With Christmas passing, and January 1st rapidly approaching, we all can relate to wanting to set a New Year’s resolution and make big changes. Today we are sharing Rachel’s Beauty Detox Transformation and it fits this theme perfectly. As many people resolve to do, Rachel explains how she lost 15 of her most stubborn pounds, and now feels better then ever!

Also, start thinking about what you truly want for yourself for the new year, because we will be supporting you with some inspiring information in this area, starting next week!

Now let’s meet Rachel:

How long have you been following the Beauty Detox philosophy? Was it easy to incorporate it into your lifestyle?

I discovered The Beauty Detox Solution at the book store 2 years ago. I picked up the book, read a few pages, and then purchased it and ran home to read it from cover to cover. Since then I have never looked back. It’s funny how you discover new things right at the very moment you need it in your life. The week before I visited a holistic doctor and discovered I had an iron deficiency. He told me it was likely caused by inflammation in my gut. I proceeded to do more testing and found out my body is intolerant to wheat (gluten) and dairy (whey). Everything started to make sense when I read Kimberly’s book. Not only was I having digestion problems, bloating, and low energy, I could not seem to get a flat stomach even after many hours of exercise each week. Immediately I knew that my diet needed to change. I went on a strict no wheat/no dairy diet for 60 days and had the Glowing Green Smoothie every morning. My body transformed and I’ve never felt more vibrant or alive. It was truly a life changing moment.


What is your daily regimen? Give us an example of a typical meal plan and exercise routines.

I always start my day with either a Glowing Green Smoothie or a Banana & Buckwheat Groats Smoothie. Lunch is always a large green salad and/or a lentil or vegetable soup. I snack on almonds or fresh fruit if I’m hungry in the afternoon. Dinner consists of lots of fresh veggies, quinoa (or brown rice), and lean protein. I usually allow myself one cheat meal a week but my cheat meals are a lot healthier now than they used to be. Now I consider brown rice pasta a cheat! Also, I am a big believer in taking digestive enzymes and probiotics daily! For exercise, I love running, bootcamp classes, and yoga ~5x per week. Plus, living in NYC means I’m always walking around!

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How do you feel after adopting the Beauty Detox lifestyle? What changes have you experienced?

I feel in control of my body. I feel alive. I feel light and energized. Incorporating the Beauty Detox lifestyle was easy once I felt and saw the amazing results. I never looked back and have been a believer from day one. Once I cut out all of the junk in my diet (gluten & dairy) I also stopped having digestion issues which I know impact a lot of people today and they have no idea that it is 100% attributed to their diet. I tell everyone I know to take a 30 day challenge, eliminating gluten/dairy and starting each day with the Glowing Green Smoothie and then tell me how they feel. I think these three rules are the foundation for changing your body, your energy, and your outlook on heathy living.


How has this impacted your outlook on life?

I’ve never felt more in control of how I feel and how I look. Knowledge is power. That is why I love Kimberly’s books because it tells you exactly why you should eat certain foods and should avoid others.

What is your favorite recipe and why?

The Glowing Green Smoothie of course! Starting my day off with something so nutritious makes me feel great all day long.


What words of encouragement do you have for others in the Beauty Detox Community?

I’ve found that healthy living is really about a lifestyle and not a ‘fad’ or a ‘diet.’ For example, I drink Glowing Green Smoothies every morning because it makes me feel good not because I am ‘detoxing’. For me it’s all about the lifestyle. I read a lot about healthy living (blogs, magazine, books, etc.) and am always trying new healthy recipes in the kitchen.

Once you believe that it’s not about making sacrifices, it’s about making healthy choices; your outlook on healthy living really changes. Also you can loose those last 15lb pounds you may be struggling with! After I implemented Kimberly’s program I was finally able to feel less bloated and loose those last troublesome pounds!

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Photography by Mark Thompson

Thank You for Sharing Rachel!

Your story fits perfectly to help inspire others who may also be struggling with bloating and digestive issues! I too was challenged in these areas, and I am so happy that these principles have assisted you in feeling and looking your best! Rachel, you are a truly beautiful and radiant being and I and the whole community is cheering you on. Keep going Beauty!!

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Talk soon and have an amazing weekend!



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