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In this episode, Tony and I are going to talk about an amazing journey we’ve recently been on, and that is- the topic regarding brainwaves. We are really focusing on different brainwaves, and neurofeedback, and how it can profoundly change your whole life when you learn to tap into different brainwaves. Listen in as we discuss the five different types of brainwaves and how they affect us.

Next, we have my very special guest Dr. James Hardt, who is the founder of the Biocybernaut Institute, a physicist, a psychologist, and a psychophysiologist with over 40 years of research and clinical practice in neurofeedback brainwave enhancement. Jim’s technology and training methodologies have demonstrated significant effectiveness in healing and transforming core dimensions of personality dysfunction, reducing stress and anxiety, reversing key aspects of the brain’s aging process and increasing creativity.


  • Tony and I break down the five different brainwaves and what they mean…
  • How beta is the most common type of brainwave while awake…
  • What cognitive tasking is and how this relates to the beta brainwave- as well as extra stress!…
  • The delta brainwave and how it slows down in preparation for sleep…
  • How your perspective in relationships has an impact when implementing certain brainwaves…
  • Why certain people have difficulty meditating or problem-solving…
  • Tony shares what floating tanks are and what they do for our health…
  • Dr. Hardt shares how you can separate your ego from your self through brainwave training…
  • We discuss what neurofeedback is and how it can really improve the quality of our life…
  • I share my personal experience with brainwave training and the incredible impact it has had on my life…
  • How alpha training reduces anxiety…
  • How to use hindrances to keep ego from working its influence on you…


Picture of Dr. James Hardt

About Jim Hardt

Dr. James V. Hardt serves as the President and founder of Biocybernaut Institute, Inc. He holds a B.S. in Physics from Carnegie Institute of Technology, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Psychology from Carnegie-Mellon University and he has done post-doctoral training in Psychophysiology at the Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute at the University of California at San Francisco.

Dr. Hardt has authored or co-authored more than 60 papers and professional presentations.  He has dedicated his life in the research and development surrounding brain wave training and mentored by Dr. Joe Kamiya, the scientist who first discovered, in 1962, that humans could voluntarily control their own brain waves if they were given brain wave feedback.

For over 40 years Dr. Hardt has been studying the electrophysiological basis of advanced spiritual states. He has traveled to India several times to study advanced Yogis with his technology, has studied Zen meditators and Zen masters, and explored Christian prayer and contemplation. He is focused on enhancing peak performance, facilitating conflict resolution, expanding spiritual awareness and increasing access to advanced spiritual states.

About Tony Flores, a long-time friend of Kimberly who, after graduating from Stanford University, began researching and writing professionally full-time. He has a passion for natural health, especially Beauty Detox, and loves to share exciting new studies and insights he learns with Kimberly and the community!


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Note: more will be said about BioCybernaut in the next podcast, however, if you’d like to know more about the training feel free to email katelyn@kimberlysnyder.com. Keep in mind that it’s a significant investment, but typically pays for itself many times over in the form of increased productivity, income, creativity and empowerment. 72% of those that do the training increase their income after the training.

Jim Hardt’s Interview

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Remove unneeded stress and anxiety from your life Beauties. Here I am, doing my very own neurofeedback brainwave enhancement therapy. ;)

Remove unneeded stress and anxiety from your life Beauties. Here I am, doing my very own neurofeedback brainwave enhancement therapy. ;)