Many of you in the Beauty Detox Community have asked me about the topic of fruit and if eating too much can hinder your weight-loss goals.

This question is close to my heart because I’m a fruit lover myself.

In my Beauty Detox Foods book, I discuss our digestion and delicate internal balance- and how if it’s compromised in some way (such as, with candida and sugar imbalances) it’s best to stay in the Blossoming Beauty phase for at least one month, but usually much longer, like 6 months or a year or even more.

Remember it is important that if you are feeling good in a certain phase, then you can stay there as long as you want.

The degree to which you want to improve, and also the current state of your health will dictate how quickly you move up to a different phase. I personally was in the Blossoming Beauty stage for well over a year, eating only low sugar fruit and no gluten, until my system was balanced.

After a while, you can start to introduce fruit slowly and see how your body reacts— notice if you get bloated, for instance. Remember that fruit does contain some natural fruit sugars, which will contribute to bloating if your body isn’t ready for a new stage. It is also very important to incorporate the right kind of probiotics (especially during this first phase), to really get your gut in balance, improving your digestive health.


I think fruit is an amazing Beauty Food (loaded with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants and really important to have) once you balance your system. It’s cleansing and beautifying. Don’t be afraid of it. As I mentioned, in the beginning, cut it all out of your routine, until you really balance your sugar levels. Then, start to introduce fruits slowly, seeing how you react.

Also, try to notice when you’re eating fruit during the day. Are you having it after eating heavier foods? Remember to practice our Beauty Food Pairing Rules and to have fruit on an empty stomach or just with leafy greens, such as in my Glowing Green Smoothie®.

Another critical point to remember is, do not eat fruit as a dessert. Because fruit is mostly made of a high percentage water, it digests quickly. If you eat it after heavier foods it can make you bloated (making it difficult to digest), and hinder your weight loss efforts.

Thank you Beauties, for all of your great questions. Remember, I answer four questions weekly, on my Beauty Inside Out podcast (#askkimberly), and would love to answer yours. Don’t forget to enter your Beauty or Health question, HERE!

Picture of Kimberly buying fruit at a local fruit stand.

What fruit have you tried this week?

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