I know exactly what it feels like to be unhappy with what you see in the mirror. This may come as a shock to some people, but before I started the Beauty Detox lifestyle, I was very unhealthy and unhappy with my appearance. Really!

Every time I post this picture I hesitate because it’s so painful for me to look at, but it’s important that you see it:

Picture of Kimberly pre Beauty Detox.

My Story…Pre-Beauty Detox

You can see my rough skin and acne-spotted face. My hair is up in a bun because I was always embarrassed at how coarse it was. That’s how I looked from the outside, and on the inside it was a similar story…

There was never enough soy cappuccino in my cup. I pushed through the day with caffeine and refined carbs. I was always tired. My sleeping habits were unhealthy too.

Besides the damage I was doing to my face, I also added about 25 pounds to my petite 5’5” frame. Not good. I knew things were getting bad when I was able to grab a big pinch of skin around my belly – something I’d never been able to do before.

Picture of Kimberly before applying Beauty Detox in her life.

You see, at the time I had just graduated college and was living in Sydney, Australia. And I was doing what every other recent grad living in an exotic part of the world would do: party, stay up late, drink and eat whatever I felt like. “Hey, you’re just relaxing,” I told myself.

And even though I wasn’t obese, all the warning signs were there that I was headed down a dangerous path:

  • My arms, hips, and waist were getting fatty
  • I was always bloated and constipated
  • My eyes and skin looked dull, not radiant

Who knows what would have happened if I continued down that path? Luckily, I didn’t find out….

Do you ever feel this way? Like your body just isn’t functioning the way it should? Well, I was able to turn things around. Eventually I said GOOD-BYE to the zits and coarse hair!

When I woke up!

The transformational moment came after I hit a breaking point. I saw where my life was headed and knew I needed to make a big change. As I searched for answers, I met teachers who opened my mind to new ways of thinking about health. They taught me about digestion and how important it is to maintaining balance inside your body.

I learned that the foods I thought were healthy, like low-fat milk and pretzels, were actually responsible for my shabby appearance. My diet was polluting my body with toxins.

Illustration About Gut Bacteria

Most importantly, I learned the importance of digestion and the impact it has on weight loss. (This focus on digestion became a hallmark of my teachings to this very day.)

Over the following weeks and months it became clear to me that that food is medicine. And that the best way to bring out your natural beauty is not through artificial creams and coverups, but through fresh, nourishing, nutrient-dense foods.

This period in my life changed everything! And no more coffee or bread, either. I was on a natural high, baby! My life did a complete 180.

What my poor food choices affected…

It wasn’t just the foods I ate. My career, relationships, and everything about the way I lived my life was overhauled. I left my secure job in Australia and embarked on a 3-year journey across the world. I visited over 50 countries in all. Along the way I learned each culture’s secrets for health and beauty.

I was blown away by the smooth skin of the African women. Even the elderly had flawless complexions. I was fascinated at how the Chinese first turned to ancient medicinal herbs for healing (instead of immediately popping pills).

This around the world journey led me to where I am today as a nutritionist for the mind, body and soul and New York Times best-selling author. I share these lessons of authentic health with my loyal readers, Hollywood A-list celebrities, and now- you!

So how did I do it?

What was the secret I used to turn my body and life around, and quickly?

I have much to tell you. You’ll discover how health and beauty are one and the same – which foods to avoid and which ones should fill your fridge – and you’ll learn my most powerful lesson, which is the role the mind and emotions play in weight loss.

Picture of Kimberly standing outside with a big smile and her GGS.

Great things are coming. This is just the first step. I’m grateful and honored to have you with me and excited to hear your success story. The lessons I learned will help you immensely in your journey.

In love and health,