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#FeatureFriday is back! I know it has been a few weeks since I have been able to share a wonderful Beauty Detox Transformation story, so I am really excited for today! I wanted to share Ciara’s experience with you to not only help inspire you on your own path but also to remind you, that you are never alone! We have a growing online community that is very active where you can share your journey, ask questions and get tons of support!

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Meet Ciara…

How long have you been following the Beauty Detox philosophy? Was it easy to incorporate it into your lifestyle?

Women outside on a sunny day at pumpkin patch

My skin feels better then ever!

I was introduced to The Beauty Detox Solution through a friend of mine and have been following Kimberly’s philosophy for over 3 years now.  I was born and raised as a vegetarian, so her techniques and overall philosophy about eating were not too difficult to incorporate into my daily lifestyle.  Limiting my dairy intake (snack foods in particular) was a bit rough, though, yet one of the best decision’s I’ve ever made.  After adopting this lifestyle, I rarely have those cravings anymore.

I remember reading The Beauty Detox Solution and feeling really excited about it.

My first thought was that this woman believes in everything that I believe in, nutritionally and scientifically, about health and wellness.

I’ve read quite a few nutrition books over the years, but Kim is the one nutritionist whose philosophy and practice resonated with me on a more personal level.

Since reading and practicing her concepts, I’ve never felt better.  I breezed through the book rather quickly, which is great, because the information that’s presented is accessible to everyone.  After incorporating the Glowing Green Smoothie® into my diet, along with a few of her recipes, I noticed that my body was really starting to feel more wonderful than usual.

I had way more energy (no need for caffeine), and I felt lighter, cleaner, and more comfortable.  The results of her plan allowed me to become more conscious about not just what I was eating, but how I was eating.

What is your daily regimen? Give us an example of a typical meal plan and exercise routines.

Women doing Warrior II Yoga Pose

Warrior II this morning!

My routine is ultimately based off of how I’m feeling for the day.  I think it’s important to listen to your body and to give it what it needs.  Overall, I’m physically consistent from day to day.  Mentally, that’s my biggest challenge.   

I usually start my day with 16 oz. of lemon water and a probiotic.  I’m guilty of not drinking enough water throughout the day, so I like to drink as much water as I can first thing in the morning.  If I don’t have any lemon on hand, then I’ll have some warm water, with apple cider vinegar.  I like to add a few drops of stevia for taste.  This usually holds me off for about an hour or so, so when I’m actually hungry, I have a GGS for breakfast.

If I’m feeling a bit hungry after that, then I’ll have some organic steel cut oats.  I do love my oatmeal.  It’s hard not to eat it every morning; particularly, during the winter season.  Lunch is usually a huge salad, with a bit of olive oil and lemon juice.  When I’m home, I like to make my own dressings with nutritional yeast, lemon juice, and kelp, with a little bit of olive oil and sea salt.  I get bored with eating sometimes, so I like to mix up my dinners.  Vegetables are always a staple, usually with some quinoa or sweet potatoes.  My meals are much simpler now.  

Rigorous exercise routines are a thing of the past.

I realized that it isn’t necessary to exhaust my energy like that for optimal performance.  Plus, jumping and hopping around is rough on my joints.  Now, I have a consistent yoga routine, which has helped to keep me strong, both mentally and physically.  I don’t pressure myself to work out like I used to.  So long as I’m moving and varying my routine (walking, hiking, biking, etc.), I’m ok with that.

How do you feel after adopting the Beauty Detox lifestyle? What changes have you experienced?

I know a lot of people like to think that this whole smoothie, juicing, and “clean eating” thing is a fad for the times, but your number one way to achieving your most ultimate health really is through your diet. 

A little over three years ago, I had a pretty consistent issue with stomach and lower back pain.  So painful to the point that even walking became unbearable.  After self-diagnosing myself with what I thought to be Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I had a series of tests done, which all came out to be inconclusive.

Around the same time that I started to dedicate myself to adopting the Beauty Detox lifestyle, I noticed that the pain that I was experiencing subsided and eventually became nonexistent.

I truly believe that by limiting my intake of dairy, eating light to heavy throughout the day, and by changing my overall food choices, this has definitely helped to alleviate any sort of pain that I was experiencing.

I love the fact that my energy has increased and my skin is glowing.  After completing Glow Bio’s 3-day juice cleanse, my skin broke out . It was so bad!  The cleanse happened about 1 year after adopting the Beauty Detox philosophy.  I couldn’t understand why I was experiencing all of these breakouts, because my diet was so clean, but then I realized that maybe I wasn’t so perfect after all, and that I had a lot of extra sludge that needed to be cleared out of my system.  After many tears, the breakouts went away. :)

How has this impacted your outlook on life?

At one point, I was a chronic calorie counter, constantly obsessing over diet and exercise.  Thankfully, I don’t have that lifestyle anymore.  How i’m feeling and doing what is best for me at certain stages in my life has become more important.

Feeling good is what I value so much more today.

I can’t tell you how liberating it is to eat what you want, without obsessing over ever little nutritional detail.

I eat what I want, when I want, so long as I’m eating a whole foods diet.  Although I was raised as a vegetarian, my food choices were not the best growing up.  I practically lived off of vegetarian meat.  It wasn’t until I decided to pick up some books and educate myself on eating healthy that I made some changes.  I get so excited about nutrition that I’m more than happy to share my knowledge and experiences with anyone who’s interested.

What is your favorite recipe and why?

Hot Water with lemon and Chia Seed Pudding!

Hot Water with lemon and Chia Seed Pudding!

I love the Glowing Green Smoothie® (GGS).  I like to mix it up from week to week, just to create some variety in my diet.  I’m not a huge fan of whipping out my Vitamix everyday (by the way, one of my best investments, ever!!!), so I always make my smoothies in bulk for the week and freeze them.

The Chia Seed Delight Recipe is great for the warmer seasons, especially mixed with some banana and coconut flakes.  I also LOVE  The Raw Taco Gorilla Wraps and Quinoa Stew.

All of the recipes are great, and so easy to prepare, it’s hard to choose!

What words of encouragement do you have for others in the Beauty Detox Community?

I think the most important thing to remember is that what you do today will affect what you do and how you feel tomorrow.

Any step that you take is a step in the right direction.  It’s completely unrealistic to think that you’ll no longer have days where you’ll want to binge on some pizza, especially with some friends.  Pizza with friends is fun!  Going out for some espresso and dessert with friends is fun, too.  Life is meant to be enjoyed.  So long as you’re making smarter lifestyle choices, enjoy it!

Thank you for sharing your story Ciara!

It always touches my heart to hear these personal stories and to see how many people are feeling and looking better then they ever have before! We are all together and we all support each other with love as a community. :)

I would LOVE to hear your story. I know many of you have joined our 14 Day Glowing Green Smoothie Challenge! It would be awesome if you would share your progress with me. I would love to feature your personal journey into the Beauty Detox philosophies!

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With great love and gratitude,

xo Kimberly


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