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In this episode, Tony and I are going to talk about a type of training that actually increases your IQ, which is Biocybernaut training that I just went through. Many experts used to regard IQ as a fixed number, but Biocybernaut training has proven it can increase IQ by nearly 12 points in one week. Not only that, but 50% higher creativity, more joy, less fear and tons of other benefits. Listen in as we describe their life-changing experience in Sedona, AZ and whether you should consider going!

Next, we have my very special guest, Melisse Gelula, who is co-founder and editorial director of Well+Good. We will be chatting about discovering trends that help promote wellness and health for women and people everywhere. Listen in as Melisse shares what her inspiration for creating the Well + Good website.


  • Tony and I share our experience with our recent neurofeedback training and how life-changing it can be…
  • We give a quick recap on the gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves…
  • How meditation can improve, using neurofeedback training…
  • We talk about the benefits you see in increased love, joy and peace…
  • Melisse shares the beginnings and transitions of creating the Well + Good website…
  • What the positive perspective for creating Well + Good is…
  • We talk about the Radical Beauty message of reaching your own personal highest potential and how it’s in alignment with Well + Good’s message as well…
  • What Athleisure is, and where health and fitness trends typically start, and why…
  • Melisse shares what W-O-O-M is and what benefits it brings to our overall wellbeing…
  • How tracking devices are diversifying with added products and apps…
  • We talk about Radical Beauty and Pillar Three and how sleep factors into our health…


Picture of Melisse Gelula.

About Melisse Gelula

Melisse leads the Well+Good editorial team in applying journalistic reporting standards to the wellness lifestyle for the Webby Award-winning site. She’s also a natural beauty expert and frequently speaks at conferences from Create&Cultivate to Foundermade on wellness, beauty, and digital trends.

Melisse is the former editor-in-chief of, beauty director at Luxury SpaFinder Magazine, and travel editor at Fodor’s Travel Publications. She has an MA from the University of Toronto and has completed six years of training as a psychoanalyst. Melisse has been featured as an industry expert on CBS This Morning, The New York Times, and more.

About Tony Flores, a long-time friend of Kimberly who, after graduating from Stanford University, began researching and writing professionally full-time. He has a passion for natural health, especially Beauty Detox, and loves to share exciting new studies and insights he learns with Kimberly and the community!


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If you’re interested in far higher brain performance, including increased IQ, more creativity, focus, peace, and the equivalent of 21-40 years of Zen meditation in a single week… and you’re if can make the investment, this training is highly recommended. For more info, please email Alice Miller at

Melisse Gelula’s Interview

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Make time to re-energize Beauties. Sending lots of love! ;)

Make time to re-energize Beauties. Sending lots of love! ;)