In today’s VLOG I wanted to share with you 5 Foods for Flawless Skin! These foods are great top of mind to help give you smooth, beautiful and flawless skin.

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Hey Beauties,

Today, we’re going to talk about five top amazing foods that will give you smooth, beautiful, flawless skin. So let’s dive right in:

#1 Acai

I’ve been talking about this for years. It’s one of my foods in my second book, The Beauty Detox Foods, and with good reason. Acai is a super berry. It’s from South America and packed with antioxidants.

Acai is naturally sugar free and a wonderful addition to your Power Protein Smoothie. Take half or a full smoothie packet (depending on how much you’re drinking) and warm it under hot water.

Then, you can easily cut it in half and stick it right into your blender with the almond milk or hemp milk and your sprouted protein powder. Boom! You have an amazing food that’s just going in and helping to heal and brighten your skin each and every day that you use it. So check out where to find Sambazon Acai Packets in the frozen section at your health market.

#2 Almonds

My second top beauty food is almonds. We were just talking about the Power Protein Smoothie and about almond milk. Almond milk is really high in calcium and really high in vitamin E (which is a free radical scavenger).

Basically, free radicals promote and accelerate aging in many different ways. Vitamin E goes in and helps to stop that damage, helping to protect our skin. Helping to keep it bright and fresh and rejuvenated. Almonds are really fantastic, as is almond milk.

As I mentioned, I love almond milk. I drink it all the time. I put it in my tea if I want to make a latte, tea, or an elixir. I like to warm almond milk, or hemp milk as well, and then I put in turmeric or cloves.

I encourage you to soak almonds overnight in water, and rinse them well. Have almonds as a snack. That’s a fantastic skin food as well.

#3 Chia Seeds

My third food is chia seeds. Chia seeds are also part of our Power Protein Smoothie. They are hydrophilic and love and absorb a lot of water! You will want to put them in water to make them into a gel. You can then add the gel into your Power Protein Smoothie or make Chia Pudding.

The reason chia seeds are an amazing beauty food is that they’re packed with Omega 3 fats. These fats help to keep our skin nice and smooth and supple. If we don’t have the right fats, our skin tends to look drier, cracks and doesn’t have that beautiful, fresh suppleness to it.

Chia seeds are really, really great — providing minerals and antioxidants. They’re a fantastic, fantastic food for your skin.

#4 Pineapple

Fourth is pineapple. I like pineapple a lot. I rotate pineapple into my GGS about once a month. Last week, I bought a whole pineapple and I used it over a few days. Bubby loves pineapple as well.

Pineapple has not only lots of vitamin C, but it has a special enzyme called bromelain. Bromelain has detoxifying properties, which helps with our bodies digesting protein really efficiently.

We know the more cleansed and toxin-free our bodies are, the more beautiful our skin becomes. Work it into your GGS as the fruit portion or eat it on an empty stomach.

We’re coming into summer, which is a really great time to have more fresh hydrating fruit anyway. Check out the pineapple from time to time and work it in.

#5 Tomatoes

My fifth and last beauty food for you Beauties is tomatoes. I can peek out and see my garden out there and I’m so excited. I have three different types of tomatoes growing. They’re little green ones right now, but they’re gonna become these huge, big tomatoes.

Tomatoes are wonderful for your skin, so I wanna say they’re also really easy to grow. If you feel so inspired, get a pot and grow them. Tomatoes have a really interesting, amazing antioxidant called lycopene. Lycopene helps, particularly as we’re coming into the warm months, with sun damage.

I want to read you this research that came from Healthline saying, “In one study, there were 40% fewer sunburns after ingesting 40 grams of tomato paste, which provided 16 milligrams of lycopene, every day for 10 weeks.”

You don’t need to measure it out. I don’t like to get super specific in that way, but I work tomatoes in. You could put them raw in your Dharma’s Kale Salad. Some research shows that lycopene is better absorbed when it’s cooked, so you can have fresh tomato sauce.

There’s the Bella Marinara recipe in Beauty Detox Foods. If you’re in a bind, you can get some tomato paste or organic tomato sauce. Work tomatoes in, especially as we’re coming in the sunny months. You will be helping to protect your skin from sun damage.

Of course using a natural, chemical-free sunscreen is great, but we also want to build this production. We want to build this beauty from the inside out.

In Closing

I hope this was helpful, Beauties. Remember to keep these five top foods on the top of your mind. Again, they’re acai, almonds/almond milk, chia seeds, pineapple, and tomatoes. Super easy to find. You can stock the almond milk at home in cartons or you can make it fresh.

You can stock the acai in your freezer so you have it around. The other foods, you can just get on a weekly basis, or chia seeds you could also store at your home for a few weeks at a time.

I hope this helps, Beauty. Lots of love. I’ll see you back here soon. Take care!