I want to share with you a recent experience I had that was so beyond incredible, it is hard to quantify in words. I feel strongly compelled to share it with you—as I love to share everything that I find tremendously helpful and empowering.

The result after this experience, which was a one week training? I’ve found exponentially more peace, inner joy, self-assuredness, creativity and spiritual awakening…in other words, priceless benefits.

What I did was a neuro-feedback training conducted by Biocybernaut. Whether we realize it or now, our whole life experience is controlled by our brain waves.

There are five different brain waves, including Beta, which most of us are in all day. Beta is the analytical “thinking” mind. Delta is the brain wave we are in during sleep.

But Biocybernaut offers a comprehensive, proprietary Alpha One training, where you can learn to go into the Alpha brain wave, which is slower than Beta. Alpha is described as times of peak performance, when you have the highest moments of creativity or an athlete hits the best serve or makes the best play of their career.

Learning to access Alpha brain waves also gives you the ability to expand your mind, seeing more, able to dive deeply into examining your own behaviors and patterns.

You can learn to forgive—and even remember things from your recent or distant past—that you can see from this expanded perspective as adversely affecting the way you live your life.

For instance, you might have the tendency to create distance, get easily offended, hold grudges, get annoyed when people don’t respond to you in the way you like, and so on, and feel incapable of getting past it or understanding where it came from in the first place.

This was truly mind-blowing for me, and I experienced increasingly new and exuberant levels of lightness and clarity during my training week that I could never have dreamed were possible…as I describe below.

While there are other types of neurofeedback out there, some that include listening to tapes and using “entertainment”, what I love about the Biocybernaut process is that is a pure form that allows your brain to do the work.

You are learning to access Alpha, which is what will help benefit you long-term, versus entertainment with a tape or a visual medium, which is akin to taking caffeine to get alert or a drug to feel high.

The Biocybernaut training is based on over 40 years of Dr. James Hardt’s research and life work, who is a physicist and holds a PhD in psycho-physiology. Dr. Hardt has authored or co-authored more than 60 papers and has been published in Science, among other prestigious journals.

Picture of Dr. Hard

Image of Dr. Hardt

Pulled from the Biocybernaut site, here are some of the benefits of the Alpha One Training:


Scientific studies have confirmed that just 7 days of Biocybernaut’s unique Alpha One brain wave Training produces the following benefits for people who do this training ( Trainees )

  • +50% increase in creativity (average of Stanford Research Institute scientists who did the Alpha One Training)
  • +11.7 point increase in IQ (stable 12 months out)
  • Reversing brain aging in the EEG
  • More happiness and joy, and less fear and anxiety
  • More patience and understanding of self & others
  • Peak performance in sports, intellect, and relationships
  • Beneficial long-term personality changes
  • Improving relationships with friends, family and intimate partners

Clinical Applications Include:

  • Reducing alcohol and chemical dependency
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Personality healing
  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Healing traumas
  • Dissolving fears and terrors

Being a mediator myself, there was one thing that caught my eye on the website’s list of results. Biocybernaut claims that for their Alpha One Training, trainees that come to Biocybernaut can have the equivalent of 20+ years of Zen meditation.


But this is an actual claim based on studying the brain wave patterns of Zen masters, and how their feedback helps to “train” your brain to replicate those patterns with the neurofeedback training, which includes the use of musical tones that play when certain brain waves are firing.

I was skeptical at first. But by the latter days of my training I able to experience such deep levels of peace and “understanding” of the world around me and some spiritual teachings I had heard but didn’t really “get”, that I can say with 100% confidence that their claim about years of meditation is valid, based on my personal experience.

Let me backtrack and share a little about my personal experience in detail!

Coming off the Radical Beauty book launch, I was feeling exuberant but a bit worn out to be honest. The barrage of press segments and interviews, coupled with the height of Lil Bub’s sleep regression, had me feeling exhausted.

Fast forward three weeks, to when I arrive at the door of the Sedona Biocybernaut Institute, not knowing quite what to expect. I was excited about signing up for the training, which was shared with me by T/Tony (my part co-host on the Beauty Inside Out podcast! He had heard of the training), but I didn’t know all the details.

We were greeted warmly by the smiling Biocybernaut team. After the introduction, as I stepped into the chamber (a dark private area where you do the training) for the first time, I welcomed the sounds of the neuro-feedback. I learned to sync and “merge” with the sounds and raise the volume. But as I was soon to learn, that alone cannot change your life. Something else does…

The trajectory of energy for my week went from the first day pleasantness to confusion on the second day, with my ego starting to perk up and make me wonder if I was “doing the process right.” Then on the third day, as I started to dig down further, my ego instated a full rebellion.

I told the trainer during the break that I didn’t think it was working and I would have to leave. But the team smiled and held the space for me to confront my discomfort and go deeper, in order to foster greater healing.

My personal neuro-feedback training with Biocybernaut Institute.

My personal chamber, doing the neuro-feedback training with Biocybernaut Institute.

Each successive day of the training I went in deeper, with the end of each day making me feel that I could possibly shift and lighten and understand and feel deeper peace and let go more than I possibly had. But the next day consistently pushed me to new limits. It was nothing short of miraculous and simply beautiful.

Without giving too much away, I will say that in the different brain state of Alpha you can dive back into old experiences and process things, including offering up super deep forgivenesses.

You also do “mood scales” with dozens of words like “friendly”, “tense”, “on edge”, “ready to fight”, “happy” and so on, while you are hooked up to essentially high level polygraph information. You score yourself…but the computer puts a “sigma” or a doubt score on words that you denied that the computer is suggesting you actually do feel.

3D render of a glass head with the brain inside against a blue 'brainwaves' background.

You go through the words with your trainer, discussing areas in your life where the feelings might be stemming from, which then creates work and forgivenesses for you to do in your chamber sessions.

Now that I am back things are all the same but different in the best possible way! My meditations are incredible. I came back to back to back meetings, interviews, some big work-related things to overcome… but I am calm and unruffled. I can see when annoyances rise up and recognize them as ego and quickly quell them, at least for the most part.

Imagine going far deeper than 50 years or more of traditional therapy—which is conducted from talking, so in “beta” brain—in a few days. Imagine being able to very quickly identify where you are stuck:  traumas, issues, stresses, judgments and limiting beliefs.

Have you ever heard that you we only use a small portion of our brain? Well it’s connected to the fact that we only mostly stay in Beta brain waves during most of our waking hours! Doing the Biocybernaut brain training is one of the most powerful ways to improve your life, including interacting with your family, co-workers, friends, significant other, and yourself.

I am passionate about sharing this because I know the more people can be the most authentic versions of themselves, rather than living from their egos, the better the world will be.

It is indeed a time commitment (5 or 7 days) and a financial commitment ( (which I understand might be out of reach at present for some of you…) BUT I can assure you the benefits are priceless, and if you can swing it, I highly, highly recommend it. I could not recommend something more in fact, for overall improvement of your entire LIFE.

For more info, please email Katelyn@kimberlysnyder.com, if you are truly serous about exploring further.

I hope this peaked your interest in the power of your brain, and forgiveness, regardless.

With love and gratitude,




Picture of Kimberly getting her hair cut at home while holding Lil Bub and multi-tasking.

Somethings have to give and for me that includes going to the salon! With a house call I can breastfeed Bubs easier, roll conference calls, omit driving time…all while getting my hair cut! No wonder I love Alpha Training! ;)