Vitamix Blender vs. Blendtec and Other High End Blenders


As you probably know, I am a huge fan of the Vitamix blender. You’ll see it here on the site, on my TV segements, and in all my actor’s trailers in movie sets. While it is a little more expensive than some other blenders, the payoff as far as performance and durability is well worth the price. Originally, I set out to compare Vitamix to several other blenders on the market, but what I discovered is that there really is only one competitor that functions similarly for the foods we make in The Beauty Detox Solution, including the Glowing Green Smoothie.

If you’ve ever tried to make your GGS in a traditional kitchen blender such as an Oyster or a Kitchen Aid, chances are you’ve been a little disappointed with the texture of your smoothie. Regular kitchen blenders just can’t create the silky GGS that the Vitamix does.

I’ve had many people ask me if Vitamix has any competition. After a great deal of research, I’ve discovered that there is one blender that does function similarly to the Vitamix: the Blendtec blender. This strong blender is a kitchen workhorse similar to the Vitamix, and it costs about the same. Let’s take a look at a head to head comparison of the two products.


  Vitamix 5200 Blendtec Classic Series Wildside
Price $449.00 $474.95
Power 11.5 amps/1380 watts 13 amps/1560 watts
Blade 4-prong stainless,exchangeable/replaceable 2-prong stainless,fixed/non-replaceable
RPM range 500-37,000 4,080-28,000
Warranty 7-year, full use 7-year if purchased from Blendtec or a Blendtec dealer
Under counter height 17.25” or 20.5” 15.5”
Colors Black, white, red, stainless, platinum Black, white, red
Controls Manual variable speed dial and hi/lo switch Pre-programmed buttons10 steps plus pulse
Jars UL listed BPA-free 64 oz48 oz32 oz BPA-free2 qt (64 oz)3 qt (96 oz)Twister jar
Tamper Yes, comes standard No, but you can purchase a twister jar ($129), which has a similar effect


The Glowing Green Smoothie

Both blenders do well at blending smoothies, with some key differences:

  • Vitamix allows you to add fruits and vegetables whole or with very little chopping to remove the core. It will blend them completely and you won’t need to stop the blender. Blendtec may require some chopping of fruits and vegetables, the addition of a little extra liquid, and either stopping to mix the vegetables as they blend or using the twister jar ($129). The tamper is so much more convenient.
  • Vitamix does better in the green smoothie department, rendering super smooth GGS. Blendtec’s GGS, while smooth, isn’t as finely blended as the Vitamix.
  • The 4 prong blade of the Vitamix makes a big difference, and is held in place with 2 stainless steel barrels (installed by hand), which make the blade very stable and allow for better blending.


The Vitamix blender has jars in varying capacities from 32 oz. to 64 oz., while Blendtec offers 64 and 96 oz. varieties. The difference, however, is in the jar’s actual blending capacity. Vitamix’s 64 oz. jar can be filled to the brim, and you can use the blender when the jar is at full capacity with the same results as if it were only at half full. Blendtec, on the other hand, suggests filling the jar only half full for optimal blending. So while they have a 64 oz. sized jar, its blending capacity is about 32 oz., and the 96 oz. jar can only blend about 48 oz.

Dry Grinding

Both blenders perform quite well when dry grinding grains into flour. Vitamix takes the process a step further, however, offering an optional dry grains container ($144). When you compare grinding of Vitamix’s regular container and Blendtec’s blender, the two both do a workmanlike job of grinding grains. If you’d like even finer milling, however, Vitamix sells the dry grains container which makes a very fine flour quite quickly without taxing the motor. Blendtec offers a separate product, the Kitchen Mill ($179.95).

Speed Control

One of the big differences between these two products is speed and power control. While Blendtec draws a little more power, both can perform the same type of blending with similar results in the same amount of time.

Blendtec has a smaller RPM range than Vitamix, meaning you have less precise control and a lower top-end with the Blendtec. Vitamix accomplishes its speed control via a manual dial plus a high low switch, meaning that you can gradually ramp up the blending power from 500 RPM all the way up to its top end of 37,000 RPM by slowly turning up the dial. This allows for much smaller increments of power ramp up than the Blendtec. Additionally, Vitamix allows you to blend for the length of time you wish.

Blendtec uses 10 buttons plus a pulse button, and some models have pre-programmed controls that perform it automatically for you so you can push a button and walk away. Blendtec blenders automatically shut off after 50 seconds, so some smoothies and other recipes may require returning to the blender and restarting it. Blendtec’s RPM range is much smaller, ranging from 4,080 to 28,000 RPM.

I prefer the dial control of the Vitamix because it is entirely manual, allowing me to blend at the speeds I want, increase RPM at my own pace, and blend as long as I need. It allows me to have better control over my recipes.

Tamper vs. Twister Jar

All Vitamix blenders come standard with the tamper, which allows you to push ingredients towards the blade without stopping the blender. Blendtec’s solution to this is an optional twister jar ($129). As you blend, you turn the twister jar’s lid counterclockwise, and it scrapes down the blender, pushing ingredients back to the blade.


Both blenders clean up in the same manner – put a little warm soapy water in the bowl and blend.


There’s no doubt the Vitamix is bigger and sturdier than the Blendtec; however, it does have a low-profile jar option to fit under your cupboards.


Blenders are noisy, but the Vitamix wins in this category. It is quieter than the Blendtec.

Bottom Line

Both of these blenders are kitchen workhorses that blow any other blender out of the water. That said, I prefer the Vitamix to the Blendtec because it is more versatile and allows for better manual control. The 5200 Standard Model is great. I personally don’t like the models where it lists “smoothies” and “soups” as a dial; I’d rather control my recipes with my own intuition.

There is a reason that the Vitamix is the industry standard- go into any high end restaurant kitchen, watch any cooking show, or go to any culinary institute and overwhelmingly the blender you will find is the Vitamix. It is the one I have all my clients buy. To get the best Glowing Green Smoothie the way I intended them, be sure to get a Vitamix.

If they are out of your price range, check out the refurbished section for returned models which are usually as good and more inexpensive. If you put away $150/month (buy a few less items of clothing a month!), you will be able to get your Vitamix in only a few months’ time. No pair of stiletto heels or Mac makeup brush will make you look more beautifully glowing from within than your daily Glowing Green Smoothie.



Last updated: Friday, December 18, 2015
  • E

    Hi Kimberly, what do you think of the Ninja prep pro series as an economical option before I have the funds for the Vitamix? It’s been very highly rated and its design has a blade that spans a ‘core’ rather than just at the bottom and has gotten good reviews. It also comes with different size containers for food prep and yummy chopped salad making :) and it’s available for less than $100. Thank you!

    • Victoria

      I own ninja and i love it. The blade you were talking about makes such a difference. I make my green smoothie in it every day nd it comes out very smooth. It is a great blender for people on a budget. Highly recommended.

      • Pamela

        Victoria, I have a Ninja, , but my green smoothies do not blend real smooth. Can you share your secret to blending smooth? I love that I can fill the Ninja with frozen fruit and it handles it with ease, but I do have to chew the greens a little.

    • Kitty

      I have the Ninja Professional – the one that ‘looks’ like the Vitamix.

      Works great – love it! And the blade makes more sense to me.

      I would’ve bought a Vitamix, but refuse because there is NO reason to charge so much. I can afford to buy many a Vitamix, but I won’t give money to greedy people.

    • Noel Miller

      What do you think of the VitaCrush VCE1500 from Semak? I am importing them from Australia for dealers like you but no takers yet. I am a service guy and not a marketing guru – I just like the blender and am new to eating healthy. I am trying to be all raw. Maybe you can do a review and see if it stacks up.

      • Rich

        We live in canada and are interested in a semak 1500. How do we purchase one?

        • Noel

          I didn’t import any as I thought they were manufactured in Australia (at least partly) but they’re made in China. I am revisiting the plan to import but not convinced this blender senses vicinity and changes speed. i think it follows a program like the Blender. But i am looking at this closely. I’ll let everyone know when i find out for sure.

  • Merrilyn Whitehead

    I have just purchased a vitamix blender and love it already. I would really appreciate your recipes for loosing weight.

  • Ele

    I would buy the Vitamix if it was that price. It is almost double that price in Australia. Makes it difficult to afford.

    • Annette

      Yes Ele, I’m finding that too. $800 for an entry level Vitamix is pricey -esp. considering the AUD is currently worth a little more than the USD and has for some months!!!

  • Dana Briley

    Hi Kimberly,
    My Mother has a Vitamix which I really love.But the price tag was a bit much for me.So I bought a HealthMaster. It is advertised by Montel Williams.I love it.It does everything the Vitamix does and is only about $200. compared to $500. Im sure there are some better features on the Vitamix… but Hey… I used the $300. I saved on fresh organic stuff to put in it! BTW, I’m feeling great! Drinking my smoothie every morning.

  • judy utah

    Hey Kimberly, I bought all the greens, etc., to make your green drink and try it out but I don’t have a VitaMix Blender…. and am worried about that. I only have a basic blender….an older, cheap Hamilton Beach. I do have a JuiceManII juicer, though.

    Please advise. My greens are going to wilt in the frig! I really want to do the green drink (have only 1/3 of my large intestine due to cancer surgery – so am a little worried about that – the last green drink I had 15 yrs. ago, after that surgery…. really hit my gut hard!). I just want to get healthy.

    Thanks, Judy Utah

  • Nancy Reid

    I would never trade in my Blendtec for a Vitamix

    • Sandy

      i would never trade my Blendtec for a vitamix, i IMHO think they look like crap.

  • Isabelle

    I bought my “vintage” all stainless steal Vitamixer 11 years ago used on Ebay and it was the best investment we ever made. We make smoothies, soups, grind bread, etc. Still running strong. I’m grateful I made the investment. Love it!

  • Luisa S.

    I debated, researched, and shopped around on the Vitamix vs Blendtec matter. I purchased a Blendtec. I love it! I think that both machines are the top 2 in the market. The #1 spot is up to the end user’s preferences. My sister has the vitamix and she’s happy with it. I’m happy with my blendtec :)

  • Jess

    Hi kim been on ur program 6 weeks now love it I moved up from
    Blossoming beauty for a week n didn’t think my candida was cleared up so back to blossoming only the past week after my groats n avocado I’m getting intense pain in my stomach n feeling extremely sick hot sweats n like I want to be sick ??? Can u help me ?? Should I go off the groats I’ve never had a problem befor?? Please help thanks Jess xx

  • tia

    I have a Blendtec and I LOVE it.

  • haoua

    Hello Kimberly, thanks for the review. i do have an odd question, when you travel overseas do you take your vitamix with you and if so, what power adapter converter do you use or recommend.

  • Julia

    Hi Kimberly! In OZ, the cheapest price I can find for the vitamix is $800! Unfortunately, I can’t afford that right now :(
    I started out with blossoming beauty last October and swapped to GGS in January. Ive switched back to having greens & raw rolled oat cereal for breakfast, because when I reintroduced sweet fruit, my sugar cravings intensified again and I also felt a little weightier. Do you think it sounds like I still have a candida issue?

    I also recently found out I had very high copper levels. I’m taking B6, vit C, zinc, molybdenum etc to help reduce my copper levels and have heard avocados and chocolate are high in copper (among other things). I eat both of these foods, esp avocados lots. Do you think it’s necessary to avoid both completely and perhaps go back to drinking the GGS instead in the morning, even though I still have candida? I’m guessing the very high copper is the first thing needing attention? I’ve also read a vegetarian diet contributes to high copper. Is this true, and how would you work around this but stay as true as possible to your book? Thank you xo

    • Nona

      Are you on birth control? I have heard that this can affect your copper levels. Maybe look into it. Cheers!

      • Julia

        Thank you Nona. I definitely will.

        Kind regards,

        Julia :)

  • Julia

    Sorry Kimberly, just wanted to add, my high copper levels aren’t from being vegetarian, as I’ve always eaten small amounts of chicken & fish. Since starting your book though, I have been enjoying the vegetarian meals much more and would like to become vegetarian in time (I currently have eggs twice a week and chicken once/twice). Just wanting to make sure it was ok to eat the vegetarian proteins like nuts, seeds, grains (during this period of correcting my copper levels), as these are the foods I’ve heard to be higher in copper. Thank you again, Julia xx

  • cindy

    here in Belgium it cost 612 EURO’s., that’s more than half my monthly income….The other blenders on the market are around 65 EURO to 200 EURO….
    I’m sure they are not as good as the Vitamix, but 10 times less?
    I’m just looking out for a new blender..the old one gave up on me a week ago….

  • julie

    I’ve never had a Vitamix but I LOVE my Blendtec. Got it new at Costco for $349. I love the programmed feature, & it also has plenty of manual options on it.

  • Patti B

    The jars on both of these blenders PLASTIC. I am willing to invest the money in a high-quality blender, but only if it is equipped with a glass jar — even if it makes for a heavier blender. I think it is safe to assume that most people know how toxic plastic is (even if it’s BPA-free). No thanks to either of these blenders.

    • MJ

      I was thinking the same thing. Why are they plastic?? I have a glass one right now and am saving for a new one. Really want to consider a Vitamix but the plastic is really working against it. Also with stains and strong tasted food will that not stay in the plastic? I mean garlic and such. Wish it was glass too :(

    • Ashley

      Hey Patti B, the Vitamix is actually BPA free! That was one of the reasons that I went with the Vitamix and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

    • may

      Look for ‘Thermomix’, it’s more expensive but does more than any blender in the market, it’s AMAZING!!! you can cook, steam, blend, juice, mince, mix, boil, grind, knead, sauté. It comes with build-in scale n different temperature range.

    • Bruce Benjamin

      I do NOT think it’s safe to assume that most people know how “toxic” plastic is. I don’t know that plastic is toxic when used as a blender container. Why? Because I don’t believe everything I read. I don’t automatically assume every company is lying to me, and willing to exchange my life for my dollars. And I also don’t automatically assume that every regulatory agency, such as the FDA, is willing to exchange my life for bribe money when they approve the use of certain plastics for food use. Just out of curiosity, does any of the food you buy or store ever come into contact with any kind of plastic? Have you ever bought a bag of granola? The grapes in the grocery stores where I shop come in clear plastic bags. How much plastic off-gassing are you breathing in your car or all around you every day? I don’t think the plastic blender jar is your biggest enemy. On another note, can you imagine how thick the glass would have to be to safely hold up to 64 fluid ounces of 37,000 RPM fury? That would be one heavy jar, especially when filled to the top with liquid or food. The sky really isn’t falling.

  • Gary

    My daughters and I bought your book and we love it. I have no idea why I wake up with red eyes. I recall as a much younger man, waking and continuing to keep clear eyes all day, even into the late evening. Now I wake with stuffy sinus and red eyes. What in my diet could that be, or what can I eat to correct this condition? Thank you, and by the way, the glowing green smoothies I drink everyday makes my 18 holes of golf totally energized. Gary Caire.

  • Margie

    Hi Kimberly, I own a vita mix can you send me some other great smoothie recipes , how often should I be drinking the green smoothie, I lve any advice you can give me on good nutrition. Thank you

  • Whitney

    Can anyone recommend a more wallet-friendly blender to make the GGS? I would love to buy a Vitamix but I simply cannot afford one. Does anyone know of a blender (under $100) that does a decent job of making the GGS? I understand it won’t be quite as good, I just want to do the best that I can given my situation. Kimberly – please keep in mind that many of us are on a tight budget these days, and spending $500 on a blender just isn’t a possibility. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to be healthy and treat our bodies the best we can, given limited finances. I (and I’m sure many others) would really appreciate any help you could give on this front, even though it wouldn’t be your first choice. Thanks!

    • Dana

      I have a ninja and like it. I think they make one around $100. If you buy at bed bath & beyond (I’m sure online if one is not near you) you can use a 20% off coupon too! Good luck. Drinking a GGS every day is the Best health move you could ever make. Even if you do nothing else!

  • Jess

    Kim hi what are your thoughts on beans as in black beans kidney beans butter beans etc? Or cause they are canned no good? Thanks jess

  • dawn

    Hi Kim,

    I know you’ve done a couple posts on traveling, but I was wondering if you’d do a post just on Traveling snacks/food prep. and how to prepare with green smoothies and juicing specifically. For example, staying in hotels, vacations, on the road, etc.

    I think many of us will benefit from this post!!!
    Thanks in advance!


    • Mikael

      Great idea. I too am curious about traveling and eating healthy. Do you always travel with the blender? How do you get fresh organic veggies/fruit while traveling in small towns?

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Thanks Dawn for the suggestion, I will see what I can do!

  • Delaney

    When I first got into raw foods in 2006, I found my Vitamix used on eBay for $150. It’s 2012 and it’s still working wonderfully. I suggest looking around on Craig’s List and eBay. (That same year I also found my Champion juicer used on eBay for low bucks and it ran for years before I sold it.)

  • Amber

    Hello Kimberly,
    I am so inspired by the information in The Beauty Detox. I have been following the program for quite some time and have seen great benefits, but have recently been told that I have very low blood pressure 83/51sitting 88/55standing. Can Mag-Ox cause this? I read it under a list of possible side-effects. Thank you for your help. Want to keep it up because I am feeling great!

  • Sandy

    I love my Vitamix!! Making the GGS is so much faster and it leaves it silky smooth… You can make so many healthy recipes with it! It’s worth every cent!

  • michelle

    I think I can give some great advice on this; for years I have used blenders kichenaid, oyster, magic bullet, and the health master ( which I did like) but none of these even are in the same class as the vita mix. I wanted one for years but price too steep. But I was spending anywhere from 100 to 250 on a blender a year because I would burn them up. A crack that I fixed temporarly in my health master pitcher began to leak again made me just give up and tell my husband I was getting my Christmas gift early(Sept 2011) and bought the vita mix. So thrilled I did definately my favorite thing!!!! As far as the Ninja use it at my sons, it will do in a pinch but still not in the class as the vitamix. I say online somewhere a (7 year guarentee) it costs .25 cents a day if you used it everyday for 7 years. And I do use it every day!!! :)

  • barb

    I’m glad I chose a Blendtec it was a hard choice.

    I can’t help but see that the info here is very close to what I found at

    If that is the case, you should probably give credit.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      I did a lot of research for this post, and information was mainly found from the sites for both companies as well as user reviews.

    • Alexseattle

      You guys should really review amazon reviews on blendtec!! The jar has a flaw where it needs to be replaced every 2 years because it starts leaking plastic! Most ingest little bits before realizing that! I have been comparing the two blenders for a few days now and I keep coming across this information! I feel like it left me with no choice but to buy the Vitamix…

  • Sue

    I received my Vitamix 5200 (red ! yay !) a few weeks back. I can’t imagine my life and/or kitchen without it ! Green smoothies make me feel so good. I’m going raw and lacto vegetarian. Perhaps eggs … we’ll see. Even my 16 year old daughter has taken to making smoothies. Thx so much for turning us all onto this healthy lifestyle !!! :)

  • Debbie Gleason

    don’t know how to ask you a question.. where do i buy unpasturized miso paste and how do I know if it is unpasturized, it doesn’t say on carton I went to Korean store and they have tons of types in the refrigerated section went to Mother’s


  • Becky

    Hi Kim,
    First I would like to thank you for all of the tips you’ve included in you’re blog and how enjoyable you’re book The Beauty Detox Solution was to read. Clearly, by eating a diet like the one you suggested, you can see results-you look great!
    While I think I eat healthy 80% of the time, I tried following a raw food diet, and I didn’t last long since food cravings, and the feelings of deprivation overpowered my desire to eat healthfully.
    I also found it pricey to keep purchasing raw fruit and vegetable juices at the local health store. I started seeing a nutritionist for a better balanced diet seeing as I am vegetarian and felt I wasnt getting enough protein. Ever since I started seeing her, while i’ve been more lax with food options, and not as controlling, i had to go against my wishes and listen to her food advice. Ie: Greek yogurts for breakfast, cheese for a snack. Before seeing her, I didn’t eat dairy nor caffeine. And now I have 2 iced coffees a day, and lots of dairy.
    I feel guilty since I know the foods she recommends are not the best for beauty and health, but then again, she’s the one that is certified.
    For the past three weeks I have had ongoing heart burn since meeting with her. I know the issue lies in the fact that my diet is now very acidic: oatmeal, yogurt, dairy, fiber cereal.
    Do you have suggestions for protein? And how to go about making a balanced food plan without feeling like you’re “starving” during the day?

    • Jessica

      Hi Becky,

      I thought what you said was interesting. My doctor recommended that I go see a nutritionist at a well-known Los Angeles hospital, and she started writing me up a food plan. She recommended that I have pancakes or muffins for breakfast! I was like, excuse me?! Those are things I indulge in once or twice a year and then feel sick afterward! She also put burgers and sandwiches on my lunch/ dinner schedule, and I was like, you know what? I don’t need you; I eat those things when I crave them, but I’m not about to incorporate those things into my everyday schedule because I know they’re not very healthy! Since then, I’ve felt that my intuition/ common sense is more reliable than someone’s certification.

      Anyway, your questions are from a long time ago so maybe you’ve already found something that works for you, but I love quinoa, nuts, and dark, leafy greens for protein. Tempeh occasionally, too! In terms of not feeling starved, I love roasted root vegetables (try sweet potatoes roasted with curry powder, cinnamon, and nutmeg- I eat them alone or pop them into a salad!), quinoa, and the open-faced avo beauty sandwich.

      Hope all is well!

  • Lili

    I got your book and I love it! Had to buy via Bargainbookstore on Amazon as not available here in the UK but no worries.
    I think you are doing an excellent job of educating people on healthy eating and applaud your efforts. I do wish people would realise that it’s not your faullt if the solution does not suit them in some way; in the end we make our own choices.
    By the way Becky, Ms Snyder is a certified Clinical Nutritionist. If your dietitian is who you choose to take advise from do so. Don’t make passive aggressive comments about Ms Snyders qualifications yet seek her advise when things go badly for you.

  • Kristin

    I have a glass and stainless steel Cuisinart blender that I received over a year ago as a gift. It probably retails somewhere between $60-$90. I have been making GGS with it every morning since I received it and they turn out great and supply all the benefits of the GGS without the $500 Vitamix price tag! While I am sure the Vitamix does render a lovely and smooth GGS my little Cuisinart smoothie tastes just fine.

    Also, this post doesn’t reek of paid editorial or anything 😉 I’m in advertising, can’t get anything over on me!

    • Maggie P.

      LOL, Kristen! It does seem pretty salesmany, doesn’t it? But who knows, some people really love their VitaMixes.

      However, your blender isn’t doing the same as a high powered blender like the VM or Blendtec would, it’s not just about smoothness it’s about rupturing cell walls. Kimberly address this here-

      I have also had standard blenders and when I thought they were just fine they never actually stood the test of drinking a smoothie made from a VitaMix or Blendtec. Can you get by with a standard blender? Yup! It’s certainly better than nothing. But the few years it took us to save up for our Blendtec was well worth it. And, for the record, I am incredibly frugal and the mother of many. We didn’t buy our high powered blender on a whim. Between wanting better health and having 2 little ones with a multitude of food allergies it has fast become our family’s favorite and most beneficial thing.

  • Romi

    Most of us can’t afford high end blenders. Anything else that you can suggest?

  • Maggie P.

    I coveted a VitaMix for years and when we finally saved up enough to get one I weighed my options between a VitaMix and a Blendtec. This is why we went with a Blendtec-

    1) It doesn’t have a tamper because it doesn’t need one. The tamper in the VitaMix was just a real turn off for me. The Blendtec pulls the contents down and out thus not making a tamper necessary.
    2) The Blendtec is much more compact. I can actually fit it on my countertop under my shelves.
    3) Blendtec jars are less expensive and you don’t need an extra one to blend dry ingredients. Because we are on a budget and have a lot of kids we couldn’t afford to buy multiple jars. I have a few friends with VitaMixes and they told me you really have to have that dry grain jar in order to successfully grind grains. Buying the Blendtec saved us about $150 in that regard.

    That all said I still think VitaMixes are great! But Blendtecs also do the job, are smaller, and can cost less money overall. I also find them less complicated (I have used friends’ VitaMixes in the past). However, the VitaMix has been around for a very long time and, IMO, has a better warranty. I love that the VitaMix lasts so long. Time will only tell on the Blendtec as it is pretty new still.

    Thanks for your informative blog, Kimberly! I hope my post helps others who find themselves trying to decide between the two.

    -Maggie P.

  • Maggie P.

    One thing I forgot to mention- the Blendtec certainly can take whole fruits and we fill it to the brim (the 64 oz jar) every morning with no problems at all.

  • Matt

    Hi Everyone,

    So this applies to travelers and people living over seas who do not want to pay double the price for the Vita-mix. You need to pick up a “Step down Transformer”. I’ve provided a link below so that you can have an idea what to look for. It will need to be a minimum of 3000w in order to hold a steady power draw (Vita-mix is 1380w and a minimum of double is needed). Usually these are around $100 so for the international buyers you would be able to get a Vita-mix for around $550 total (Vita-mix $450, Transformer $100).

    Kim, as someone who has worked with both machines I can tell you that you gave a great review that highlighted some of the major differences between the Vita-mix and the Blendtec- speed, control, and texture. One thing that is often over looked is that the warranty programs are very different. If anything fails on a Vita-mix within the warranty period, usually 7 years, shipping is covered both ways.

    Unfortunately that is not the case with the Blendtec. If you purchase a Blendtec through the company website you receive a three year warranty. This is important because regardless of the length of your warranty even if it fails in the first year of ownership the owner is responsible for shipping it in. Blendtec agrees to fix it if you ship it. For the Blendtec owners that are considering using the power converter to travel with it, beware if you operate it in a country other than where you purchased you void your warranty. No such limitation with the Vita-mix.

    Anyways, great job with you blog- Keep it up!

    • Stacy

      Blendtec has actually changed their warranty policy and it is now 7 years. In fact, I believe they sometimes offer it with an 8 year warranty at demo shows at warehouse stores. I don’t know if they’ve changed their shipping policies, however.

      That said, I’m a Vitamix owner. Like you, I prefer the manual controls on the VM. I still think the Blendtec is a great product – my family owns one. However, it’s often sold with the reassurance – “You don’t need a pesky tamper!” That may be true with most smoothies, but untrue for other mixtures, especially thick ones. Hence, their debut of the Twister Jar.

      Thanks for the heads up on the “step down transformer”. I was wondering what I’d need if I brought mine overseas.

  • Dianne

    I bought a Blendtec too and I love it. I think saying one blender is better than the other is ridiculous-trying to defend one blender over the other. I also have a Nutri-Bullet for traveling or when I want to just have a personal sized glass to clean and I think it would be a good beginner option. I think it may turn alot of people away from doing this program to insist they need such an expensive blender; not everyone is buying mac makeup or designer clothes to give up for the month for one of these blenders – I don’t even buy any makeup or clothes on a monthly bases. I wonder if Snyder is getting paid to push the Vitamix. The concern should be for people’s healthy not adverting and promoting a blender. Atleast the most of the advertising for Blendtec is done by the inventer himself doing the ‘will it blend’ videos.

    • Cinci Simon

      I agree that this comparison is not at all objective. The bottom line is that both work extremely well.

  • mare

    after shopping around, i decided to go for the vitamix. i hesitated for a while because it’d cost me an arm and a leg! i wasn’t too sure if i can really afford it and wanted to be realistic. then i learned that they sell reconditioned vitamix for $329 with 5 year warranty and they offer a three month payment plan! ordered mine today! will get it within two weeks. free shipping too. yay! can’t wait!!!

  • Noel

    predictive text fouled me up. i meant Viscocity. not Vicinity. And at the end Blentec not Blender .

  • Pat from Winnemucca

    There appears to have been a real attempt to compare advantages of both.
    It it totally unbiased?
    Probably not.
    I bought the Blendtec.
    It was there, I got a great price,
    If I had found a similar deal on a vitamix from an authorized dealed I would have gone for it.
    I have only used it a couple of weeks, but I can see that it could change my life.
    That is far more important than the minor differences between the two.

  • cristine

    I just got the Vitamix Pro at Costco. If you buy it in store when they are demoing you save $200 and get the cookbook and dvd. Whole Foods never has it at that price, nor does Costco online (499). I don’t see how you could get by without the tamper, It seems shoddy that Blendt. charges an extra $129 for that. Also, the Vitamix is really loud. I can’t imagine having one any louder.

    • Diane

      I have to post my 2 cents. Having tried to get by with Oster and other (cheaper and readily available) blenders, I find the Vitamix sooo much easier to listen to. Maybe some other high end blenders are even better, of course.

      I’m a former singer who can hear above and below the normal human range. Each of us can be irritated by different higher or lower sound pitches and decibels. I find every lower priced blender that I have ever heard has a much louder, high pitched sound than a Vitamix. Everyone in my family finds that too irrating. Those blenders just sit around unused.

      We were lent a Vitamix 5000 to use after I had oral surgery. We have been using the Vitamix without people running away to other rooms. I had been wanting a Vitamix and had been trying to find out how about their sound levels. I was only able to check them out thru people’s online videos. They sounded reasonable online – but mic placement can make a difference. But they really do have a reasonable sound level – at least for everyone in my family.

    • Matt

      Christine a simple tip to help with the sound is to place the machine on some cabinet liner or a mouse pad. Some of the sound is from the vibration and reflection off of the hard surface. Just be sure not to enclose the entire machine as he fan vents air out the side- you can actually feel it. Good luck.

    • Brad

      If you want a tamper for a Blendtec, you can buy a wooden one ( safer than plastic) on eBay for less than $15. This review is somewhat biased for Vitamix ( reads like a paid advertisement) that downplays the convenience of automated controls for home use. Even Vitamix is moving in that direction, but Blendtec has been doing it for years. Professional chefs with years of experience may enjoy the manual controls of Vitamix for their own recipes ( an ego thing), but the average busy person in the home kitchen loves to push a button and let the machine run its own cycles. Both machines are more power than the average kitchen needs or uses, but it’s comforting to know you have a lifestyle changing machine ready to be harnessed.

    • Brad

      Blendtec probably doesn’t feature a tamper for legal and liability reasons. The patented Vitamix tamper has a safety collar that will not allow the tip of the tamper to hit the blades. If Blendtec provided a tamper with that feature, it would probably be a patent infringement. But providing a tamper without that safety feature would be a huge liability. However, wooden dowel tampers ( you can make them yourself if handy) for the Blendtec are available on eBay for around $15 – not the $129 required for the Twister jar. Just make sure you buy a wooden dowel tamper sized for the jar you use – just like Vitamix has various lengths for its different jars.

    • Cinci Simon

      Blendtech does not need a tamper since it unclogs itself.

    • Cinci Simon

      It looks like Costco now carries Vitamix all the time at $350.

  • Harshani

    Hey Kim,
    I tested 3 blenders … the vitamix, the blendtec and the Omega BL630s. My favorites in order was Vitamix at no.1 (of course), the omega BL630S and then the blendtec. I ended buying the omega because I got gift cards to Macy’s for Xmas and Macys at this time only carries Omega (they said they will get vitamixes later … but I really wanted to get a good blender ASAP). I have to say the Omega is fantastic too. For the GGS and the raw soups, juices it works so fantastic that I am so excited about this new lifestyle. You should check this out too. I understand blenders such as vitamixes are super good but out lifestyles are such that it’s hard to get anyone to buy such an expensive blender in one go. Maybe providing more than one option will help different people.

  • Simi

    Something that wasn’t mentioned was how well either of these blenders does with smaller servings or single servings even. I do not follow raw diet plans, but I am trying to eat healthier and am looking forward to incorporating more veggies into my fury via smoothies. Since I prefer to make them fresh, I prefer to make single-three servings at a time, seeing as smoothies don’t last longer than 2 days in the fridge. I also live I. A small apartment, and need something that will fit in my kitchen. Any suggestions accordingly for my above two concerns?

    • Simi

      My iPad autocorrected — should be “veggies in my diet” not my fury.

      • michael

        LOL love those fury smoothies…

  • Tony

    After a lot of consideration I bought the Blendetc. My reason was the control panel is easy to clean. Kitchens are messy places, and the touch panel on the BT is easy to wipe down, and the shroud on the base is seamless. Having said that, you have to get used to the button settings. I make most of my smoothies using frozen fruit and no ice. Getting the blend of frozen fruit to liquid just right is a bit of an art. I must admit I envy the pusher and the dial setting feature on the Vitamix. I have however adapted, and get good results.

  • Melissa

    I’m living in Cambodia, currently, and am wondering if the Vitamix can run on the power here- which runs on a max of 250 volts as opposed to the 110 in the US. We brought ours with us and I just don’t want to ruin it! I tried to find a comment that addressed this and couldn’t find it, so forgive me if I am asking something that was already answered! Thanks!

    • Matt

      You need a 3000w step up/ step down transformer. I might even go to 4000w as you mentioned 250v not 220v. These a typically made for power tools. Good luck.

  • jan

    Had the Vitamix. Made a green smoothie and didn’t hold the pusher strongly enough and my smoothie is all over my kitchen ceiling. Very hard to drink from there, even with a straw. Created great soups and smoothies, however, had trouble with thicker items like hummus or if I wanted extra kale or collards in my drinks I had to add more liquid. Also, the ridge inside the jar made it a little harder to get all the mixture out. Going to try the Blendtec as no pusher is involved and no interior ridge. Instead of staying to change the speeds for the perfect texture, I could just push the Blendtec button once again and walk away again, should I need it more smooth. The noise may be a problem, but we will have to see. Will update once I can compare the two. P.S. Any good suggestions for finding the Blendtec in a U.S. or Canadian store instead of on line?

    • Matt

      I’m gonna have to question the authenticity of this comment. Unless the lid is completely off it is not possible to shoot liquid to the ceiling in a Vitamix as you described. The domed lid prevents it and when the tamper is being used the shape is tapered and has a large lip which prevents anything from escaping. You never hold the tamper down to use it- in actuality you push food towards the blade and remove the tamper. Even then the force is not enough to redecorate the ceiling. This comment seems like a veiled ad as no customer notices the lip difference on the containers. So let me add a few things that most customers look over prior to purchasing-

      Consumer reports- Vitamix 4 of top 6 spots including #1…. Blended #13, #14. Behind Breville, Ninja, Kitchen Aid. Not in top 10 since 2010.

      Commercial market: Vitamix= more than all other blender companies combined

      Warranty: Unparalleled. 7 year Full Warranty with 2 way shipping included. Blendtec 8 year limited shipping customer responsibility

      Things you don’t see: -Costco dropped Blendtec roadshow Sep 2012, Blendtec is not used on the cooking network-WTF?, Blended is not 3 horsepower as many reps say- US electrical outlets can not handle 3 hp, You probably dont know but should know the Blendtec manual says “Warning, do not blend hot liquids or other hot ingredients”. Also from manual “Do not fill past capacity marked on jar”- usually about 1/2 the actual size of the jar. This is available from their website.

      I am biased. I own both machines and it is not a competition if you own both. Try doing a smoothie without liquid in Blendtec. Try my favorite ice cream- 1 cup mixed nuts 1/4 c honey 2 cups ice- Sorry cant do it in a blendtec. Make your own Power Bars- sorry cant do it A Blendtec is much better than a normal blender but IS NOT CAPABLE of doing what the Vitamix is capable of doing. The price difference is negligible but the warranty difference and performance is huge. Independent magazines, Dr Oz, Oprah, the majority of restaurants in the US they can’t all be wrong. Don’t fall for the hype- ie it blends iPhones- so does my lawnmower. As a demonstrator recruited by #13 I did research and ultimately waited to work with Vitamix because I believe that it is a superior product. If you are on the fence go to a blendtec demo- ask them to do a demo without liquid- ask them to show you the warranty- read consumer reports online one model #14 Blendtec- not considered a buy by the magazine. Call a few jamba juices. Goto a demo and Try to find someone who has had a blendtec 5 years, 10 years- do the same with Vitamix. I did this and it was an obvious choice. Buy one and if you dont like it buy the other. Marketing is powerful and they have an amazing marketing department but do your own research. If you have questions feel free to respond to this and I promise to offer biased but factually correct information. Ps Kim love your site and your recipes in the Vitamix Savor recipe book!!!!

      • http://na Wayne

        I just got my Blendtec from Costco. They never dropped them…not sure what you are referring to. I absolutely love it too.

    • Cinci Simon

      I had a Vitamix for 6 years and sold it when I met the Blendtec. I liked that I did not need a plunger because Blendtech unclogs itself. I also liked the small size of Blendtec alot better. I got my Blendtech at Costco on one of their roadshows about 4 years ago.

  • Brent

    Honestly, I’ve tried both and prefer the Blendtec. It is so much easier to clean. Both do the same thing… blend to a high level of awesomeness. Have been using my Blendtec daily for six years now with no regrets!

  • kitchen water filters

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  • Kristi

    Which blender is best for hummus, making your own rice & almond milk, and blending whole nuts to nut butter?

  • Dana

    Which lower cost is better Blendtec® Tabletop Total Blender or Vitamix® TurboBlend 4500 Blender? I can not justify or swing $500 for a blender but $375 is more reasonable. Can i do all things needed, GGS crushing seeds and making nut butters?

  • Erixpc

    Paid full price for a Vitamix 3600+ back in 1981. It was used a lot for grinding brown rice and red wheat kernels into flour. The cutting blade mount finally broke in 2008. Unfortunately, Vitamix no longer services this model and that particular part is no longer available. Didn’t want to pay full price again so I picked up another complete Vitamix 3600+ that was barely used on Craigslist for a $100. Make sure to check for any side to side play and spline wear in the blade mount. Run away if it does. This one was in perfect shape. Also tested it out by crushing a bag of ice through it before sealing the deal. Now I’ve been using it to pulverize hickory and apple wood chips to use in my electric food smoker. I highly recommend a pre-owned stainless steel Vitamix especially the 3600+ or 4000 models if you can find one. Cheers!

  • Charissa

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  • Jason and Leonie Mayne

    Has anyone tried the optimum blenders?

    • GlowingMissy

      Hey Jason, I use an Optimum 9400, got it from a company called Froothie and it’s the best blender by far. The specs are very impressive, faster, stronger and not as noisy as a Vitamix or Blendtec, it has 6 long blades that pulverize anything you throw in. A very heavy duty piece of machinery, I would strongly recommend it. It’s owned by an Australian company, not sure if they are available in the States, got mine in the UK. Hope this helps, I think you should go for it if you’re looking to buy a high-end blender, you won’t look back

  • Emma Jade

    ” If you put away $150/month (buy a few less items of clothing a month!), you will be able to get your Vitamix in only a few months’ time. No pair of stiletto heels or Mac makeup brush will make you look more beautifully glowing from within than your daily Glowing Green Smoothie.”

    This is exactly the justification behind my Vitamix purchase – I usually spend a little amount per month on myself, clothes, makeup etc, but I realised I would be glowing much more than any makeup could provide, or nice dress could make me feel, so I put all that on hold and purchased my Vitamix to start glowing from the inside out! Makeup and clothing can wait until I’ve lost a heap of weight! So excited to blend all of my beautiful organic produce into glowing green smoothies!

  • Beth Terry

    I know this is an old post, but I wanted to mention — to all the people concerned about the plastic container — that there is a petition up on to ask Vita-Mix to bring back the stainless steel pitcher, which they originally came with, for those people who don’t want to be exposed to the chemicals in Eastman Tritan Copolyester. Endocrinologists have learned that nearly all plastics leach hormone-disrupting chemicals — even those labelled BPA-free.