East vs West Medicine


Ever wonder the difference between Eastern and Western medicine? There are positives and shortfalls of both. Check out this interesting comparison, below:

East vs West Medicine

From: HealthExecNews.com



Last updated: Saturday, July 28, 2012
  • http://jianiteo.com Jia Ni

    Very interesting infographic, Kim!! This is why I think that it is SO important that we learn about ancient and traditional medicine from all the different cultures in the world. Ancient wisdom is amazing. :) xx

  • http://www.stilettosandgreenjuice.com Lyn

    Hi Kimberly,

    Great post. I am a huge fan of eastern medicine. It helped me overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other ailments over the years.
    I do have a question for you, if you have the time to answer….

    My brother studies Chinese medicine and recently I had a treatment with him. My IBS has been playing up a bit since I started drinking the Green smoothie each day. Now the smoothie makes me feel amazing and my skin glows but it has had a negative effect on my tummy (not majorly but enough to notice). My brother said in Chinese medicine they tell their patients to avoid raw foods. He thinks I should stop.

    What do you think? It seems that everyone has different opinions on nutrition and eastern seems to be all about eating warm food, especially if you have liver/spleen deficiency (Chinese med term)

    I am confused! I refused to give up my salads and smoothie but I am just cutting back to having the smoothie every second day and having steamed vegies at night.

    • Jolie Hornyak

      Lyn, I have been having the same issues! Love the results of my GGS for my skin, mood….but my stomach is off a bit. I have been going to an acupuncturist who said not to drink a cold smoothie (made ahead of time and refrigerated) first thing in the morning. Hmmm….so I try to make them fresh and drink them warm but that is not really time conducive! He also said I was protein deficient and need to eat red meat for my blood type O+. Not what I wanted to hear. I think the most important thing to do is listen to your body….no 2 people are the same..I am playing around with the ingredients of my GGS as maybe I am having a reaction to one ingredient !

    • Anita

      I just saw this post. My 17 y/o daughter has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (I posted above). I am trying to help her get her life back. Can you share what you did, practices, books? Thanks so much!

  • http://anitadebauch.com Anita

    In your article on raspberry ketones you say that claims cannot be made about them without solid scientific evidence to back them up: controlled double-blind experiments whose results are peer-reviewed by scientific experts, rather than mere anecdotal evidence, which can be subjective and biased. Does the same principle apply to Eastern medicine, and if so, where is the hard evidence (not just anecdotal) for its efficacy?

  • http://www.fedebelle.com Lindsay

    Thanks for posting this, Kim :-) You have truly hightened my interest in learning about the differences between eastern and western health practices. Keep inspiring!
    Much love, Lindsay

  • Herb

    Great comment Anita. The graphic on East vs. West is way too simplified. My doctoral research included an extensive review of acupuncture trials. The results just aren’t that great. Sure, some people have dramatic results but not consistently. There will be a trial that shows a measurable effect but this isn’t a lifelong cure for headaches! What might help is if people changed their lifestyle along with traditional forms of healing. In my experience, the lifestyle change did more. People go to an alternative medicine practitioner and get told to stop eating all the bad stuff they are eating. If they replace it with better stuff they have rather dramatic results. If the person also sticks a few needles in them they say “I had acupuncture and I got better.” Was it the acupuncture or the lifestyle change? I vote for the lifestyle change because study after study on acupuncture consistently shows marginal results. The typical criticism from acupuncturists is that Traditional Chinese Medicine isn’t just acupuncture. It is lifestyle, diet, exercise, etc. The needle part is just one part. In a Cholera outbreak in Hong Kong around 1910, the British tracked the results from British medical treatment vs. Traditional Chinese Medicine. From memory, something like 35% of the “medically” treated folks survived and something like 65% of the the Traditional Chinese Medicine group survived–traditional beat modern! Another study showed that 40% of people untreated survived Cholera. Now, 100 years later, the results for TCM are the same BUT the western medically treated group the survival rate in in the 90% group. So, western medicine improved and TCM stayed just the same. This trend will continue in to the future. If we pick and choose and compliment with lifestyle changes but use Western Medicine for emergency care and proven treatments, we will have good results. If you just through drugs at everything, the results are terrible.

  • Sundee Leiby

    I have your beauty and detox book, read straight through, been doing the new way of eating,,, Love it!!!!!! I can see a difference already…… But please tell me what or give me a name, i’m having trouble finding which PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT is a good one, there are just too many to choose from….. Thanks for the new way of life, pictures will follow in time…… Sundee

  • http://www.TheHealthyApple.com The Healthy Apple

    Thank you for this post. Eastern Medicine saved my life and I am forever grateful. Thank you for this wonderful post! Happy Holidays.

  • Anita

    Kimberly, I need help for my 17 year old daughter who was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in July. We are reading your Beauty Detox book and taking the supplements, eliminating dairy and meat. Her diarrhea has subsided, but she is still pretty thin. Please provide suggestions. Thank you very much.

  • Emily

    Kimberly –
    I bought your book about a month ago. I have read through it and cannot wait to start. I live an hour from the nearest town and it has taken me some time to get everything together. I am getting my sprout kits in the mail along with my seeds tomorrow and I am so excited!
    I have quite a personal problem that I cannot seem to get under control. I am pretty certain that I have candidiasis pretty bad and that may be my main problem. I have been fighting a bad case of bacterial vaginitis for about 7 months now. I tried several ayurvedic cures that worked for about a week. I even went to my doctor after 4 months (I hate taking medicines, but I just couldn’t take it) where she prescribed a cream that worked for almost a week. I started taking a vaginal probiotic but nothing has changed. My sister, who lives in Maui, and is good friends with Owen, and has met you (just thought you should know) suggested I take 2 capsules a day. I just started that today. I am just very frustrated and frankly grossed out. This is one of many reasons for starting your program. I guess I just want to know your opinion on this particular subject and maybe any additional suggestions that may help.
    with much Metta- Emily