It’s true. Eating healthy can be expensive in some ways, BUT not if you apply a little strategy to your kitchen game. And oh boy, we can’t even begin to add up how priceless health is in the long run, preventing illness and keeping up your energy. Not to mention maintaining glowing beauty from the inside out, from eating truly healthy, which is the Beauty Detox way.

Picture of Kimberly walking outside with a GGS.

With a little strategy we can eat Beauty Detox affordably :).

When I got back from my around the world trip, I had nothing. Literally nothing. I remember days walking around New York City, teaching yoga classes and privates, and eating oranges that I could buy 3 for $1 from street vendors because I had read some research that they were the most filling fruit. Pride kept me from letting on to my family or asking for money. But looking back on it all, I am so grateful for every part of my journey, even the intense struggles.

Plus, I learned how to scramble and stay healthy on a super shoestring

Now I have more than back then, for sure, but I still like to save as much money on groceries as possible. Who doesn’t? I’m starting Bubs’ college fund (what a weird thought! He’s barely crawling!), and I don’t ever want to be wasteful. I’m sure you feel the same!

So here are some of my favorite ways to be more frugal in the kitchen while staying super healthy:

1. Go for bulk with staples (like sea salt)

Salt is something most of us use pretty much every day. And I do definitely recommend using high quality sea salt (pink is my favorite), so you can get over 70 trace minerals and avoid consuming table salt, which is a manufactured form of sodium called sodium chloride.

Sea Salt

Bag on left: my huge Home Goods bag of salt for $6.99! Container on right: the itty amount I got from Wholefoods for $7!

But over the long-term, you end up spending waaaay more if you buy those itty bitty little containers of salt from health markets. For staples like sea salt, you absolutely have to buy big bulk.

You can do this online, or as I do, from a discount retailer like Home Goods or Costco. Check out in this pic above the big ole bag I got from Home Goods for $6.99. It’s ginormous! I just keep refilling my itty bitty container I got from Wholefoods (on the right), which cost about the same price!!

Same goes for spices you use a lot. Bulk it up!!!

2. Grow Your Own Herb Garden (Don’t Worry You Don’t Have to be Johnny Appleseed for This!)

Here is a pic of the current state of my personal little herb garden. It’s not to going to win any gardening contests as we can all see, and my little herb friends come and go (kind of how they please, like a fairweather- friend!). But it cost probably under $30 as a one-time cost for all the herbs (I have a few kinds of basil, rosemary, mint, sage, spearmint), and just devote a little time to water them every week.


But gee do I appreciate it when I am making a recipe that calls for a small amount of sage or rosemary, and I don’t have to buy a whole container for $6. And what’s also great about your own herbs is that you and clip whatever you have, along with your kitchen scraps, cook them all up and strain to make homemade vegetable broth.

I started making my own broth since I’ve been such a huge soup- maker, and if you cook with vegetable broth too, it can really save a bunch long-term, since a carton of organic veggie broth can be around $4 (so for a few family-sized soups a few times a week that is upwards of $20, or $80 a month).

So put your herbs and scraps to good use! And your hopefully one time investment in herbs will ALSO work out pretty great for you as far as salad dressings– you’ll be able to make tons of new, fresh ones in no time!!

3. Go to the farmer’s market or join a CSA

Here’s where farmer’s can give you a great deal- especially if you go towards the end of the day. Sometimes people tell me their farmer’s markets are full of novelty pre-made items that are expensive, and that is unfortunate (unless of course you are in the market for that stuff!), but if you can find one near you that has great, bulky produce than that is a treasure trove.

Picture of Kimberly and Lil Bub at local farmers market while traveling.

Even while traveling you can eat on a budget by visiting the local farmers markets. Here I am at one in Kauai!

I’ve gotten great deals at farmer’s markets around me for avocados, peaches and kale, etc. When I was in Nicaragua this past summer I had a kitchen and found a local farmer whom I could get greens and other staples from, and it saved me quite a bit from avoiding some restaurant meals.

CSA’s are another option, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a great way to get produce in bulk and benefit local farmers. Especially if you are an enormous veggie eater!! Check here for listings near you.

4. Make stuff!!

Here’s where I can really help you out! I got recipes for ya for kale chips, granola, energy bars…so you don’t have to buy expensive packaged versions.

Even if you are pressed for time and the last thing you want to do on a Saturday afternoon is perch at your kitchen counter stripping kale in large batches to make your own kale chips (yes I understand! I don’t make them that particular recipe myself that often anymore, to be honest.).

But, you can make simple salad dressings (got tons for you too), instead of store-bought (which often contains various forms of vegetable oils and preservatives, etc. -eek!), easy one pot meals and soups (here’s one of my fave recipes), so you don’t have to buy soup in a tiny container and spend $8.

Picture of Kimberly's Kitcheree.

Here’s another one of my favorite meals to feed the whole family: Kitcheree! One pot cooking at its best- super fast prep and everything just cooks and does its thing! Its full of beauty minerals and easy to digest.

As busy as I’ve been with Bubs and all, I can still always pour water into a pot and roughly chop veggies and add them ’em in with some lentils or whatever. And so can you! And save lots of moola ☺.

I think with a little prep and planning  you will surprise yourself! And you can keep a little record of how much you would have spent on a given meal over how much you saved cooking, to add it up over a month to stay motivated ☺.

The great thing about these tips? They are generally healthier for you also! (Except for the sea salt one I suppose, which is just pure cost savings).

I hope these help you out, as they have me. Have an amazing day and see you back here soon.

Lots of love,


Picture of Kimberly shopping for food with Lil Bub.

Happy shopping Beauties and sending lots of love! ;)