7 Unexpected Foods to Boost Your Overall Beauty


Organic makeup brands in the way of anti-aging and acne creams, moisturizers and volumizing shampoos aren’t the only way you can boost your beauty. The foods you eat can be powerful tools to increase your beauty as well.

Most people choose foods based on how many calories it contains and how it will affect their weight. But foods can also improve your skin, nails and hair, as they simultaneously increase your health.

Check out these easy to find and inexpensive beauty foods. Beauty Foods are truly in abundance everywhere.



Last updated: Thursday, June 18, 2015
  • asha

    hi kimberly, thanks for another awesome video! i have a question for you, what do you think about zinc sun protection products like invisible zinc? i just moved to australia and summer is coming up here. i normally do not use sunscreen and love to get my vitamin d that way, but when it gets up to 45 degrees celcius, i don’t want to burn. thanks!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Asha, yes zinc dioxide and titanium dioxide are both good ingredients for sunscreen. xx

  • Randi

    Great feature! You look vibrant, Kim :) Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge with the world- I know that I am definitely better off for it!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Thank you so much Randi! That’s so great to hear!

  • sam

    Hi Kim I have read zour book twice alreadz love it so much. I just want to ask you we have limited of organic produce during colder month(october till april) so it is ok to make green smoothie with unorganic veggies or not to drink it at all. I mean if I want to eat only organic I can get mainly fruit and just carrots from veggies. I like green smoothie green juice so I hope it is still good even if no organic there. Thanks a lot

    • Kimberly Snyder

      HI Sam! No definitely keep drinking it, just wash your produce really well. Soak it for a while the way I suggest in a soak with some apple cider vinegar. Come back to visit me! xx

  • Jo

    This is very helpful. Thank you.
    It would be great to read about your skin and hair care routine as well. I am trying to switch to all natural, ayurvedic substitutes in the bathroom, but it is proving a bit harder than I thought…soapnuts, shikakai for hair, neem and coco oil for face. Unfortunately, my skin is not as moisturized and pimple-free as it used to be and I am having a hard time washing off all the oil from my hair. Any suggestions there?

    • asha

      hi jo, i think you would really like dr brommers castille soaps, the liquid ones. they are made with natural oils and soaps and are actually great for degreasing (like when you put a little too much coconut oil in your hair). the ingredients are great, it smells amazing and you only need a few drops. i use it in my hair once a week probably to really clean it, or lemon juice.

      • Kimberly Snyder

        sounds great, I use it on my body!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      I am trying out a new line now and will report back. I like the combo of natural products with efficacy, and science-based products that improve the skin.

  • Pam

    Thanks Kim! Your posts are incredible as always =) Congratulations!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Thank you so much Pam!

  • Ashley

    You look great Kim!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Thank you Ashley!

  • Jennifer

    Great story!! I have your book and am a big fan of the glowing green smoothy! Seriously more energy and happiness in my day (try it with arugula). Love your book!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      HI Jennifer, I love it!! Great. :)

  • http://www.mindbodysoulpurposeinbusylife.com Best Natural Beauty Home remedies

    Very helpful. Food is the greatest drug on the planet for health problems. A lot of health issues can be cures through simple home remedies. A healthy lifestyle can cure skin and hair problems. I am proof of that. After I started understanding the beauty of the body’s healing mechanisms, I understood I don’t need harsh products and other things to look for beauty. Fatty foods can actually improve healthy and beauty by bounds. I agree with what you said about people not needing too much fat. But, I do eat more than a fair amount of fat. I am pretty lean and I don’t put on weight. Most people are pretty afraid to get fat into their diet. Some Fatty foods like nuts and coconut oil are real beauty foods.

    I love what you you do kim! Avocados and almond butter are my favorite. I eat them a lot everyday.


    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Navyatha!
      Thank you for your comment. I agree, fat is important and I love avos, nuts, seeds and coconuts. I eat them daily too. :)

  • Sara

    I’m deaf….i wanted to see if you could turn on the captions to all of your videos. You would have deaf viewer who are interesting in your Beauty Detox Solutions.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Sara,
      I forwarded your comment to my web team, to see what they can do. I am not a big techie!
      Most of my info though is in the book and written in the posts. Sorry this isn’t more user-friendly for you, but we are looking into it.

  • rae

    Hi Kimberly,
    This is off topic but can you please do a post on natural contraceptive method. I tried the pill and it made me depressed/emotional etc. Who knows whats in the pill, I would like to know more about this. Thank you.

    • asha

      im curious about this as well, i use condoms because i can’t handle hormones but if anything goes wrong with a condom plan b (emergency contraceptive) is so full of crazy hormones and wrecks my body for like two weeks! wish it was easier and healthier

      • Kimberly Snyder

        I know, it is not an easy choice. Along with using condoms, you can see if your partner is open to um, pulling out, at that moment, to help minimize the chances of disaster even more. :)

      • stacey

        I have to add the option of the hormon-free IUD (Intra-uterine device) a “T” shaped insert which the MD or NP must place. There are also a low dose hormonal one but this utilizes copper which prevents the sperm to unite with egg, just as effective if not better compared to the oral contraceptives, less maintainance than any other method which are not dependable. Just a suggestion, it is very safe and effective for monogamous females with no history of STIs and can stay place for years.

        • Julie

          Hi Stacey,

          I have a very dear friend that passed away from ovarian cancer at the young age of 50. She was healthy and beautiful. She had an IUD that created infection in her ovaries. She started feeling sickly and so she got it checked out. By the time they found it, the cancer was already stage 4. The healthiest form of birth control is rhythm. It’s challenging though, because when you “want to” the most is usually your fertile time. The best of all worlds is to be happily married, and, if you end up pregnant after using rhythm/condoms–you get the blessing of a baby… Rhythm actually does work!!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Rae, that is a good idea. There are methods involving temperature readings and understanding your cycle, where you don’t have to take any hormones (which have a lot of side effects, as you mention). I am not an expert and don’t teach them, but they are an option to look into.

  • Andrea

    Sunflower seed interesting! Advacado help with anxiety interesting, any other quick food for anxiety.Thank again for sharing!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Omega 3’s! Chia seeds are great, as is chlorophyll (GGS). xx

  • http://www.healthyeatingstartshere.com Irene @ H.E.S.H.

    Truly the information I get from this blog is unexpected but true and very useful. I will incorporate this in my daily activities and routine for me to attain my desired overall beauty.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Love it! xx

  • Michelle

    Hi Kim,

    Great Post!
    You are very inspirational not only with the health tips but with all you travel experience. I love the way you immerse yourself in the culture. I am curious about your travels that you have done solo. I want to travel so badly, especially around SE Asia. Its hard to find someone that can and will spend the money to come traveling with me. Can you please give some tips and thoughts about traveling alone? It makes me nervous. If you could email me with some information I would be so grateful. I’m so ready for a new adventure. I would love to experience eating like an “islander” first hand!!! (loved the “Eating like an Islander” post) Hope to hear from you.
    Thank you for everything.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Michelle!
      SE Asia is a great place to travel. It’s where I started after Australia. I needed to go there first to develop my travel skills and build confidence to get through months in rural China and Africa. But relatively speaking, it is not too difficult. I would start in Thailand. You can go to Bangkok and the Koh San Road and meet other travelers and backpackers, or on one of the islands. At first I was nervous about being alone, but I learned to trust my instincts. Be smart- don’t get drunk, don’t be caught alone at night in strange places, etc.
      I used my instincts and feeling peoples’ energies to see who was okay to trust and who wasn’t…but that can’t be taught from a guidebook. Just learn to be more in touch with yourself, and be careful. Learn about places before you go, and as you get into the flow, the main resource for info is other travelers!

  • Amy

    Hi Kimberly,
    I have a question about food combining with oatmeal. I know oatmeal is a starch, and therefore should not be combined with fruit. I used to put fruit in my oatmeal, which I loved (I like something a little bit sweet in hot cereal). Do you have any suggestions for oatmeal toppings that don’t violate proper food combining?

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Banana is a starchy, slower fruit, so if you need a topping it would be the better choice. Or just have cinnamon (the ideal). xx

  • Amy

    Hi Kim,

    I have started reading your book (and blog) and am so grateful to have all of this information!!

    I have a question, what is your take on yam and kelp noodles? Are they healthy and what is it okay to mix them with? I’m not sure if they qualify as a starch or something else.

    Thank you!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Amy, I love kelp noodles! They are totally neutral- count them as a vegetable. I put marinara on mine or make a ‘creamy’ sauce with pinenuts. xx

      • Janetta N.

        Hey Kim!!! I want to know, what health, non costly, foods do you think are good for making your eyes brighter? Also, what healthy foods are great for skin, hair, and nails ( protiens, carbohydrates, etc)??

  • Amy

    Hi Kim,

    I have another question, sorry :)

    I usually am not able to eat dinner until 8ish because I like to run or work out after work (I’ve tried doing it in the mornings but just don’t enjoy it as much, I like to clear my head and destress by exercising after a long work day). So would it be better for me to eat a slightly larger lunch since I may not have 3-4 hours after dinner for my body to digest before going to bed?

    Thanks for everything!!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Amy! Are you hungry with the size of your lunch now? If it works for you, then there is no reason to make it bigger. Do your best to leave as much time before bed as possible to eat dinner, but I know it can’t always be 4 hours. xx

  • Shayna

    Another great video! I have a question. What foods help to rid skin of acne or helps to clear skin? I’ll change my diet in anyway to help clear up my acne naturally? Thanks!!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Shayna, thank you! Check out my acne blogs. xx
      PS- One of the most important foods is Probiotic & Enzyme Salad. If your system is backed up, it will lead to breakouts.

  • janine

    HI Kim love your book…so much good information. I have rosacea, with severe flushing and burning on my face, what foods can help me with that? I am drinking about a gallon a day of alkline water, but nothing. I am sure it all comes from within, so any suggestions?
    Thank you in advance.
    also what brand of probiotics and magnessium oxygen do you recommend?

  • Bria Williams

    I don’t know a person out there who doesn’t want to be healthy, feel great, and look better, but the truth is, it costs to eat healthy. I find it very difficult to buy enough fruits, vegetables, and supplements on my minimum wage budget to last throughout the week, let alone trying to feed a family. Organic food is totally out of reach to me. How can a person who doesn’t make a lot of money follow your plan?

  • Jordan

    Hi Kimberly,

    I just started the detox program (today!) and I have a question. I’m allergic to sunflower seeds. In fact, it’s the only thing I’m allergic to. What would you recommend instead?


  • Danja

    Hey Kim,
    thanks to your awesome book I discovered I have a serious Candida issue. Now I follow the Blossoming Beauty phase of your plan (and take medication as well for a couple of weeks) – and I feel incredibly better already, it is really amazing!

    Since hormonal contraceptives can lead to Candida, I also decided to stop taking the pill (after almost a decade).
    And this leads me to my question: Do you think you could at some point write a post about ways to help your body rebalance after discontinuing the pill (or other hormonal drugs) – especially concerning skin problems etc.?! I think it would be of interest for quite a lot of readers.

    Thank you so much! You really changed my life!

  • Priscilla

    Hi Kimberly,

    I just found your Green Smoothie recipe and made a batch tonight. I do not have a Vitamix ( I know its great but out of my budget) so I used my regular blender. The consistency seemed to be a little too thick….should I add more water?

    i used a lot of spinach, as suggested about 5 cups (pre-chopped)

    Also….I am very overweight and want to start something small, I did juicing and like it, I may do that also, however, I want to maintain the fiber so I know smoothies do that….HOW DO YOU SUGGEST i START? 1 SMOOTHIE A DAY?


  • sunitha

    Hi Kimberley,
    Where i live, we dont get Romaine lettuce. Is there anything else i can substitute for it

  • sallie

    Hi Kimberly ,
    id like to know can i follow the blossoming beauty as part of my diet for a fitness model.

    I really want to lean and shred , hwoever i keep getting advice that i need to eat 6 small meals a day.
    I need clarification and advice please :)

  • Meghan.

    Hi Kimberly,
    I am diagnosed with PCOS (Polysistic Overian Syndrom). I am overweight and loosing my hair a lot. I am almost bald. Can you suggest anything for this?

  • Dulce Lovet

    Care of the hair and care of the scalp skin may appear separate, but are actually intertwined because hair grows from beneath the skin. The living parts of hair (hair follicle, hair root, root sheath, and sebaceous gland) are beneath the skin, while the actual hair shaft which emerges (the cuticle which covers the cortex and medulla) has no living processes. Damage or changes made to the visible hair shaft cannot be repaired by a biological process, though much can be done to manage hair and ensure that the cuticle remains intact.:*

  • Liat Algranti

    Hi Kim, just wondering if it is ok to mix sunflower seeds into smoothies, or if they should just be eaten on their own? Thanks!