We all know what it’s like to fly off the rails, food-wise. The problem is that sometimes, one treat escalates into taking another little liberty, and another…until next thing you know you’ve gone for a few days (or weeks or months in some cases), with a diet ripe in treats and you feel like you blew it and feel totally off track and don’t know how to climb back into the wagon!

Close up of woman with popcorn, nachos and other snacks.

This last weekend I experienced flying off the rails myself, which is why this topic is top of mind for me!

I was up in beautiful Big Sur, with lots of Redwoods (beyond amazing!!) and mountains and trails. But it is not that easy to find grocery or health markets where we were staying, but oh so easy to veg out in your room. I also packed in a rush and did NOT bring any snacks and did not plan ahead…but worst of all, I forgot my Detoxy+!! This resulted in a true crisis, as you will soon see.

I ended up eating out of the mini bar for snacks, including late-night nibbles, which included potato chips (yes, the dreaded fried vegetable oils!), roasted nuts and sulfur-filled dried fruit. Eek!

Grimacing yellow ball showing bared teeth

I was so hungry at dinner (since I’m used to eating huge salads and tons of GGS during the day and so much more fiber in general), that one night I ate 3 long huge pieces of glutenous bread from the bread basket! Granted, I am very sensitive to gluten, as I’ve shared, and I know it would come back to bite me in the butt. But we all know that feeling of giving into temptation when you are so darn hungry…and the bread basket it beckoning like a glorious carby light right before you!

I ate more gluten over the next few days when we had no other lunch options in the area before starting our hikes. I in turn ate several sandwiches of the best option I could find at the local deli: avocado and mustard.

Your version of flying off the rails might look differently- but remember I’ve been at this for a while ☺. My off the rails used to also feature pizza and cookies. But for me, it’s pretty detrimental to eat that much gluten and fried food over a few days when I know that I’m really sensitive to gluten, and I hardly ever eat fried food.

My stomach was a mess! I didn’t poop the whole weekend, and I was so bloated I looked like I was 4 months pregnant again. And on top of it all, I was cursing myself for forgetting my Detoxy+, when all I had to do was remember to toss it into my bag!

So… the solution. And yes, there is always a silver lining solution!

So here are some of my recommendations for getting back on track- that worked for me as well!

#1 Release ASAP!

First, you have to poop as soon and as thoroughly as possible! Not laxative-abusing diarrhea, but emptying and making space and releasing toxins in a healthful way.

As soon as I came back, I took Detoxy+ (which is an oxygen supplement and not a laxative).  I did NOT wait until bedtime! I took them as soon as I walked into the house and then drank a fresh, strong ginger tea and after I put Bubs to bed I did an enema with my trusty kit. Not to get explicit but it was not so comfortable. But oh, so necessary ☺. If you don’t have an enema kit we have some we sell online at Glow Bio.

That is a big first priority. Create a release!

#2 Focus on one great Beauty Detox meal to get you back on track…

Secondly, pull yourself back into the Beauty Detox mindset. Even if you don’t fully feel like it, use your will, your power, your everything to make your next meal full of cleansing veggies and ideally lots of greens, gluten-free, properly Beauty Food Paired and all plant-based!

Spinach, Veggie and Red Lentil Stew Recipe

Try my Spinach, Veggie and Red Lentil Stew Recipe, which is loaded with hearty beautifying veggies and lentils. This soup will help get you on track and KEEP you on track! ;)

That first, on point meal will help build momentum to help you get back on track. As hard as it is, you have to put a great deal of effort into this one meal…as the tipping point. I know how strong you are, and I know you can do it!

My first meal was a simple veggie soup with broccoli, mushrooms, etc. and some sprouted brown rice. Make one of your fave dishes.

#3 Morning Routine: Your everyday bestie

The next morning, get back on track with your morning routine! Hot water with lemon- add some digestion- enhancing ginger for the next few days, 2 SBO Probiotics, and Glowing Green Smoothie®.

When you start the day on track, it will help fuel more momentum for you to fully feel like you can back on board!

Picture of hot water with ginger.

Start feeling great about what you are doing for yourself.

#4 New Goals

It’s also a great idea to re-visit, refresh and re-create your goals. Why do so many people get an (albeit temporary ) burst of energy to go after their resolutions around New Year’s? Because they are clear on them and they are top of mind! So take a few minutes and write out by your own hand into a journal what you really want, health, body and other-wise.

Picture of a woman journaling.

Get clear. Get focused. Feel re-energized and powered from seeing the big picture, beyond the next bag of chips calling you and the gluten rock in your stomach wanting more company. You are more powerful than anything!

#5 Let go

Harboring shame, guilt or resentment towards yourself does no good for yourself or anyone else on the planet. It truly drags you down.

So take it as a life learning experience to remember experientially not feeling as good when you eat a certain way, note it, and move on. Remember we are on a life-long Beauty Detox journey, not a short sprint. And we will all have ups and downs, it’s part of life.

Young woman enjoying nature and sunlight in wheat field

We will all fall off sometimes.  But pulling/hoisting ourselves back onto the Beauty Detox wagon when we fall off is how we make long-term, powerful shifts in our energy, health and true beauty.

And if you need more support, remember I am here for you always! I am doing FB Live chats every week, so be sure to subscribe, and there are lots of other daily inspirations for you on FB as well.

Be well, be kind to yourself and remember you are awesome no matter how often you fall off the wagon. ☺

Lots of love!


Picture of Kimberly holding a glass of GGS while stirring it with her finger.

When life’s got you feeling weighed down from potato chip splurges and piles of glutenous bread… our magical Glowing Green Smoothie is always there to give a strong helping hand back onto the path! xo :)