I am so excited because it’s time for this week’s Q&A segment on “Beauty Inside Out” with Kimberly Snyder. This week, I answer four trending questions from the Beauty Detox Community.

This week’s most popular question was: What’s your opinion on sprouted wheat breads?

Have you been asking yourself this very same question? If you want to know the answer to this question and 3 more sent in by Beauties just like you, listen now to find out!

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[Questions Answered]

Christina – Las Vegas, NV

What’s your opinion on sprouted wheat breads? Since sprouting makes the grains more digestible, I was wondering if that makes it okay to eat?

Ashley – Brooklyn, NY

I am up and moving from 5:30 am until I get home from work at 8:30 pm, and I can’t seem to find time or energy to workout. My job is very physically demanding, but I feel at a loss that I don’t have quality time to myself to take care of myself anymore. Do you have any tips for me?

Celia – Toronto, Canada

I find that avocados always upset my stomach every time I eat them. Do you have a healthy fat alternative that I could work into my diet?

Lauren – Rocky River, Ohio

Do you have any suggestions to start introducing some of your recipes and concepts to young children? I would love to get my kids to eat healthier, and if you have thoughts on which recipes may be good to start that would be great.

Inspirational Thought Of The Week

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Love every cell of your body.


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