Eating for Acne

I wanted to write about a major beauty buster- acne!!

Picture of girl popping a pimple

Stress and emotional issues can also be contributing factors. The skin is a major detoxifier, so emotional and mental challenges that we are trying to purge out may manifest in acne.  Suppressed anger and not loving oneself  can manifest in acne.

But FOOD is definitely a contributor. Your skin mirrors your liver and blood to a large extent. So here are some food tips for you!:

Cooked fats and oils can cause breakouts because they are difficult for the body to digest and process. Fried foods and cooked oils — especially cooked vegetable oil, margarine, and animal fat — are toxic trans-fatty acids that are not miscible with water.   Since our bodies are water-based, these oils are extremely difficult to metabolize, presenting a challenge to our digestive system and our liver.  When fats and oils are not broken down properly, it leads to acne and pimples.

Also, watch what you cook with. Though in is raw form olive oil is a healthy, monounsaturated oil, it is very prone to oxidation when exposed to light, air and heat. Heat turns the normal fats in olive oil into trans-fatty acids, creates free radicals, and causes rancidity. The only oil I recommend cooking with (if you must cook!) is coconut oil.  This saturated, cholesterol-free fat is the best to cook with because it remains stable up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

– Even healthy fats, like those found in raw nuts and seeds, should be eaten with green-leafy salads to ease digestion. The excessive intake of ANY fat and oil, even if it is raw, can lead to breakouts!

– Acne can also be a sign that your body is too acidic. Soda is by far the most acid-forming food, and diet soda is the worst.  Other acid-forming foods to avoid include meat and dairy (my arch nemesis!!). There have been many correlations between dairy and acne, regardless, it seems unnatural to drink from another animal.

– Zinc promotes cell repair and helps the lymphatic organs properly eliminate waste.  A zinc deficiency can cause acne, so consuming more zinc-rich foods such as pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, sunflower seeds and coconut can be beneficial.

– A deficiency of Vitamin A is also associated with acne. So load up daily on the plant-form of Vitamin A, which is found in arugula, broccoli, spinach, cantaloupe, and many other foods.

–  Watercress contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E, making it a great acne-fighter. It neutralizes acidic waste products throughout the blood and lymphatic system while promoting the delivery of minerals to the skin cells.  Watercress also contains mustard glycosides and mustard oil, which act as internal antiseptics and tissue and skin cleansers. (Throw some in your green smoothies!)

Watch your digestive system and make sure you are going to the bathroom regularly!! (Sorry but it has to be said!) You need to purge out impurities and toxins that might otherwise be repeatedly cycled through the blood and eventually purged out through the skin in the form of acne. Take a probiotic and add more fiber if you need to (again the green smoothie is great for this).

Hope this helps keep your skin radiant and gorgeous!!

Have a beautiful day!

All my very best,




Last updated: Wednesday, August 5, 2015
  • EA

    Thanks kim !! Those were some great tips and ideas. :)

  • morgan

    Great tips to keep in mind for everyone (I don’t have acne) to stay glowing! You mention coconut oil here and in other posts. I’m interested in incoprorating it in my diet but am not sure how to go about it (I’ve heard internally it can help with dryness, and sensitivity). How can we use it, besides for cooking? Is it icky? I know on the shelf it’s solid, so do we have to heat before we eat (I don’t have a microwave)? Do we store it in the fridge or will it not get rancid in the cupboard?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kim! Have a beautiful day!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Morgan!
      No you can keep coconut oil in the cupboard just sealed. I use it in a lot of deserts (like the truffles and spirulina pie), and I also add some when I’m making fruit smoothies- like a Tbs. It mixes so well with cacao and other deserts. Fantastic!!!
      That is the main way I have it- as don’t forget I also eat a ton of young coconuts themselves. :)

  • Eva

    Hey Kim,

    I just wanted to say, you are gorgeous and I absolutely love your blog. It’s inspiring, informative and packed with great photos, recipes etc.
    Keep up the awesome work!!!


    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Eva,
      Awwwww, that is so sweet!!!!
      Thank you so much for your very kind words. I am so honored that you like the blog and the content. :)

      Please come back and visit often, and write me!! I love that.
      All my very best and lots of love,

  • essy

    Hi Kimberly, i found you on beautylogic’s site. You and her are both stunning. You almost look like sisters. I plan to start making myself those green smoothies in the future and will add you to my must reads.

  • essy

    and to order the solution soon.

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Essy!
      That is awesome and I’m so happy that you found us!!
      Thank you so much for your kind words. :) Very sweet! I wish Mildred was my sister, she is so awesome and we have a great connection!

      I’m happy you are going to try the Green Smoothies and The Solution!! You will glow and start to feel better than ever.
      Thanks so much for the support and hope to see you back soon.
      Keep in touch!

  • Melanie

    Hi Kimberly! I was the lucky winner of a The Solution giveaway on BeautyLogic Blogspot! I could not be more excited to get this product as I am currently suffering from cystic acne. I have to say the energy that you give off is infectious and I have literally spent the last 3 days (since I discovered your blog) reading every post you have written! Wow…you are truly inspiring! I can’t wait to try your detox and green smoothies…and all your other recipes for that matter. I thought that since I was meant to try The Solution (I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I did win after all) that I would do a youtube review of the Solution depicting my journey to better health. I would love to be a walking, talking, gorgeous endorsement for your product! I have no doubt that this will work for me and I wish you continued success and bountiful blessings!

    PS. You and Dominican Enigma are two of the most radiant women I have ever seen!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Melanie!!

      Congrats!! That is so awesome that you won the contest!! It is definitely meant to be- I believe that too! You were meant to be the winner because you are open to reading all this new info on the blog, etc. and trying out new info to improve your health!!

      Thank you so much for you kind words and your generous offer to help us!!! I so appreciate it and it means so much to me! That would be so awesome and helpful. :) I am sure you will love The Solution and that it will be so great for you skin.

      I am really excited for you to get it- you’ll receive it next week!
      Please keep in touch with me and let me know how you do with everything. Also, my email is

      Thanks again Melanie! I’m very happy we got put into each others’ paths.

      Lots of love,

  • Joe

    Hi Kimberly,

    As I sit here drinking your delicious detox smoothie (which I love!) I wanted to write and ask a few questions. I am having the worst skin/acne problems ever. I’m completely vegan and feel my diet is very healthy. I’ve tried all the natural cleansers, toners and creams and NOTHING has worked. It’s really bad during that time of the month but it doesn’t seem to heal up and then it starts all over again! Since I turned 26 I feel like my hair is more dry and brittle and my skin is worse than EVER! I am going to order The Solution but I wanted to ask what you recommend for cleanser (until the Brightening Cleanser comes out, of course!) and also what should I use for make-up because I cannot leave the house looking the way I do?! Last question I promise, I read that sunscreens are potentially toxic so do you recommend The Solution alone or should I be using a sun protector as well?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance ~ Love the blog!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Joe!

      Hmm. Is sounds like you have some mineral difficiencies my dear friend!
      What is your diet like- what are you really eating?? We must look within the body- not just what is going on topically.
      First off, please follow my suggestions. Make sure are getting your Vitamin A and Zinc in the body- with pumpkin seeds and the other suggestions. Also, are you getting healthy fat?? The fact that your hair is dry and brittle says to me that you need more Omega fats and Oleic acid- be sure to have avocados, coconuts, coconut oil in particular (make the raw truffles!), acai, sprouts, etc. Add raw hemp protein to your diet every day! You can put it in your green smoothies and drinks. You can’t just eat fruits and starches- as so many vegans do. You really need to make sure you are getting a complete array of minerals and essential fats in the body.
      Also- look into Maca. It helps balance your hormones and endocrine system, and can help balance you so you don’t get as crazy breakouts around your period. You can get it online or at the healthfood store. Get the powder form- not the pills.

      As for makeup, be sure to avoid all makeups that contain mineral oil. Your skin needs to breathe to heal, and you don’t want to create more blockages, so I would tell you to avoid foundation. Use a mineral makeup concealer only and maybe a little bit of powder. When you’re not going out wash your face immediately so you wear makeup only when you have to.

      Sunscreens are extremely toxic. They create a “block” on the surface of the skin, so you skin doesn’t get red, but the deep within the skin there can still be damage from the sun. That is why I personally prefer to stay mostly out of the sun (I get a few minutes a day), then wear sunscreen and think I am safe!
      What’s really SCARY is that similarly to when you heat oil to high temperatures when you frying food and this creates free radicals, the active ingredients in most sunscreens heat on the surface of your face with the warmth of the sun, and “cooks” the sunscreen, creating more free radicals right on the surface of your skin. In my opinion, most sunscreens are extremely aging– and consider that in areas where there is more sunscreen used, there is more skin cancer! Our media and society and many doctors say to use sunscreen – even the toxic kinds- but they also tell us that dairy is a great source of calcium and that counting calories is the best way to lose weight. :) so there is a lot I disagree with!

      The Solution has around the highest over the counter percentage of Alpha Lipoic Acid- which not only smooths the skin but protects again radiation damage. And there is a ton of free-radical neutralizing Vitamin C and Vitamin E. So there is adequate protection in The Solution for incidental sun exposure, but if you are going to be in the sun for a long time I would wear a hat- or get as natural a sunscreen as possible. I don’t recommend automatically putting sunscreen on every day- definitely not.

      We are going to come out with a separate SPF product, as there is such a demand for it. But you can be sure it is being very carefully designed, as it is a very tricky thing!

      Well hope this helps Joe.
      Please let me know how you do and keep in touch with me about your skin and diet.

      • Laëtitia

        Hi kimberly,

        First of all, thank you so much, you are the only one who makes me feel better with my acne issues (i have seen a lot of different doctors) !!

        You say That we can add hemp protein powder with green smoothie, but in the GGS in the morning, its not good to have seeds, right ? (Seeds only at dinner ??)
        I also have big acne issues (and dry hair) since one year, and no menses since 2 years. Since april, I have began to follow exactly all your guidelines and principles, really ! :) (i have read BDS, BTF) including colonics, SBO probiotic (the same as yours), digestives enzymes, magnesium, a lot of probiotic and enzymes salads (lunch and dinner), garlic, onions, lemon every morning, raw Apple cider vinegar etc… Its really better of course But i still have acne and constipation, with really hard and soft periods :( i don’t understand !
        I eat avocado every day, sea veggies, greens, seeds (chia, flax pumpkin and sunflower seeds)
        I also have lost a lot of pounds, i thiink that i am maybe too skinny around the arms/chest. But when i lost pounds, my skin is better (normal, digestion and elimination are better), i am a little bit afraid to be skinnier that now.

        Have you an idea to help me ?

        Thank you very much for all,


  • carolina

    Love this post! :)

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  • Ovante

    This is really a well laid out blog. I like how you have presented your information with excellent detail. Keep up the great work here and please visit my blog sometime. The url is

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Ovante! I checked your blog and it looks really cool! I will visit it again! thanks so much for visiting me.
      xx Kimberly

  • Ophélie

    Thanks for the tips! You have such a beautiful skin, it’s like… glowing! Do you use foundation? What do you think of Mineral Foundation? We have a few mineral brands in France, and I’m using it sometimes, and I’d really like to know your opinion about it…

    Concerning acne, I know the liver is very important, but I don’t want to do a detox diet, they’re complicated and some of them seem really dangerous (such as the Master Cleanse). I really have to try your detox smoothie!!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hey Ophélie,

      Thanks for your kind compliments! I DON’T use foundation at all, unless I have a shoot or something like that, a big event. Every day no way- I really think your skin needs to breathe. I use some mineral powder sometimes, and maybe a little concealer. So using the best moisturizer and other skincare products, and eating well are the most important to having great skin, I believe, rather than relying on makeup!

      And yes, try the Detox Smoothie! Cleanses can be very great for you, but most people don’t know what they are doing and just jump into them without preparing the body first, and then in that case it would be indeed dangerous! And they could end up causing more harm than good. So I’m so glad that you realize that!!

      Well please keep in touch with me and take care!
      Let me know how you are doing.
      xx Kimberly

  • MaryGrace

    Hey Kimberly! I LOVE your site. I have been looking for something like this for a very long time. Please keep writing! I also love how you have everything organized by season, as it is hard sometimes to know which foods are “in season”. Oh, and you are very pretty and I am soo jealous of your hair. Do you have any advice for getting glossy, silky, long hair? Thanks! xx

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi MaryGrace!
      Cool name. :) Thanks for your kind words. Be sure to to check out my blogs Hair! and Hair! Part 2. There are lots of tips! I think they are posted around October 5th, so just scroll back in the archives about 1 month. Hope they help you!!
      Come visit me again.
      xx Kimberly

  • Larry

    Hi Kimberly, I saw you on “Extra”. You looked pretty. I wish I recorded that episode because I missed the last part of the show. I think you were talking about cooking with olive oil. I looked everywhere on the internet and I just cannot find it so I’m just going to ask you this question:

    If we are not allowed to cook with olive oil than can I cook with unrefined Canola oil or unrefined Sunflower oil since their Smoke point is around 225°F? is it true that the smoke point has to be less than 250°F?

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Larry! I recommend cooking with coconut oil or grapeseed oil. That is not true that the smoke point has to be less than 250 degrees. When the smoke point is higher the less the oil will change shape, becoming rancid and/or oxidizing.
      Come visit me again!

  • olive oil beauty

    Sunscreens are extremely toxic. They create a “block” on the surface of the skin, so you skin doesn’t get red, but the deep within the skin there can still be damage from the sun. That is why I personally prefer to stay mostly out of the sun (I get a few minutes a day), then wear sunscreen and think I am safe!

  • Corinna

    Hi Kim!! :)
    Hope youre doing well! What kinds of skincare products do you recommend for breakouts?

  • renee alberts

    are a very good source of monounsaturated fat and a good source of iron, vitamin E, copper, and dietary fiber.

  • marilyn

    Do you have a new skin care line, pictured in the back of The Beauty Detox Solution available for purchase?

  • stephanie

    I just recently discovered your book and your blog. I very much agree with a lot of the conclusions you make in the book. I find food combining and food ordering fascinating! I have just began to implement those practices into my routine.

    I do, however, have problems with acne (and have for many years). I eat a rather healthy diet—variety of raw/steamed veggies, some meat (but only organic), coconut oil, raw nuts, minimal dairy (always raw if I have some), little to no gluten, coconut flour, chia/flax seeds, quinoa, brown rice, etc… I do not use makeup, I use Aubrey’s natural shampoo.

    I know that this isn’t much information, but do you have any suggestions for what I may be deficient in or what could be the cause of my acne? I would appreciate any advice!


  • Sonia

    Hi Kimberly,

    I recently discovered your book at the bookstore as was instantly hooked, I even passed it along to my best friend, Lauren, who says the book helped her pair her foods better and eliminate her constipation. So thank you so much!

    Anyways, I am 23 years old and have suffered from acne as a teen, I started getting cystic acne at 19 years old. I have been able to control the eruption of cysts through diet and exercise, but I still suffer from blackheads and clogged pores. My question is in regards to taking in oils. You always suggest that taking in more omega 3s, Vitamin A and D will help acne. What are your thoughts on taking cod liver oil daily? I have read many sites that say it will help clear up acne, I am just a bit skeptical because I always believed it was better to eat naturally occurring foods that were rich in vitamins and minerals rather than taking a teaspoon of oil.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Sonia, I’m with you. I don’t take any spoonfuls of oils, you can get vitamin A (beta-carotene) from greens and other veggies, and omega 3’s from chia, hemp and flax seeds, and walnuts.
      If you have a lot of blackheads you should spend more time washing your face. Cleanse for at least 2 minutes a time, and gently remove the cleanser with a washcloth, so it acts as a really great exfoliant. Try eliminating dairy, and gluten, which is a common allergen. Also get more probiotics- a supplement and Probiotic & Enzyme Salad. xx

  • Eddie

    Hi Kimberly,

    I am a teenager, 14 1/2 years old, im suffering with acne really bad, for about 2 years now. I have really bad acne scars, redness, and brown spots. What would you recommend for me to do to help get rid of the spots and my acne? Eating healthier? Home remedies? Please write back!!

  • Ashley

    All this talk about the danger of sunscreen is making me nervous! I currently use DeVita Natural Skin Care Solar Protective Moisturizer, which uses zinc oxide as the active ingredient, and then I use bare minerals for makeup which also contains zinc oxides and titanium dioxide. Do zinc and titanium dioxide create free radicals too or is it just oxybenzone? Thanks!!

    Ingredients of the suncreen:
    Aloe barbadensis* (aloe vera gel), purified water (aqua), Capric,caprylic triglycerides (derived fron coconut oil), glycerin (vegetable), hyaluronic acid (vegan cource), glyceryl stearate SE (derived from vegetable oil), Stearic Acid, Lecithin phospholipid, Tocopherol (vitamin E), Allantoin, Vitis vinifera (grape) seed extract

  • aubree

    Hey Kim! I have a lot of acne and I have a very low immune system and very bad exxema…. I don’t eat unhealthy I just love sweets! Haha what would you recommend??? Btw! I love the green smoothie! Xoxo aubree

  • Sarah

    Hi Kim! I was wondering if you could help me out. I’ve been vegan for about 5 months now and eat SUPER healthy! I have your GGS everymorning and eat tons of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and yummy raw desserts. For some reason I am STILL breaking out….I’ve tried switching fash washes and all that stuff but nothing seems to work! :( …..I also take a probiotic twice a day as well as a digestive enzyme when I eat meals. I also take a RAW multi-vitamin a few times a week just incase I don’t get all the nutrients I need. Please helpppp, any suggestions?

    • Shannon

      I just wanted to mention that nuts and seeds have high omega 6 which can throw your body off balance. Anytime I overdue it with these healhy foods ( and avocados) I break out. Almonds are the worst for me. DO some reading on healthy foods that are high in omega 6. Limit those.

  • Natashia

    Hello Kim!

    My co-worker and I are starting your Beauty Detox. Within two days of changing our eating regimen and drinking the GGS, we have big ugly pimples! Both of us! I am assuming that it is a result of the detoxification and am happy that I am cleansing my system. However, I want glowing youthful skin, not a big pimple. How can I stop this type of side affect? And we are usually healthier eaters as it is, so how long will this cleansing process be wreaking havoc on my face?! Thank you for your wisdom and healthy tips.

    Natashia, N.J.

    • http://kimberlysnyder shyloh

      Dear Kim,

      My friend and I have been on your fabulous detox for over a month (she for 3 months) and we are experiencing horrific breakouts on our chin and neck.. worse than ever… Help?? We are at a loss..

      Shyloh, Las Vegas

  • Lauren K.

    Hi Kim!
    I’ve been struggling with acne for a while now. I bought your book and LOVE it and I’m wondering what kind of skincare routine you would recommend. Are there any products that you would recommend for me. I’m really getting into the detox and I’m working on my skin from the inside out, but what advise would you give me about beauty products that are safe to use?


  • Lydia

    Hi Kim!

    I bought your book about 3 weeks ago and have a question. A little background: I am 31 years old and have always struggled with acne. My dermatologist currently has me taking 40 mg of Oracea (doxyclycline) once a day, and using Differin and Clindamycin on my face. I was on Accutane two years ago, my acne was that bad. My skin has had very few breakouts since I started this regimen. Now onto my question, immediately after I purchased your book, I started drinking water with lemon first thing in the morning and drinking a Glowing Green Smoothie 30 minutes after. I hardly eat any dairy, I haven’t had a soda in a week or so. I take a probiotic with my lemon water in the morning. I like how my body feels after these changes, but my face looks terrible!!! I haven’t had a breakout this bad in years — two weeks with terrible skin is not so great for self-esteem. I would love your help!!! What can I add or change to help my skin clear up? Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thank you for your help!

  • Amy

    Hi Kim,

    I’ve just started Phase 1 of your beauty detox, I’ve been on it for a couple of weeks now (and am sticking to it quite religiously!). My body is feeling fantastic and I’ve already lost a couple of kilos. So thank you! However, I didn’t go on this detox to lose weight. I’m 28 and I’ve had acne since my teens. It has gone from bad to good and bad again over the last 15 or so years. I’ve taken lots of antibiotics and used lots of topical creams to fix it but I haven’t found a long-term solution. While I use to get breakouts over my whole face as a teenager I mostly just get breakouts on my chin and jawline now. I have high hopes that your detox will provide a long-term solution! However, since I’ve been on the detox the breakouts on my chin and jawline don’t seem to be improving at all, I think they may have even got worse. I know I have only been on it for a couple of weeks but since I’ve already seen and felt results in my body I thought I should have already seen results on my face as well. Do you have any advice? Should I expect my skin to get worse before it gets better, as my body detoxes? I seem to be facing the same problem as Lydia above!
    Thanks Kim!

  • alyshia

    Hi Kim
    I need helpy husband has really bad face and back acne and I want to help him get rid of it but its really hard for me to get him to try what should I do how can I make it easy for him

  • miranda

    Hi Kim,
    this is such a great site! I thought i had acne for years but have recently found out it’s actually eczema. I know there is also a dairy and stress connection with that but i was wondering if you had any tips on controlling it better as the steroid creams they recomend thin your skin which isn’t a very nice thought!

  • kyle

    im a 16 year old indian boy and i have been suffering from acne from the past 5 years but they have all healed………….but the scars remain as it is and they look awful………….please give me a specific diet and i do not want any medical help just natural ways…….thank you!

  • Ellen Mohnen

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for sharing all these great tips! I couldn’t agree with you more that food is a major contributor to acne although many tend to disagree. I’ve found that eating anti-inflammatory fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 to be very helpful in curing my acne.


    • Graham Ansell

      Absolutely, tell whoever has acne and doesn’t think food is a contributer and ask them to go on a water fast for a day or 2 and watch there skin clear up completely. I cured by acne and eczema by intermittent fasting, one meal a day early in the day, only a took a few day and all was gone.

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