoma and now I have a wonderful literary agent and a great new community of writers on her roster! Thank you to Kimberly for bringing such positive changes to my life.


What is your favorite recipe and why?

Buckwheat pancakes, gluten free pizza, Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie and Raw Cacao Truffles!  Both my husband and I are gluten sensitive. Plus we feel so much better without gluten and dairy, as Kimberly suggests. The little aches and pains go away, fog lifts, energy returns, so we love these delicious gluten free recipes.

On Kimberly’s website we discovered the delicious chocolate truffles using raw cacao powder and ground raw almonds, and with no dairy or processed ingredients. They are fantastic and my family begs us to make them. I often try new recipes that Kimberly is so generous to share, like the Raw Purple Cabbage Slaw Recipe. I like this because purple cabbage is loaded with vitamins C & E and is anti-inflammatory.  With lymphoma possibly lurking, I am concerned about reducing inflammation and Kimberly’s system is perfect for that.

What words of encouragement do you have for others in the Beauty Detox Community?

Kimberly has inspired many and she has been so gracious in empowering others to be part of a community of positive changes and good health. I am drawn to her goodness, so I encourage others to keep up with Kimberly. She has wonderful, inspiring blogs, posts, and videos, even while she travels, and her words are always uplifting. she will reassure my words of encouragement to the beauty detox community is to glow like Kimberly, seek out the positive in life as she does, see beauty everywhere, and run as fast as you can from anyone who tries to take away your hope. Because there is always hope and miracles do happen!


Your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Handle?

Twitter: @JuliaGrantham2

Facebook: www.facebook.com/juliaellengrantham

I have written a Historical fiction novel, a WWII romance based on a true story.

What an Amazing Woman and Story!

Thank you again Julia for sharing your inspirational story with the entire community. I truly enjoyed reading your story and I know you will inspire thousands in our community! You are amazing, and I send you SO much love.

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Talk soon and have an amazing weekend!