I am so excited because it’s time for this week’s Q&A segment on “Beauty Inside Out” with Kimberly Snyder. This week, I answer four trending questions from the Beauty Detox Community.

This week’s theme is: Getting To The Root Of Cravings!

Have you been asking yourself this very same question? If you want to know the answer to this question and 3 more sent in by Beauties just like you, listen now to find out!

Remember you can submit your questions at www.kimberlysnyder.com/askkimberly

[Questions Answered]

Stacy – Baltimore, MD

I turn to food when I am dealing with stress or sadness. I often crave comfort foods and sweets. Is there a way to curb these cravings? I have gained 15 lbs this past year alone.

Ashley – Savannah, GA

I have stopped drinking but I feel left out. How do I stop craving alcohol when I go out to eat with friends or am at a party? I still want to have a drink!

Cammie – Vancouver BC

Is there a reason why I always crave salty food right before bed? Does this mean I am missing something in my diet?

Katherine – Munich, Germany

I recently started craving meat after not eating it for almost a decade. I have allowed myself to have some meat again but I feel guilty. How do I deal with these cravings and the feelings of guilt and shame around them.

Inspirational Thought Of The Week

Self-care helps everything else work better.


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