In today’s Vlog I explain, Beauty Detox Tips For Sleeping Through The Night!, I want to give you some important information on how you can improve your night time routine and sleep through the night.

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Hey Beauties, today I’m going to be talking about sleeping through the night, which is a topic that I have seen a lot of questions about, and comments, in our different surveys. I’m always listening to you guys and I wan to give some tips about how to sleep through the night, which is really important for our overall health. Let me just touch on that quickly. We know that, of course, eating is very important, and exercise, but sleep is a really vital aspect of wellness. It’s when our cells rejuvenate, it’s when even our brain detoxifies itself. It helps to balance our hormones, our system functions better when we sleep better, all around.

What I’ve seen in the comments from you guys is just a lot of you saying to me that it’s hard to sleep consistently through the night. There’s a couple of things about that. The first is setting ourselves up before we go to bed. I will say, I have talked about this before, but I’ll say it again, because the idea of the evening routine is important physically. It’s also important mentally, just to really relax the mind. The mind is always going and so if there is things that are creating anxiety, or unfinished work, or a really stressful conversation we had before bed, or just a violent or stimulating television show, it could wake us up. It could jar us through night, or contribute to some intense dreams. We just want to have that nice, really calm period before we go to bed just to really start to come down. I think that’s really important.

I also love the evening elixirs, and the warm hemp milk. We want to make sure, ideally, to finish those up an hour and a half before we get to sleep, or at least an hour. We don’t want to be waking up constantly in the night to pee, to have to go to the bathroom! We want to try and really taper off so we have to go to the bathroom and not be woken up consistently, which can be really disruptive. Another thing which you guys know, of course, of alcohol. Of course, sometimes if you want to have a treat and indulge from time to time, but it does wake us up. It does disrupt our sleep. We know that for sure. We want to make sure … oh here is Lil Bub next to me! We just choose consciously when we do want to drink knowing that it is going to affect our sleep.

Another few things which have shown to have been proven to be really great for helping us maintain sleep once we get into it is, first of all, having our temperature is very important. I noticed this for myself. If our temperature fluctuates we can wake up here and there so we want to keep it nice and cool, cooler than we might usually be comfortable, but we’re underneath the blankets, and to keep it stead through night so that it doesn’t, again, go up and down, which could wake us up. If we could hit the set button on our temperature dials, that’s really helpful. Also making it totally dark is really helpful. Even if we are asleep and there’s little blinky lights that could affect the quality of our sleep, so we can always just get some black tape, cover up the blinky lights, take electronics out of our room, and we can put our phone in airplane mode, just to cut down on the radiation, and the noises, and the beams, that are coming into us during the night. It’s really helpful.

White noise is also really great.  I was staying in a hotel a couple nights ago, where I went after Bubby went to bed and I had a speaking engagement in the morning. This hotel room was so loud, there was people in the hallways coming back from partying, there’s blinky lights. I did my best to cover everything up and I put a white noise app on my phone. It really helped and I stayed sleeping. The little noises, little things, that we can really cut back on can really add up. Like I mentioned before, the whole routine, like calming the mind, meditation, can be really, really helpful for helping us sleep through the night, and getting to that nice deep restful sleep.

There’s a lot more articles I have on on sleep, on sleep food, there’s also the whole sleep section which is pillar three in Radical Beauty.

Hope that helps and see you back here soon. Sending you love!! xo