Hi Beauties! I am so excited to talk about the ever-dreaded holiday topic of weight gain…but today, I actually have some good news about it! We usually worry about this topic so much because we all stress so much about feeling fat, gaining weight, and looking bloated and bigger. BUT…I actually have some good news for you today!

What The Research Is Saying…

One of the most respected medical journals, The New England Journal of Medicine, found that people’s perceived weight gain (perceived, is the key word here), during the holidays, averages 3.5 pounds, but can be often up to 6.7 pounds.

People perceive to have gained this amount of weight during the holidays, but their actual weight gain was often under a pound (more like 0.67). A measly pound or less!!!! The good news is that the actual weight gain was for the average person- and for those of us that tend to be more conscious about what we are eating in general in the Beauty Detox community, it might be even less!!

The end result, really, is that we probably don’t tend to gain weight, or at least not in significant amounts that require any worry at atll. However, I do think that research is perceiving heaviness to be a result of bloating—eating foods that we’re not used to eating around the holidays, stress-eating, over-indulging in treats floating around the office and/or sent as gifts to your home…you know what I’m talking about!

This is one of the reasons why we feel like we’re gaining a lot of weight—because it’s a numerical estimation to try to equate with the physical discomfort around everything that we’ve been consuming the last few weeks and months.

Mental health care concept as a sheet of torn crumpled white paper shaped as a side profile of a human face on an old grungy wood background as a symbol for neurology and dementia issues or memory loss.

I do feel like people tend to eat a lot heavier, but there seems to be an imbalance: many of us may eat a heavy meal then skip another one. But what sits in our mind are those heavier meals.

There still is some weight gain, and I think the bigger lesson here is realizing that you don’t have to feel like you completely blew it if you had some indulgences. It’s NOT about being perfect. It’s about progress and about staying on track in a general sense. Even the thought/idea of trying to be perfect drums up tension and anxiety- since it is an unattainable concept for anyone and everyone…and that tension can actually lead to digestive distress that in turn leads to digestive issues like bloating! Ah, around and around it can go. Until now! Now you can become aware and consciously make a shift. You have that power within you to do just that.

The Beauty Detox lifestyle is long-term and something that is meant to be a support to you, forever really, in different aspects and elements of your life. I and we are always here for you. We are all connected and need to support each other to grow and evolve and feel our best and be in our brightest light. It’s great to remember this throughout the rhythms of the year.

Even if you are not perfect during the holidays, all is not lost. You are still a beautiful and wonderful being, so don’t think about it or feel guilty for even a second. Move on!

I really want to help anyone out there that is having anxiety around this topic, because the anxiety actually brings on a whole other topic to discuss…

Toxicity and Guilt & What We Can Do to Counteract Them

Did you know that anxiety can actually cause you to make poor decisions? This is because we’re not in a clear head or a clear space when we are anxious. I know because I was anxious for pretty much all of my teenager years and for other periods as well. I would channel my anxiety into trying to control my food, then feel awful about myself if I “gave in” and ate more when I was hungry. It was awful. I’m sharing this to help all of us reduce our anxiety. This is critical in reducing weight gain, because anxiety tends to rise a bit more around this time of year.

It’s a good idea to NOT have this mentality where you feel you blew it (like, having a cookie is the end of the world as we know it), and telling yourself that you already screwed up today. Before you know it, you’ll be telling yourself to eat the rest of the bag, plus moving on to the ice cream or peanut butter cups or whatever it is… and continue down the path of eating whatever might innocuously be in your path!

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This is where it can be super helpful to be mindful and to remind yourself (yes it IS important to remind yourself!), “Okay, I’m having a treat”, and “This is really what I want to eat”, and it’s okay. Know that you are really choosing to enjoy that cupcake or Christmas cookie, and feel good about it—making a clear decision. Then let it go! It’s over.

Then, making sure you take positive steps to keep your system running smoothly, by taking some digestive enzymes, Detoxy+ that evening, or drink more hot water with lemon tea in the evening- with the bonus of ginger added in to help you metabolize and digest the foods you just treated yourself to. Have the mindset that you will take these action steps before you even indulge. This will ensure that you will make clear decisions and not feel that guilt about them.

Guilt Does Nothing! So Leave it Behind!

Celebrate with family and friends and enjoy a slice of pie or some bread rolls, knowing this is not something you do all the time, but it is something you will have today and without the guilt on top. If you allow guilt to preside, it WILL affect your digestion, and in a negative way.

This is something that I talk about in my The Beauty Detox Power book. There is research about how our emotions can adversely impact our digestion—showing how our mental state really has a huge role in how our weight fluctuates.

Guilt and anxiety really go hand-in-hand. Remove the guilt (or self-punishment, like when we make a mistake), and then you remove the anxiousness and worry of gaining weight. The point is, don’t beat yourself up. Why would we want to do that to ourselves? We often talk to ourselves in ways we would never talk to a friend. And that has to stop! Because when you love yourself, you and everyone around you will benefit from the brighter light that comes from your self nurturing.

Love Yourself

Part of self-love and the self-compassion is not worrying. I know this can be hard because it is ingrained in us, for years and years, to feel guilty or bad about what we eat. We need to realize that we’re so much more than what we eat.

Feeling bloated or feeling like we’ve gained a bit of weight, doesn’t define who we are. Bottom line is, it’s okay if these things happen. It doesn’t make us who we are. It doesn’t make us good or bad, or unworthy of love. We are so much more than that.

Always keep things in perspective and your deep-seated beauty routine will always come second nature.

Always keep things in perspective and love yourself, no matter if you have some ups and downs in your weight or some indulgences or whatever!!

We need to keep things in perspective. If you are nourishing yourself with the Beauty Detox lifestyle, then you should be feeling good and your gut will be thanking you. Stick to the basics—having your Glowing Green Smoothie®, remembering it’s packed with micro-nutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals…and filling fiber. Follow the principles in The Beauty Detox Solution, such as eating Light to Heavy and basic Beauty Food Pairing whenever possible. Eat lots of salads and veggie soups, and stick to mostly or all clean-digesting, nutrient-dense plant foods!!!

Remember, you’re doing things that make you feel good, that support your energy and overall health. When you do indulge (or stray a bit), it’s okay. Don’t obsess about it.

My Experience

I speak from my own perspective, because I’m a recovering “food-obsessor”. I used to count calories when I was trying to lose weight, and to stay at a certain weight let me tell ya, it can be debilitating. It really messes with your head because you’re playing it over and over in your mind, and then feel extremely guilty all the time if you stray even a tiny bit.  It’s an ongoing and unhealthy cycle that we must step out of (or more like, leap out of!). I am inspired to share more about my personal story soon with you…look out for that :).

I think it’s important to choose when to indulge, go for it, and don’t lament when you do. Don’t feel guilty, and just move on.


Just as critical when it comes to dealing with ourselves is the idea of forgiveness. We have to be self-forgiving. If we’re trying hard to follow a plan and “mess up”, we have to be able to self-forgive and move on. I think self-forgiveness is really important too, because otherwise we end up being really mad at ourselves and hating ourselves. That does nothing to help the already existing issue.

So much of guilt ties into our ability to forgive ourselves. The way to release guilt is that self-forgiveness. It’s powerful because it has a cascading effect across our whole being and how we relate to ourselves, in so many ways.

Something to note, is that if you have trouble forgiving other people, by nature (or letting go of things), it’s important to observe where you may be doing that with yourself. What kind of grudges do you hold with yourself? How do you judge yourself?

As we continue throughout this season, I want you to have a great time, enjoy, and feel lots of peace. In the midst of the busyness, make some time for yourself because that’s really important.

Immerse yourself in self-love-it will keep you on track! ;)

Immerse yourself in self-love-it will keep you on track! ;) This is a Radical Beauty Immersion workshop I taught in Tampa recently. Be sure to check our Events tab to see about local events in your area!

We often pack things in so much during the holidays, that it can lead to excess stress, and you remember what that leads to…perceived weight gain. Make more time for self-care, some time to do a little oil massage on yourself, take a bath, read a book, and just self-soothe. The end result, I believe, is that the stress-eating won’t be as crazy and as dramatic. And that is my hope for you! It is possible, and you can get there!

In Closing…

When you incorporate these ideas, everything will feel more balanced and it will be easier to be easy on yourself. Again, when you do indulge—enjoy it. Let go of any feelings of guilt or any negative thoughts that will actually make matters worse. It might not happen overnight- especially if you are a perfectionist- as I was, but know that can transition into more peace and self love.

Remember one of our biggest Beauty Detox mantras, “Progress, not perfection” (see here I’m also talking to myself!). Do your best, Beauty. Love yourself above all else—remembering that you are so much more than what you eat or indulge in. You deserve love, and most certainly deserve self-love…so love yourself first!

Shine through in everything that you do Beauties.

With great love,


Kimberly doing yoga on the beach.

Progress not perfection. Sending you so much peace and love.