In today’s VLOG I wanted to share with you Using Daily Practices to Make the Most of Your Summer!

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Hey Beauties! I am so excited to share how you can use daily practices to make the most of your summer! Last month I incorporated a few new practices into my routine, along with maintaining some of my already practiced ones, and I have to tell you…, I had the best month ever!

Practices are an emotionally significant practice that one undertakes routinely. When you make practices really sacred, they become a really amazing part of your life. Sadhana is the Sanskrit word for spiritual practice, and it is what is adhered to, day to day, to help create progress on our paths.


One of the biggest benefits of implementing a morning practice is that you automate behaviors, disciplines, and things that are important to you. This becomes routine and moves you towards a goal.

  • Beauty Detox Morning Routine: meditate + hot water with lemon + GGS + SBO probiotics
  • Practice Abhyanga, an ancient form of self-massage that acts as a powerful anti-aging practice
  • Get outside and let the early morning light wake you naturally


It’s so important to take care of ourselves as well as our children because we don’t want to get depleted, and as busy moms, we can easily run ourselves down.

  • If you have a newborn, you can actually try meditating while you are nursing. This is such a magical time because your baby is resting on your heart chakra!
  • Get outside with your kids and take them for long walks, enjoying the summer air and warm nights. Or try hikes if you can still carry them in the sling. Walking is such a healthy thing to do.
  • If you have older children, ask them to help you make dinner one night a week. Let them massage the avocado into your Dharmas Kale Salad, or squeeze the lemon. Introducing them to these practices at a young age can open their food curiosity and even their taste buds.


When your body is well rested, you are not only able to function better, but you will be amazed at how much more efficient you are in the tasks you perform.

  • Honor the sacred hour. What you avoid in this time is just as critical as what you engage in. Anything stressful or stimulating should be avoided
  • Try my Nighttime Dream Elixir with warm almond milk for its sleep inducing properties
  • Sleep in a cave. Turn off the artificial lights, block out the moonlight, turn Iphone on airplane
  • Focus on your breath and try to let go of your thoughts from your day

Check out my SleepWell System for more tips!


Remember, we are not perfect and our routines and practices may not always happen perfectly.

  • Try to make some of these practices into your summer routine and you’ll see amazing results.
  • It’s impossible to overstate how important it is to have that physical and psychological routine that keeps us in that feeling of consistency.
  • It allows us to reconnect to what matters and to empower our body to feel good and have energy on so many levels— nutritionally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


I will see you soon. So much love. Thank you for being in the community. I love you so much. I’m here to support you, and I will see you back here very soon.