Green Monster Smoothie

So here is a brand new green, spirulina-containing new smoothie: my Green Monster Smoothie Recipe.

We all know how important the Glowing Green Smoothie® is in our lives. It is the Beauty Detox smoothie staple! But it doesn’t mean we can’t also experiment with some other green smoothies!

I love the benefits of spirulina, but I don’t necessarily want to put it in my GGS every day. The flavor is pretty intense! When properly combined with more sweetness, the spirulina combines beautifully. This is a great way to get it into our lives on a semi-regular basis.

Why The Green Monster?

When we were little we all read books about the boogey man and scary creatures and probably learned to associate the word “monster” with demons. I know that I was pretty traumatized as a child with some things I saw/read and had to check under my bed before going to sleep for years!

But here I am using the word “monster” to mean a whole heck of a lot of something amazing. Which in this case, is greens!

This smoothie recipe packs in both spinach and spirulina. While spinach is a leafy green you can get at the market or farmer’s market, spirulina is an algae.

Greens are our number one food group for providing us with all the minerals, amino acid and vitamins we need for superior beauty and nutrition. Their alkalinity helps root toxins out the more consistently we eat them. So let’s find out more about two greens I use in this recipe.

Beautifying Spinach

Spinach is not only a top beauty food but it’s one of the most delicious greens out there. When I’m standing in front of my fridge, pondering what to make for dinner, I often pick up fistfuls of baby spinach and just start munching away like a little monkey. I genuinely think spinach is delish!

It’s also rich in beta-carotene, which converts to the powerful anti-aging vitamin A. This is an important nutrient that promotes youthful skin by allowing for proper moisture retention in the epidermis.

It helping to prevent wrinkles  and remove dead skin cells from your body to make room for fresh new ones.

Spinach is also high in vitamins C, K and E, a wide variety of minerals, enzymes, fiber, and antioxidants.

If you’re concerned about how much spinach you should be eating, just remember to always rotate your greens. You can learn more about this topic here.


Now…spirulina. I do NOT claim to love the taste of spirulina like i do spinach. I do not and can not sit there with a spoon and lap it up plain. That would be beyond nasty and I would gag! But what I do love is spirulina’s potent properties and what it does for our beauty and health.

Spirulina is amazing for our energy, hair, skin, brain and general health. It also helps boost immunity.

It contains the highest levels of carotenoids, promotes health and longevity with its high antioxidants. It is also one of the most complete food sources in the world. With over 100 nutrients, it contains an over 60% protein content.

The plant-based non-heme iron in spirulina is best absorbed in the presence of vitamin C, which is why we add fresh lemon juice to this recipe as well :).

One brand that I like to use is called Nutrex Hawaii Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica, which comes in powdered form. This company has been cultivating Spirulina continuously for over 25 years. Not only that, but in deep sea water in a BioSecure zone free from pollution.

Spirulina is an excellent protein and nutrient source for those on a plant-based diet. It has to be used delicately, otherwise you might find it gross and avoid it at all costs.

I do think you will find this smoothie delicious and well balanced! :)

Green Monster Smoothie

Prepare ingredients.

Green Monster Smoothie

Pour in the coconut water.

Green Monster Smoothie

Add your fresh lemon juice.

Green Monster Smoothie

Next add the banana.

Green Monster Smoothie

Add your spinach.

Green Monster Smoothie

Then, add the spirulina to the blender, aiming to dump it in right down the middle! Starting the blender on a low speed, blend until smooth. If needed gradually increase to higher speeds and blend until smooth.

Green Monster Smoothie


Get your greens on and start to feel the beautifully-monstrous effects! ;)

See full recipe below…

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Green Monster Smoothie Recipe
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 1 large or 2 small servings
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • Juice of ½ of a lemon
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • ⅛- ¼ teaspoon spirulina
  1. Add the coconut water, lemon, banana, greens and spirulina to the blender. Starting the blender on a low speed, blend until smooth. If needed gradually increase to higher speeds and blend until smooth.
  2. Enjoy!
Note: In case you’re wondering what I use for coconut water, there are a lot of good ones out there, such as Vita Coco and ONE. Coconut water contains lots of potassium and minerals, and is very hydrating.

Let me know what you think of this recipe and don’t forget to add this to your Pinterest Smoothie board!

Happy blending!

All love,

Picture of Lil Bub eating his GGS.

Green moustache it up like ‘Lil Bubby!! xo