A Definitive Guide to Healthy Bowels

Why is cleaning up your bowel important? Your intestines play a significant role in overall health. Along with your lungs, skin, and kidneys, your bowels eliminate bodily toxins. At the same time, once the food you eat reaches your intestines, villi (small, fingerlike projections on intestinal walls) absorb nutrients and deliver them to the rest of your body.

Gut flora is important, too. Your intestines contain more than 100 trillion bacteria and microorganisms. The friendly bacteria in your gut stimulate blood antibodies, allow your body to deal with toxins and allergens, produce vital nutrients, protect you from harmful bacteria and parasites, aid in digestion, and fight foreign invaders that could lead to infection.

With all of that on its plate, plenty can go wrong in your bowel if you don’t look out for its health. When your bowel gets gunked up with toxins and goo, it is unable to foster efficient elimination. The result is toxic buildup that affects your health and beauty on all levels. If the villi also become clogged, it can lead to poor or absent nutrient absorption, resulting in lack of energy and malnutrition, as well as skin issues like dull skin. In the absence of healthy gut flora, parasites and “bad” bacteria can flourish, leading to gas, bloating, and infection and skin issues like acne. Clearly, for all of these reasons, a healthy colon is necessary.

Signs It’s Time to Clean it Out

So how do you know when it is time to clean your bowels? Your body will show numerous signs of toxic overload, including:

  • Lack of energy
  • Allergies
  • Poor immune function
  • Skin breakouts
  • Brain fog
  • Limp, lifeless hair
  • Dull skin
  • Weak fingernails
  • Chronic congestion
  • Bloating and gas
  • Diarrhea, constipation, or both
  • Emotional changes
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Headaches

These are just a few of the hundreds of symptoms that can manifest if you aren’t maintaining a healthy bowel. Fortunately, it’s well within your abilities to completely reverse these symptoms by taking charge of your bowel health.

Steps to a Healthy Bowel

A healthy bowel = a healthy you! To generate vibrant, beautiful health, you need to pay attention to your bowel health on multiple levels.

  1. Clean out the sludge.
  2. Build beneficial gut flora.
  3. Support ongoing bowel health.

Step 1: Clean out the sludge.

There’s a good chance your bowel is full of sludge. What puts it there?

  • Highly processed foods
  • Gluten grains including wheat, rye, and barley
  • Sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • Large amounts of animal protein
  • Medications
  • Caffeine
  • Improper food pairing
  • Dairy
  • Acidic foods
  • Pesticides from inorganic foods

You can begin to clean out the sludge by changing the way you eat. Removing processed foods, sugar, chemicals and pesticides, gluten grains, dairy, and many of the foods listed above will begin the process of cleansing. As you transition to a diet containing organic, raw fruits and vegetables packed with plant enzymes and follow the diet principles outlined in The Beauty Detox Solution, you will begin removing years of the toxic sludge that fills up your bowels. Some extremely detoxifying foods you can include in your diet:

Taking magnesium oxide supplements also promotes cleansing. Magnesium has a natural laxative effect on the body. It also breaks down old sludge and toxic waste, allowing you to safely eliminate it. At the same time, the oxygen in the magnesium oxide oxygenates and energizes the body.

I also recommend using gravity-style colonics to continue the process of cleansing and remove year’s worth of sludge that has built up in your intestines. These gentle colonics, which should be done by a professional, generally cost between $50 and $120.

Step 2: Build Beneficial Gut Flora

The best way to replace harmful bacteria in your gut is by crowding it out with the good stuff. Here are some terrific ways to build good intestinal bacteria.

  1. Take a probiotic supplement. I especially like Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics, which contains 12 strains of beneficial bacteria as well as prebiotics for intestinal health.
  2. Eat Probiotic and Enzyme salad regularly. It is rich in probiotics and minerals and supports intestinal health.
  3. Include raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar in your diet. It promotes healthy bacterial growth and supports elimination.

Step 3: Support Ongoing Bowel Health

Once you have begun the process of cleansing and building good flora, your ongoing health habits will determine how well you maintain what you have gained. Continuing to eat a primarily plant-based diet, taking probiotics, and eating the probiotic and enzyme salad are steps you must continue to take in order to maintain bowel health. The order in which you eat your foods will also support a healthy colon. Some general rules include:

  1. Eat fruits on an empty stomach.
  2. Eat a Glowing Green Smoothie throughout the morning for breakfast.
  3. Avoid drinking significant quantities of liquids within 30 minutes of eating a meal, or for at least 45 minutes afterward.
  4. If you eat animal proteins, eat them once a day. Dinner is the best time in our modern society, so you don’t get slowed down in the middle of the day.
  5. Don’t graze constantly. Instead, eat meals when you are hungry and allow time for full digestion before eating something else. Keep snacking to a minimum.

Stick with it!

Sometimes, people notice symptoms associated with cleansing as the toxins make their way out of your body. Many people quit because of these symptoms, but they generally only last a week or two. Many others never experience any symptoms at all.

Some symptoms you may notice when you cleanse include:

  • Headaches
  • Sore throats
  • Aches and pains
  • Skin rashes or acne
  • Mood swings
  • Dizziness
  • Brain fog or light-headedness
  • Boating
  • Fatigue

These symptoms tell you your body is cleaning itself out. Ride them out, and within a few weeks, you will feel better than you ever have before!

Remember that detoxing is an ongoing process, and you need to keep up with these modalities on an ongoing basis, to keep your healthiest and most beautiful.



Last updated: Friday, June 19, 2015
  • Annie

    Hey Kim,
    I was reading this article and was wondering what specific type of magnesium supplements you would reccomend. Thanks for the great article and all your help! I love your book.


    • Debra

      I was wondering the same. i have been unable to find them & the lady at the health food store did not know what you were referring to. Please help.


      • Betty

        In prior statements Kim has said she recommends Mag07 Aerobic Life. I tell you because I had the same question and I think she had answered that a while back on her Facebook page. Hope it helps. :)

        • anjali

          Thanks betty I had the same question which magnesium suppliment and was searching all over from last two days finally found it from your answer … God bless u thank u so much

    • Nicole

      Hi Annie,

      In the past Kim has recommended a product called Mag07 by Aerobic Life. I take two of these every night and I think its a great product. I definatley notice a difference whenever I don’t take them!

      • Nicole

        PS you can order Mag07 off Amazon or find it at Vitamin Shoppe. GNC doesn’t carry them though.

        • Kimberly Snyder


          • Cindy

            I have taken MagO7 at night like you have suggested and by morning I have cramping in the lower abdomen. Is this normal? What can I do to lessen/stop the discomfort?

        • Nicole

          iherb.com has good price on them, as well

  • Evonne

    Hi Kim! In regard to detox symptoms- are canker sores a common problem? I never have problems with them and I have had 2 since I started the Beauty Detox Solution. Otherwise, I feel fantastic – increased energy, weight loss, and much happier – the canker sores just make it difficult to eat. Thank you for the post!

  • jenny

    Great, concise article full of so much important information! Well done!!

  • Helen

    Hi Kim!

    thank you for all the great informations!
    I’m following your BDS for a while now, and I’m really happy about it and feeling great!

    But I do have some questions for you:
    Is it possible that the food I eat ”get out” too quickly of my body and that I don’t absorb all the nutrients ?… I go to bathroom a couples of times a day now (and I use to go like once every 2 or 3 days!), and sometimes it looks more like diarrhea.
    Should I reduce my taking of magnesium supplements? Other wise I’m taking the probioctic supp each day ( like you recommend) and eating probiotic & enzyme salad every day.
    I’m having GGS every morning and loving it, but go to the bathromm soon after,
    So I worry I’m not getting all the nutrients, especially because sometimes, I still fight with big cravings in the evening.

    thank you for everything! you’re so great! I can’t wait to see real change in my skin and hair too !


    • rebecca

      Sounds like too much fibre paired with Magnesium. I also had this problem and stopped taking magnesium as with the increased fibre in my diet I didn’t need it. We also get magnesium from our consumed foods.

      • Kimberly Snyder

        The supplement is not a magnesium supplement, it is primarily for the oxygen, which helps the body rid itself of old waste. BTW on a plant-based diet you can get magnesium, but many people are deficient in it.

  • Zaklina

    Hi Kim,
    thanks for posting this. Very helpful as always :)

    I am drinking GGS for more than a month and i changed my diet a lot since i read your book. Recently i’m noticing that my stool is green like GGS just goes through my intestines. (Sorry for too much info but there is no other way to ask!!) What does this mean? That my metabolism is super fast? -I wish :)-

    Also-i am going to vacation for a week and i wont be able to make my GGS :( any suggestions what to take instead? I saw someone mentioned wheat grass powder-can that be temporary solution?

    Thanks :))

  • Sophia

    Hi Kimberly,
    Thanks for this really informative article! I am really keen on detoxing and working towards veganism.
    I realise that it wouldn’t be wise to start detoxing whilst pregnant, but I’ve always wondered whether it is safe to take probiotic supplements if I’m expecting. I have always had digestion issues…and I know taking them would help.
    I would really appreciate your advice on this.



  • sam

    Hi Kim
    I have couple of question, 11)do you suggest taking apple CV with water on empty stomach or just in salad.? 2)I really like chia seeds, but do not now if they need to be soak and drain to remove phytic acid or no?. 3)What is opinion on paleo diet exluding all grains ( quinoa millet too) I do not like meat but I am surprise how people have good health and result on this diet Is not meat more acidic than grains?

    Many thans to you

  • http://conceptuelle.tumblr.com Rache

    Hell yeah! I cured my IBS-C on 1 month of green smoothie every day combined with P&E salad, magnesium, and Vitamin C. Now even if I mess up with diet if I am religious about the green smoothie and food combining for a few days I’m always fine!

    You’re a miracle worker for seemingly chronic conditions Kim, thank you so much for all you do.

    • Jennifer

      Just want to compare notes …. I also have been quite dedicated to GGS and P&E Salad everyday for about 2 months. I’m also working toward veganism – I just love Kimberly’s book, have made many of her recipes, feel very committed. My BIG problem, however, is terrible gas and bloating late afternoon into evening. I’ve been trying to be patient, but I’m really having a hard time with it. I am also still not very regular despite so much fiber. Can anyone help? One thing I do is load my GGS with extra greens like kale, collard, dandelion, beet. Maybe that’s just too much for my system? Just would have thought I’d adjusted by now…..

      Thanks so much –

      • Kimberly Snyder

        Hi Jennifer, digestive enzymes can really help with gas. Make sure you are taking them before lunch and dinner. The tremendous amount of greens and veggies newly added to your diet can contribute. Have you had any colonics or enemas? They can really help clear you out as well. xx

      • Jen

        Hi Jennifer – I have always had the same problem as you, bloating and cramps starting late afternoon and going on through the evening. One thing I try to do is never eat when I have a stomach ache. I wait for it to pass, then eat something light to moderate. I also find that I have better digestive power earlier in the day, so I prefer to make lunch my heartier meal and have a big salad for dinner, which is easier to digest and therefore better for when my digestion isn’t as strong. Sometimes I’ll drink some yummy kombucha to lessen my appetite until my stomach feels better. Also, be sure you’re taking digestive enzymes before/during meals. One last thing I might suggest is transitioning to the green juice instead of the smoothie – I find that gives my digestion a nice break while still giving me plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fresh enzymes. Good luck!!

      • Moira

        Hi Rachel, Jennifer, and Jen,

        I’m just starting this up. Like Rachel, I have IBS-c. I’d say it’s severe. I’m also a pescetarian/mostly vegetarian. I’d love to learn from all of your experiences over the last several months.

        Rachel – any tips you have and can I ask how much Magnesium you are taking?

        I would LOVE some advice from all of you.

        Kim – thank you so much for your blog. I wish I found it sooner! I’d love if you do a blog post on IBS. I hope this will put me on the path to healing and recovery. It has been a long ten years.



  • http://www.educatedandfabulous.com Nicole

    What a great article. Thank you

  • yolaine castillo

    hi kim,i was reading your artical on healthy bowel and i wanted to know were can I get the DR, Ohira’s probiotics as well as the prebiotics? hope to hear from you soon love all your articals! Best Wishes

    • Ann

      I found both at the Vitamin Shop. You can order them online.

  • yolaine castillo

    2.Eat Probiotic and Enzyme salad regularly. It is rich in probiotics and minerals and supports intestinal health.
    3.Include raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar in your diet. It promotes healthy bacterial growth and supports elimination, can you explain what kind of ingrediants go in this salud and as for #3 were can I find this raw apple sider and how much should I drink per week? these questions may sound a little crazy but for the first time in my life I am really starting to eat healthy and take care of my body and mind! and so I am like a new born baby!

  • Health Enthusiast :)

    Thanks for the tips as always! Fortunately, thanks to you I already do most of these things! What are some ways to incorporate the raw, unpasteurized apple cider into one’s diet?

    Thanks Kim :-)

  • betsy

    I’ve been following the beauty detox plan for 3 weeks now, mornings is my GGS, lunch is a light salad with lots of greens, dinner is food pairing, either vegan/raw or grilled fish and veggies, with a ton of my usual exercise (yoga, core fusion, spinning) in the mix, and i have to say I feel awful! My throat hurts, i’m achy, my skin which has been perfect for years is breaking out like i haven’t seen since i was a teenager, i feel and look like a mess! I want to continue this diet but what’s happening to me is no fun! Kimberly, help! btw, i was never a big meat eater, always ate healthy, only new things is cutting way back on dairy, animal products, caffeine, sugar and alcohol but never had any of those things too much anyway beforehand…how long does this detox process go on for before my skin starts to glow and i feel amazing!?

  • lin

    Hi Kim,

    Thank you so much for the article above.I was just wondering that since winter is just around the corner I need to plan out what foods might be best to eat. I was recently sick and I made your Cauliflower Energy Soup.You are definitely right, the soup is yummy!! So its not a good thing to drink water before eating your meals.

    I have 2 question which are off topic.
    1. Do you know about Brad’s Raw Foods/Chips? Is it really healthy or its untrue? Its consider to be The World’s Healthiest Chip?

    2. What is the best way to treat acne?

    Thank You,

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Lin,
      I think those chips are okay options, but still quite dense. You can have them in moderation, along with lots of fresh, water-containing fruits and vegetables.
      Check out my blogs on acne.
      Take care! xx

      • lin

        Thanks you! I just wanted to make sure if the chip good or not. Thank you for your advice.

  • Claire

    What is the probiotic and enzyme salad that you listed above? I’ll be picking up your book tomorrow so if its in there I’m sure I’ll find it, but if not could you please let me know where I can find it, or better yet how I can make it. Sounds yummy!!


    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Claire, the recipe is in the BDS! :)

  • jenny

    Hi, a little off topic, but i was wondering what foods you suggest for vitamin B-12? i have heard that often vegetarians are lacking in this vitamin. so i had a bit of a concern..

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Nutritional yeast contains it as does seaweed, but to be sure you are getting the optimal assimilation of this important nutrient you can supplement with a wholefood-based multivitamin/multi-mineral. I like liquid multis.

  • Marina

    Thank you so much for this!

  • http://kindnaturalyou.blogspot.com Beth


    I am pretty much addicted to chocolate. I have to have chocolate practically every day. A few times I have experimented with giving it up cold turkey and couldn’t hold out longer than a week, if that. Could it be a mineral deficiency that is causing me to crave chocolate so much? I take a daily multi-vitamin and calcium supplements daily and as far as my diet goes, I do not eat any processed/artificial foods with the occasional indulgence. What is your recommendation as far as how to cut back on my chocolate consumption?


    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Beth,
      You could have a sugar issue, exacerbated by a yeast overgrowth like Candida. You should focus on getting that under control, with P & E Salad, kimchi, probiotics, etc. That might help with the chocolate! xx

  • kdot

    That’s a definitive guide to taking care of your health, not just your bowels! thanks, Kimberly!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Thank you!

  • Mei

    Hi Kim! Reading your book really helped me get my health back on track after a disastrous “cleanse” program. Thank you so much! I love getting your email newsletters too. I do pretty much all your steps here, except for the probiotics. I am allergic to dairy, so I was wondering what kind of probiotics do not have milk by-products in them. Most probiotics look like they include “lactobacillius” which were in the probiotics I took as a child and violently reacted against because of my dairy allergy. Are there any probiotic dairy/lactose-free alternatives? Thank you so much!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Mei! Try the Garden of LIfe probiotics, which I believe are dairy-free.

  • Irene

    Hi Kim,

    How do I pair food correctly? And where would I find the information about food pairing.

    Thank you

    • Kimberly Snyder

      In The Beauty Detox Solution.

  • Liz

    Hi Kimberly!

    I’d love if you wrote a post about vaccination and your views on it. I’m trying to research the topic at the moment as I make the decision about whether or not ill vaccinate my baby when its born and am really keen to hear any debate on the topic.

    Love your blog :)


    • Kimberly Snyder

      Sure, there are lots of strong opinions both ways.

  • Debra

    Hi Kim, thanks for the info. I have had trouble finding the magnesium oxide supplements. Can you be more specific as to what I am looking for. The lady in the health food store I go to didn’t know what you were referring to either. Thanks

  • http://cschaaf6325@yahoo.com Atlanta, GA

    Hi Kim,

    How do you feel about Kombucha Tea? It’s a probiotic & enzyme drink a lot of celebs drink.


    • Kimberly Snyder

      Some of the lower in sugar varieties are okay. Look for local brands, as the large brands seem to be very diluted and not powerful to me. I used to make my own when I was in NY more regularly. None of my celebs drink it though.

      • http://cschaaf6325@yahoo.com Atlanta, GA

        aww thanks for replying!!! Obsessed with your BDS book and have been recommending it at work (I’m a pediatric nurse).

        • Kimberly Snyder

          Hi, thank you! I love it!
          I just got back from Atlanta, but am returning after the holiday. I have really enjoyed my daily bike rides around West Paces Ferry. :)

  • http://www.rawdorable.blogspot.com shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    Excellent post. Everyone seems to shy away from the subject, but it’s so important. If your bowels aren’t healthy, then how can you be healthy overall? Thanks for getting the word out.

    BTW, that’s so cute how you decided to open the post with a women’s restroom character.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Thank you! Yes, it is a critical topic to discuss, for our health and beauty as well.

  • Alana

    I have two questions:

    I personally need to eat very healthy to have good bowel movements. I am a gluten-free, soy-free, refined-sugar-free (as much as I can be), vegan. I’ve been vegan for 6-years and added the other restrictions a year ago. When I added the restrictions, I was having great and frequent bowel movements, but recently, very tiny slip ups have been ruining it. And I’m not talking anything huge. I mean a bag of organic air-popped popcorn, a few pieces of organic, vegan sugar-free dark chocolate, or a few nights of not sleeping well. Even the GGS is not helping. What do I do? I can’t expect to live a life where I’m absolutely perfect in my habits–I don’t anticipate getting more sleep and I’m not sure I can cut another thing out of my diet– but I hate feeling bloated and backed up all the time.

    2. I have friends who can eat McDonald’s and have glorious bowel movements afterwards. (I know, I have conversations about bowel movements lol) It’s not fair! I’ve noticed the McDonald’s great poopers tend to be men. Do men generally have better digestive systems than we do? And not that I would EVER want to touch McDonald’s (a)poor animals and b)yuk), but is there any way I can improve the overall functioning of my digestive system to be like these super-creatures?

    Thanks and sorry if TMI!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Alana,
      You are right, men in general tend to have stronger digestion. Though you’re eating well, you should eat a lot of Probiotic & Enzyme Salad, take probiotic supplements, and work to balance the good bacteria in your body. Getting a good gravity colonic or some enemas wouldn’t hurt either. xx

      • Annette


        Could you answer a question about sauerkraut? I did not make the P & E salad (did not have miso) just cabbage & celtic salt. I checked the jars last night (day 5) to remove the outer leaves & put in fridge and the seal on one of the jars was bulging (and some juice had come out). It smelled okay when I removed the outer leaves, but do you think that it is safe to use? I know botulism makes things swell, but in this case perhaps I packed too full and did not have rim on tight enough. Has this ever happened to you? (the other 2 jars were fine and smelled the same)

        Would appreciate your thoughts, Thank you.

        • Kimberly Snyder

          HI Annette, it is hard to say, but fermentation can create swelling as well. Use your sense of smell. If things smell funky, toss it. Better safe than sorry, always if you are not sure! xx

  • Judelka Espinal

    Hello Kimberly, I was so excited to see that you came out with a book. I now nothing about food pairing and I find that I can'[t put your book down. I am a fitness competitor and a mother of fourr my trainer believes that I need to eat meat. I told him like your book suggested that I would eat greens for my meals and for my last meal I would eat fish. Our meals a day consist of egg whites and oatmeal in water (i put raisins in it for the sugar) I am very intrested in continuing and following this plan but how do I know how much protein i am getting into my diet. Do you do consultations for average people and by that I mean who don’t make large amounts of money.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi! You can customize the plan for your individual needs. For instance, if you consume protein shakes you’d be better to consume hemp or brown rice protein powder. Instead of raisins you can use stevia. Just be aware that high protein diets- even if they produce the physical results you are after- are extremely acid-forming and will accelerate aging of your tissues and organs for the long-term. xx

  • Lynnette


    I am on phase two of your program. I am finally noticing great changes in my skin. I’m going out of town for a few days and will be staying at a hotel. I’m wondering if you have any advice on how I can manage to stay on track especially with my morning green smoothie. How many days ahead will it keep refrigerated? I think I can steer my way through lunch and dinner but short of bringing my blender and veggies with me (which I won’t have a kitchenette available) how do I manage? I’m seeing such good results I don’t want to backtrack. Advice please!!!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      The GGS can keep for 2 or 2.5 days. Take some to start…then maybe the hotel can even make them for you! Also, you can bring green vibrance packets or another high quality greens powder, for emergencies. xx

      • Lynnette

        Thank you!

  • Bianca Truitt

    Hello Kimberly. I just purchased and read your book and love it. I feel that my only challenge will be changing my kids, 6 and 10, diets completely. I have educated them on the benefits of eating healthy, but I know they wont eat everything that I am willing to eat. It’s also a challenge when making their lunches. My son loves peanut butter and jelly on wheat bread and from what I read about the wheat I am doing more harm than good. Any tips? Thanks

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Check out my blog on eating ideas for kids! xx

  • Cindy

    Hi Kimberly,
    I tried to make the P&E salad once, but was afraid to eat it (made a hissing noise when I opened the jars + strong vinegary odor that almost took my breath away – maybe just the fermentation, but I didn’t want to take a chance). I was trying to find the post that demonstrated how to make it, but I haven’t been able to find it (tried one link from another post, but it just took me to a listing of posts that didn’t appear to contain the P&E post. Can you provide a link? Also, do you recommend the light or dark miso?
    Thank you for taking the time to respond.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Cindy, hmm. let me see where the video is. I like the light miso, which is more mild. xx

  • IsabelRose

    Ciao Kim! 1st found out about your great work & fame on LA’s TV channel with Jill. I rewound several times that Tivo clip to jot the recipes which you and Jill quickly mentioned while making the 2 drinks on the air and have applied the knowledge immediately and LOVED the results of HOW I FEEL! Looking forward to getting your book and going all the way with your recommendations. I’m an otherwise very youthful 50 with about 20 lbs to loose; I continue to choose unwise eating habits (too much sugar, soda, booze, meat) which have been slowing me down considerably and I guess crippling me to some extent since mid-way this year. Even though I have found immense happiness and abundance in all areas of life with my new boyfriend of a year (friends for 5 yrs), I have allowed myself to become HUGELY spoiled by him. A BIG TU as I know your program is a direct answer to my asking the Universe for HELP with my dietary/health issues. Will gladly post results in due time. Grazie Mille Kim!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      HI Isabel! that is so wonderful and I am so happy for you and your many blessings. Keep in touch with me on your progress! Love xx

  • Mary Liz

    Hi Kim, Thanks again for your book. I would love to drink GGS everyday, but I am trying to avoid fruit for now because I suspect candida. Do you have any suggestions for breakfast recipes besides groat oats so I can change it up? Is is OK to eat millet bread in the morning? Thank you.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      HI Mary. Yes, you can have some millet bread with avocado, or a buckwheat/kasha (gluten free) cereal w/unsweetened almond milk. xx

  • Karen

    Hi Kim,

    Can you help me understand why we’d take an oxidative supplement, when it counteracts the antioxidants we’re trying to consume? And given that too much oxygen in our bodies can damage cells and result in premature aging? With this in mind, how can we know we’re benefitting rather than harming our bodies with it?


  • http://www.radiantlivingbyvickie.com Vickie Gibbs

    Hi kimberly,

    I love your book,The beauty Detox diet. My husband and I are eating our way thur it.
    I own a Colon Hydro Therapy business 5 minutes from Columbus, Ohio. I would love to use your book with my clients.
    Do you take clients by phone?

    Keep up the beautiful work.


    Vickie Gibbs

  • Silvia

    Hi Kim,

    I am loving your book! It makes perfect sense! I’m feeling soooo much better! I have lots more energy and my hair is growing in thicker already! Yay! I’m a yoga teacher and this fits perfectly in my lifestyle! Kids are actually loving the changes (less dramatic for them of course) as well! I have a few questions:

    1. I can’t find the supplements you recommend taking. Can you recap and give a link?
    2. Is almond milk ok to add in the morning smoothie instead of water?
    3. What’s the best food for memory. I teach flow and want to be my best when teaching complicated sequences.
    4. Any thoughts on cacao nibs and wheat grass shots?

    Thanks so much for sharing your gift! Love & Light! XO

  • Silvia

    Oh, one more! Sorry! Is steel cut oatmeal just as nutritious as oat groats? Thanks again!

  • Bev

    I have been doing the Green smoothie for 6 weeks and am very constipated. Is this normal?

    • http://www.shopmysongs.com Lynn

      I know this is an old post but I am too having the horrible constipation. I’ve been following the program for about 3-4 weeks and can’t have a BM. I take a med that causes constipation so I take a stool softener for that. I am still taking the stool softener and can’t go. I added prunes, probiotic and mag. oxide. Bev, or anyone, what did you do for the problem? I was so desperate the other night that I did a suppository and also an overnight laxative and I went very little, rock hard, nuggets. Gross I know. I feel really good otherwise and have lost 16 pounds out of my 20 goal. (I lost a couple lbs before starting the diet) I started in the radiant phase since I ate pretty good and have no gluten due to husband’s celiac.

      • sunlightred

        I have had bad constipation also because of a prescription I take. The only thing I found that worked was Dr. Schulze’s intestinal formula #1. Hope this helps.

  • Eveline

    Hi Kim,

    I just love your book! I am making changes step by step and so far
    I’m very happy with the results. However, recently I got pregnant and
    I want to know whether it’s a good idea to continue the detox or not.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Eveline!
      It is never a good idea to make dramatic changes while pregnant that you did not incorporate beforehand. However, having more whole plant foods is certainly beneficial. You can check with your doctor. Congrats!!

  • Brandi

    Hi Kim,

    Do you know of a good place in Atlanta for colonics? Am enjoying your blog/website! Had my Green Smoothie this morning!


  • Renae Holt

    Hello Kimberly,

    A year ago I had food intolerances to several healthy foods I had been eating too much of, one of them being cabbage. I did as I was supposed to and gave up cabbage and other things for 6 months. Now I eat these foods every 3-4 days.

    I want to make the probiotic enzyme salad and use for detox purposes. Do you think this would be ok? I have a feeling that if there is a food intolerance that a person’s body is toxic and just needs cleaned up?

    Thank you in advance if you can answer my question.

    • Sommer

      I know that you can culture other vegetables in place of the cabbage, you could try that.

  • Kelcey Dillon

    Hi Kim,

    Just wanted to thank for sharing your knowledge. Your book has been life changing for me. One quick question, I have been following your Detox Diet for three weeks and my husband saw the change in me and decided to start having the green smoothie(only change in diet he has made). He usually has bowel movements daily and since he started the smoothie (3 days ago) he hasn’t gone to the bathroom. Consequently, he thinks its the smoothie that’s making him constipated. Any thoughts?

    • http://www.shopmysongs.com Lynn

      I know this is an old post but I am too having the horrible constipation. I’ve been following the program for about 3-4 weeks and can’t have a BM. I take a med that causes constipation so I take a stool softener for that. I am still taking the stool softener and can’t go. I added prunes, probiotic and mag. oxide. Bev, or anyone, what did you do for the problem? I was so desperate the other night that I did a suppository and also an overnight laxative and I went very little, rock hard, nuggets. Gross I know. I feel really good otherwise and have lost 16 pounds out of my 20 goal. (I lost a couple lbs before starting the diet) I started in the radiant phase since I ate pretty good and have no gluten due to husband’s

    • deb

      maybe he’s having a hard time digesting all that fiber. if his diet is otherwise unhealthy nd has messed up his digestion (low enzymes, probiotocs) then it will be only cause constipation because it is ALOT of fiber at once. I juice my vegetables and fruits because my digestion can it handle green smoothies at the moment.

  • LA

    Hi Kim,

    What are your thoughts on liver and gallbladder cleansing (the one with apple juice, epsom salts, etc). Thanks!

  • Kinu

    Hi Kim,

    I LOVED your book!!! :) I read it from cover to cover in 1 day :) :)

    One quick question. Do you know of a good colonics treatment location in Los Angeles? I live in Santa Monica.

    Thank you so much :)


  • Eveline

    Hi Kim,
    very useful post!
    I noticed that you keep mentioning how a gravity based colonic can help with the detox process but I recently moved to Switzerland and I do not know how to find a good practitioner here. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Janaeh Lefferdink

    Hi Kimberly,

    First, I truly admire your book and recipes! I’m in love with Chickpea -less Hummus! We make ours spicy! The issue is the color of my stools lately. The shape and form are healthy and well formed (GGS!), but it is very dark. Not black. More a deep dark green hue. I associate it with all the dark leafy greens I’ve been eating, but I also continue reading about bleeding from the lower intestine. I am 25 and very active, lots of kickboxing. I’ve cut back on meat and eat it once daily (4-6 oz).I also get a monthly
    colonic! Any information is helpful! Thank you for finally get health and nutrition correct!!

  • http://www.ayanarose.com Ayana

    So my husband and I love your book. He follows it to a “T” and feels great. I however suffer from IBS-D. I have morning episodes of diarehha that hit between 1-3 times before I can start my day. My husband thinks I should do the GCS but I don’t think I should due to the morning “bathroom issues” I already suffer. I have changed my diet, food pairing, no meat with lunch, no dairy and gluten free. What are your thoughts and your experience working with people with IBS-D.

    Thank you.

    • Your guardian angel

      You may be have fructose malabsorption. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fructose_malabsorption#Foods_with_high_fructose_content This means there’s some foods, fruits especially, with higher amounts of fructose than glucose. If you eat too much of these foods or too many of them in combination, you can get diarrhea or gas. Some foods that have more fructose to glucose are melons – cantaloupe, honeydew, apples, pears, raisins, fruit juice, anything with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). There are also some fruits, the stone fruits, that contain sorbitol which can cause diarrhea such as apricots, peaches, nectarines, etc. try to avoid these or cut back on it. If you have these fruits, eat them with lower fructose fruits such as berries and you can absolutely eat them with greens in a smoothie. I know this, because I used to have your problem, which can appear to be IBS, but I did research and found that I was just eating too much fruit at once (I would have fruit salads for breakfast) Hope this helps!

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    Unquestionably imagine that which you stated. Your favourite justification seemed to be at the internet the easiest thing to take into account of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed whilst people consider issues that they plainly don’t realize about. You managed to hit the nail upon the highest as neatly as outlined out the entire thing without having side effect , people can take a signal. Will probably be again to get more. Thank you

  • teresa

    i prepared the probiotic enzyme salad yesterday, but had a question. was i supposed to pour in the jar the leftover liquid brine mixture?

  • Houston

    Hi Kimberly!

    Your book has helped me SO much, I really want to thank you for that! I had a question though… if you dont suggest wheat… then what type of bread can i eat in the morning? I tried just eating fruit and it made me way too weak at work. I need something that sticks with me.

    Thank you!

  • http://cleanoutyourcolon.com Vhangie

    Great post. I really like the stuff written on this site. I’ll always come back for more. Thank you for sharing it. Keep posting a good advise.

  • Charles


    It seems the Magnesium Oxide is easy enough to find with vitamin supplements (I found 500 mg tablets, which is not the same dosage of Mag 07 that is recommended), but I’m under the impression that this is not what you’re talking about.

    Most of the information I’ve found on the internet regarding Magnesium Oxide is that it’s used as an occasional laxative and should not be used on a regular basis. All the info on products like Mag 07 (the same thing as Mag Ox or not?) suggest otherwise.

    Are they very different products? Could you please clarify?


  • Chris

    Iv suffered chronic stomach problems for the last 12 years, now 27 its taken over so much iv become house bound i cant work i can bearly get out of bed. it all came about when i had food poisening. the person that cooked was ill to! worst mistake of my life because its over now. iv been lucky enough to live with my mum. iam 5.9 and only weigh 10 stone. i cant even claim benerfits they say iam fit for work!? I was perfectly healthy till this all happend, a freind of mine said iv probabbly got parasites…i dont know how much longer it will be till i take my life but it wont be much longer! i cant do anything and now i havent even money to eat. Its true what they say life truely isnt fair. Thanks the doctors that told me for years its just ibs…..if you cant trust a doc who can ya trust…

    • cindy

      What does ur dr say i hope that it eases up soon no one shhabe to put up with it that long

  • Christina

    Hi Kim,

    I read your book over the summer and LOVED your GGS! I preach your wisdom to everyone around me and practice all of your tips daily. Four weeks ago I started the beauty detox diet fully and have had bouts of such foul gas, like something has died and is rotting in my body. It usually occurs 2-3 hours after lunch and can range anywhere from every few minutes to a few times an hour. It’s extremely embarrassing at work and I have to run in the restroom or avoid my co-workers and avoid my boyfriend because I can’t control it. I’ve tried taking gas-x and activated charcoal pills to absorb the extremely putrid stench. I’m not sure what else to do. I’ve been following your diet exactly, magnesium oxygen supplements, probiotics and all. Please help! I want to continue to cleanse and become healthy, but this gas and bloating problem is alarming. I cannot seem to pin point any specific vegetable or ingredient that is causing this… What do you suggest I do? I’m desperate!

    • Christina

      I forgot to mention I have also been taking digestive enzymes prior to lunch and dinner. They don’t seem to be helping the gas issue either.

      • erin

        Im the same Christina! Have you found anything to help yet?
        I don’t think my body can handle so much fruit and raw food just yet.
        Im going back to more cooked foods and no fruit for a while while my body detoxs and build up its gut strength!

  • karla

    I too had to use the bathroom immediately after eating and yes i was living on Imodium just to get back from grocery store or a short meeting across town. Here is what happened.

    I was moving and had extreme physical activity for 3 weeks. during this time I was not eating that well. However, right before my accidental detox this is what I recall

    – extreme physical activity for weeks
    – drinking a gallon of filtered (RO) water a day
    – Epsom salt baths every night for 2 weeks, included essential oils from young living (only co. i trust) I used eucalyptus, lemon, tangerine and others
    – Himalayan sea salt in my bath, (i was bathing to cut the knee pain because of the moving of boxes and up and down stairs for weeks)
    – i was under extreme stress, moving, trying to close a home, moving my office, and more…
    – drank 4 fresh organic lemons squeezed in water a day for a week (i had a lemon tree at old house and they were all ripe)
    – taking excessive vitamin C because of stress
    – i was adding organic apple cider vinegar to water, I wanted to balance ph as I felt like I had a yeast infection for 3 weeks + before the sludge release
    then all of a sudden husband brought home greasy Chinese (all our dishes were packed) and in minutes I had a detox of my life. Sludge and the most foul smelling rotting odor and toxic waste smell came out of me. And it kept coming. Lost 7 lbs. in one night and 3 more lbs. a few days later. Somewhat alarming I can tell you!
    after this I recorded my data and noticed I had dark urine 2 x before the major detox release.
    these are the symptoms that vanished that I recall 30 days before the accidental detox. All problems were gone in 24 hrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    – extreme acne at age 50 (and i dont look 50 to begin with), grease behind ears, itchy ears and greasy hair even right after washing and smelly- all gone in an instant!
    – yellow eyes- gone! This was building up over the last 60 days.
    – itchy skin, gone (mostly right after eating)
    – Body odor even when i woke up from sleeping, usually only have this after work out- its gone!
    – increased facial hair, this is minimized (have other hormonal issues dealing with right now-)
    – emergency bathroom visits, gone- i had this for months (i assumed i had parasites)
    – i had huge amounts of energy and still do, right after sludge dump!
    – i am not hungry 24/7, I eat a normal meal and I am satisfied, no more cravings for junk food or sweets.
    – my bloated stomach and bloated feeling gone instantly!
    – my breasts felt hard and different and I even had ultra sound, this happened 30 days before release
    – my nose was bigger and had thicker skin on the end- gone
    – my knees used to hurt so bad I could cry, now 90% of pain is gone! gone! And no I don’t take any drugs.
    – I used to clench jaw while sleeping this has subsided 90%, its minimal now
    – extreme anxiety and I am a controlled person so this was hard to handle and this was about 6 months before sludge dump.
    Now to be fair many of these items I did not realize until after the major sludge removal. But quickly it was apparent and I wrote down this info to help myself, others and explain to Homeopath. I now know it was building to explode. my bowels are 95% back to normal, i am sure I need more detoxing but I am going to do it the right way this time. Continue to eat very good. I grow my own vegetables and have fruit trees and chickens so I am not going back to sneaking junk after I feel this great.

    my homeopath also said to stay away from soda (I have not had for 30 yrs), corn and any corn product including animals that eat corn (usually buy organic and grass fed when i can find it) , canola oil, high fructose corn syrup, any fake sugars (never use), anything boxed or canned, no fast food, no cookies, donuts, etc. and limit caffeine and alcohol. Most of this I avoid anyway- but she said absolutely never! She did not want me to build back what I just released. SHe said this was major and it can only get better if you pay attention and be good to your body. So i was scolded for my 3 week junk food binging!

    Its been 3 weeks and I feel great. still 12 lbs down and weight has stabilized. People who see me ask if I just had a vacation- so it is apparent that I am not inflamed and toxic. Others may not have noticed these daily issues but I knew there was a major problem and it cured itself with my accidental detox. I have a few more lbs. to lose but I want to wait 45 days to see if my body continues to stabilize. Homeopath also gave me milk thistle and other items to accompany my Epsom salt baths and essential oils to contineu the healthy path.

    I dont take over the counter drugs, illegal drugs or smoke. But as a teen and young adult I was given huge amounts of antibiotics and I am sure this has caused some issues –

  • Stacie

    Hey there,

    I decided to try MgO7 that you recommend and had a horrible reaction… tingling in my hands up to my elbows with numbness and tingling in my feet… I also had these strange impulse firings all over the place during the night… I couldn’t sleep… I was miserable. AND I only took 2, thank the lord I did not take 5! I am not allergic to anything ever so it was really scary and weird to say the least. I eat very healthy, only organic high plant based, soaked nuts/grains, no dairy and minimal gluten. I am not overweight, just trying to keep my colon clean :) What happened, it was so scary!!

  • Peggy

    Hi Kimberly!
    I would like to know exactly which probiotic supplement do you take? I want to make sure I’m taking a quality one.
    Thank you!!

  • Alana

    Hi, I was looking at recommendations for the magnesium-oxide supplement and have been reading through a lot of concerns and questions to Kim, but I haven’t seen a reply from her since late 2011. Does Kim still respond to questions here? If so, can you recommend a good magnesium oxide product?


  • Angela

    Do you recommend a certain brand of parasite cleanse?
    Thanks :)

  • Anne-Marie

    i just found out i’m pregnant. Do you know if i can keep using Mag 07 ? What about the digestive enzymes?
    Can’t find the info on internet…

  • Lyne

    Hi Kimberly,

    I have tried a lot of different ways of eating and supplements for optimal energy and thyroid balance and so far your approach works best for me!

    Thank you so much!

    Question I’m sure your answered many times but what is the safe amount of Magnesium Oxyde you recommend to take daily?


    • Kimberly Snyder

      Usually three, but at most, five capsules.

  • Dee

    what is the best brand for mag 07 as there is so many out there ?

  • Bee

    Hi Kim,
    Just a question regarding Apple Cider Vinegar.
    In your book Beauty Detox Foods, you mention ACV having ‘antiseptic’ effects – and in the above article you mention that ACV promotes healthy bacterial growth. Just a little confused – wouldn’t antiseptic effects be counter-intuitive when trying to promote good natural gut bacteria?
    Thanks for your time,

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Bee, there are many substances that primarily kill unfriendly/bad bacteria, but do not kill helpful/probiotic bacteria. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is another.