The Truth About Raspberry Ketones


Recently, lots of you have been asking me about raspberry ketones and their ability to miraculously shrink fat. After all, it’s been getting a flurry of media attention. The dietary supplement is being touted as a number one fat loss miracle, but is that really true? Are raspberry ketones the newest weapon in the arsenal against excess fat? Can you really simply buy fat burning in a bottle?

What Is Raspberry Ketone?

Raspberry ketone is the compound that gives red raspberries their delicious smell. Scientists are also able to produce the raspberry ketone compound in a laboratory. The amount of raspberry ketones in supplements is significantly higher than eating raspberries by themselves.

How Raspberry Ketone Manufacturers Claim it Helps Weight Loss

raspberry_ketone_side_effectsAccording to manufacturers’ claims, raspberry ketones regulate the hormone adiponectin, which tends to be present at lower levels in people with obesity than those without it. Some studies show that increasing adiponectin levels may help treat insulin issues such as type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome by increasing insulin sensitivity. Insulin resistance is a key factor in obesity, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Raspberry ketones may also regulate norepinephrine, which can cause a slight rise in body temperature.

Nothing New about Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketone supplements have been around for years. In fact, they’ve been marketed internationally since the 1960s. Instead, it’s all the hype that’s new as manufacturers attempt to cash in on people’s willingness to try anything to lose weight.

Raspberry Ketone Studies

The claims about raspberry ketones seem to arise from two small-scale rodent studies. In the first study, researchers demonstrated the substance’s effectiveness in suppressing fat accumulation in male mice. In a second, which was conducted on a small sampling of mice, raspberry ketone appeared to prevent fat accumulation in mice fed a high fat diet. Thus far, no human studies exist showing the effectiveness of raspberry ketones for fat loss in humans, although anecdotal evidence seems to suggest it may be helpful in some cases.

How Do Rodent Studies Translate to Humans?

According to Johns Hopkins Medical, mouse and human genomes are about 85 percent the same, which is why mice are so often used as an initial base for studying human biology, genetics, and disease. This means that some findings in rodents will be consistent with findings in humans while others won’t. Ultimately, the best determination of how successful a supplement will be in humans can only come from carefully controlled, peer-reviewed, scientific human studies. Raspberry ketones have yet to meet this standard. The rodent studies are not backed up by solid human studies, nor has this unregulated substance been studied in humans to determine contraindications and potential side effects.

What about Anecdotal Evidence?

do raspberry ketones workWhile scientific studies are objective, anecdotal reports cannot be considered objective evidence because they are based on subjective human reporting. Such evidence can be affected by hype, expectations, and confirmation bias, rendering it not necessarily valid. Anecdotal evidence may be an excellent basis for forming a testable hypothesis, but only controlled scientific human study can determine a true correlation between raspberry ketones and weight loss.

No positive correlation can be established between raspberry ketones and human weight loss at this time.

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Other Claims

In the wake of raspberry ketones’ recent media success, some manufacturers are adding other claims to their product, as well. One that I have seen quite a lot is that the raspberry ketones are anti-aging. While it is true they contain antioxidants that fight free radical damage, it’s a big stretch to call them an anti-aging miracle. If you want to fight aging, eat a superior plant based diet with natural antioxidants, and that doesn’t leave a lot of clogging waste in your body. Don’t just try to buy it solely with a pill.

Little Control

The FDA rates raspberry ketones as GRAS (generally recognized as safe); however, the agency has not tested nor does it support any of the weight loss claims made about raspberry ketone. Many manufacturers also include other ingredients in their supplements, such as norepinephrine (which can raise blood pressure), hoodia, capsaicin, caffeine, and other possible thermogenic (fat burning) ingredients. These ingredients may have a host of negative, and possibly dangerous, side effects.

Raspberry Keytone Side Effects

raspberry ketone side effectsNot included in the hype are the potential dangers of raspberry ketones. Because they regulate the body’s release of norepinephrine, it causes a spike in body temperature that may also lead to a temporary metabolic increase. Unfortunately, along with raising body temperature, norepinephrine can also raise blood pressure and heart rate. People with diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure, COPD, and asthma should all avoid raspberry ketones, which may aggravate the above conditions.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line on most miracle products touted for weight loss — including raspberry ketones — is that they are gimmicks. I don’t like gimmicks. While so many people would rather buy a supplement rather than change what they eat, there is no “miracle pill” for weight loss, and spending your money on such is, at best, a waste of money. At worst, these pills can have side effects and unregulated ingredients that can harm your health.

The best way to lose weight, keep it off, and be healthy is to eat a diet of whole, natural foods in moderation and get regular exercise. You don’t need to join an expensive gym – you can take a brisk 30 minute walk five days per week or develop a home yoga practice.

While rodent research may appear promising on raspberry ketones, it is far from conclusive. No human studies exist that can back up these claims. Don’t waste your money on a gimmick without proven effectiveness verified by large-scale controlled scientific human studies.

Beyond Weight Loss

raspberry ketone reviewsWhile I understand the desire to lose weight, there is no miracle product that is going to make that happen for you. Losing weight should be part of an overall program for better, more vibrant health. Even if a miracle product could actually help you melt away pounds effortlessly, if you continue to eat processed foods, sugar, and chemicals, then you will see very little improvement in your health. The Beauty Detox System provides a program that focuses on your good health, with weight control and increased beauty as the inevitable result. Eating whole natural foods and living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to improve how you look and feel.

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Last updated: Friday, June 26, 2015
  • barbara

    thanks for Information. Just about anybody in my neighborhodd bought those.
    Wasting money. same many of my patients ask the same about raspberry k etones
    I tell them they don’t work and my advice to all my patients is , exercise, eat healthy and stay away from Junk Food and any other man made chemical processed food/,
    But Media and Marketing are 2 powerful tools and people who are desperate for loosing weight ,will try /believe anything.

    • chimp

      sour grapes, they totally work! ive lost 2 sizes, and i eat alot less plus hav more energy and look younger! just dont take more than 200mg a day, on an empty stomach and not less than 5hrs b4 bedtime. they r a revelation!

  • linda wilcox

    I do not think Rapberry keytones is a healthy way to weight loss? Would that interfere with insulin?Also a rise in body temperarure is associated with thyroid menopause and mosltly DEADLY of all production of too many hormones which is headed for the terrible HOT FLUSHES during menopause. LOTS OF CONTRAVERSARY to say the least..

    • yolanda

      this post is for linda wilcox actually this pill really does work if u are taking insulin you should be exercising any way and not depending on a pill for weight loss take a little advice into consideration

  • BeckyBee

    Great piece! I totally agree with your conclusions. Hormonal imbalance in any direction, whether the hormones are considered “good” or “bad”, can wreak havoc and prevent natural homeostasis. Using supplements to artificially raise the levels of metabolic compounds may temporarily get results but, if the root cause of your suppressed hormone production isn’t addressed, the body is going to eventually over-compensate in some other way to counteract those gains! Sorry! The best path to balanced hormones (and ideal weight) is cleansing, nutrition, grounding, exercise, and emotional health!

  • Marina

    You should do blog on those who believe in African Mango. I hate the factor that people think a pill will help lose weight!

  • Carol

    I am confused. Dr oz says they burn far. Why would he support something that is not true

    • Adam

      Because he is getting paid something to endorse the product from a particular manufacter and thus adding the silly hype that anyone can lose weight just by sitting on their butts!

  • Shari L

    It’s interesting to see you disagree with Dr Oz, who’s show you’ve appeared on several times, and im sure he’s someone you admire. I say this only because it’s refreshing to see someone not just blindly follow a mentor, tv star, etc. It IS confusing though, as Dr Oz is, most times, spot on. Im a nurse and don’t ever buy into all the hype, etc regarding most “diets” and the latest weight loss craze, so now with your article and the episode I saw of his regarding ketones, I have things to ponder!!!

    • ivy lagrana

      In response to shari,kimmy and carol regarding Dr. Oz. I totally agree with you guys, in fact in the very early stages of his show he was truly interesting but I noticed lately that it seems he became like one of those ads …goes with the fads, he should realize that the public have great faith in anything he says this is really disconcerting that Kimberly which I truly admire is disagreeing in some of his ideas.I’ve seen that episode too regarding ketones.

      • Victoria

        I totally agree what you say about dr.oz. I am so disappointed with his show lately as he had done some good ones at the very beginning. He contradicts himself and sells unproven claims. He needs to realize that he became his own enemy. I wnt him to teach people that there is no magic pill, and stop selling some gimmicks. He is so hollywood these days. So disappointing!

        • yolanda

          your opinion really does not matter anyway because he is getting paid you are not so he is doing what he does best selling a product what about you

  • Kimmy

    Hey Kimberly,

    I am a big time fan of yours and wanted to hear your thoughts on green coffee extract. I just watched Dr. Oz last night and he seemed to promote green coffee extract as a new “miracle pill” for all body types. In addition, Starbucks is promoting their new Refreshers that are made with green coffee extract. Do you view this as just another fad, or do you believe this is a great supplement to include in your diet, in addition to a raw vegan lifestyle?

    Forward looking,


  • Jennifer

    Hi Kimberly –

    Speaking of raspberries, I need some help!! I was absolutely blown away by your book and have followed your health and eating advice carefully for almost 1 year. I felt better in some ways, but despite my best efforts, I still felt terribly gassy and bloated and even constipated. I now am discovering that I have a fructose malabsorption issue. Apples, Pears, Avocados, Beets, etc etc – many of the things I love are what have been causing me such agony. I really would love to continue to stick with your plan as closely as I can. Any chance you could address the fructose malabsorption issue in a future blog?? I’ve had to go back to eating some animal products to get my digestive system healthy…..I’m so conflicted but must admit that I actually do finally feel better. Still, I haven’t eaten any fruit in a week and only certain veggies. It’s so tough.

    Thanks for your help!

    Jennifer in MN

  • Maureen Moran

    Hi Kimberly,
    Love your book and I have been very successful in loosing weight and feeling much healthier. I also appreciate all the information on the website and check it regularly.
    One comment I would like to make is that all the images of women that are used look to be young and a very particular body type and anglo. Would love to see images of women used of different ages, body shapes and ethnicity to really reinforce that women are beautiful at any age, from any background and with different body shapes.
    Cheers, Maureen

  • Rosemary Bourne

    Good to know! Thanks for keeping us informed.

  • Dot

    I got a free sampel of raspberry ketones it was for 30 days Not 1lb. lost !!! Lke you said, another gimmick Thanks for the artical on this product

    • chimp

      did u take them on an empty stomache? that is vital, i take it when i wake up early, and go back to sleep for few hrs. dont take more than 300mg a day, they r natural and wonderful!

      • L

        I thought you had to take the pills with food or just after food? Not on an empty stomach… HELP?

    • http://KimberlySnyder Kathy McKenna

      I have to say I was going to get the free trials. After reading this site and how people got ripped off by being sent more after cancellation made me change my mind. I have been through that before and won’t ever do it again if there is any such attachment to it. Also, I do have depression and anxiety and had read don’t take it if you have these as it makes you shaky and brings the symptoms on. I really realized how herbal treatments can affect one. No thank you. I will exercise and change diet.

      • joss

        i ordered the free trial too but then i realized they would charge me monthly after 14 days, i called to cancel but they told me to keep the pills, and they also told me my account was cancelled already, but i still went to change my bank account to make sure they won’t charge me anymore. i still have the pills but idk if i should take them or not

  • S

    Of course Kimberly nothing but the strategies you suggest will work for weight loss thats why you are a saint progressing to a god!!!!!!!!!! Swallow that pill.

  • Shahana

    Thank you for the information. I was taking it but have stopped after reading your article. There is also a lot of hype about Pure Green Bean Coffee Extract. What is you take on this?

  • Gabrielle Oliveira

    Hello beautiful Kim, I’d like to know what’s your advice on shakeology, I want to try it but not before your thumbs up! haha it’s pretty much like this in my life, would my guru agree, btw, each time someone asks me about the beauty detox solution, I say it’s my bible 😉

    • Gabrielle Oliveira

      opinion*** not you advice XD

  • Lauryn Doll

    Thank you for this highly insightful response to the media hype on Raspberry Ketones. I’m not a vegetarian by any stretch of the imagination; however, I’ve been seeing that weight loss, maximum natural beauty and all-around well being is done by increasing our plants and veggies in a minimally processed form in our diets, cutting back on processed foods and foodstuffs, and creating a lifestyle routine that we can maintain forever.

    My mother has type 2 diabetes, and she was very interested in learning more about raspberry ketones for weight loss and health. She also has PCOS, which, to be honest, I also have…and many doctors tell us it’s nearly impossible to lose weight with this condition.

    I have The Beauty Detox and I have been reading it. It is a great read and I love this site.

  • assumpta moloney

    i went to order the raspberry pills as a fool and had to change my credit card then as i realized you could be buying these till the cows come home. is there any scientific proof they work. people should be careful what they buy on the internet. i was such a fool i could kick myself. never again. the only true way to lost weight is diet and exercise. these manufacturers dont care about us, only profit. stupid gullible people like me would actually think that i could eat what i want and just pop a pill and lose weight. how ridiculous are some of us. you have been warned about all these gimmicky websites…..

  • Jay

    Well as the article says that there are no human studies but in the animal trials some benefits were shown…. So maybe alone the product won’t just magically melt away the pounds. But maybe with a healthy diet and excercises it can help with a greater weight loss. I might just try it

  • Graceyne

    Thanks for the info. I started the Raspberry Ketones about 3 months ago. I did lose weight and thought they were excellent due to Dr. Oz’s comments. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been nervous, hot and not sleeping. To my surprise, my normally low blood pressure is 142/85!!! I am 57. It must be the RK!

  • Athena

    I swear that Raspberry Ketones HAVE indeed helped me. They are not to be the main method..but to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise and I have noticed a quicker weight loss and I feel better. Try Lisa Lynn’s accelerator product with raspberry ketones! Awesome. Dr. Oz has m y complete respect and if it is on his works…so do the green coffee bean extract pills I have been taking! The weight is melting off!

    • Jaemi

      Athena, how do you take these 2 supplements at the same time? Together, spread them out? Thanks for your testimonial, do you have a specific brand you like?

    • Waltraud

      so sad that some people have so much belief and adoration for good Dr. Oz. So far , many of us have tried several supplements that he advertised on his show, and nothing worked for any of us.

  • Annie

    I was desperate to lose weight for a special Halloween party so for a month I cut my calories and exercised 6 days a week, every day if I could. I was rigid with my diet. I was also using the Raspberry Ketones because I had heard Dr. Oz said they would melt the fat. I gained ten pounds!!!! How the heck did that happen? I was doing everything right because I wanted to look good and I gained weight!! I am so angry!!!! I stopped the ketones because that was the only new thing I added to my lifestyle.

    • Linda

      You say you cut calories, added exercises, and started the ketones. You made 3 changes, not one. It is possible you cut too many calories, causing you to gain weight.

      • joya

        Come on Linda,this is not true!!You must add exersice and a noutritional diet-and not a restrict diet- in combination with Raspberry Ketones!!It’s a rule,if you want to see results..In the case of Annie, i really can’t imagine what went wrong!!

      • tiara

        Have any of you considered what you’ve gained is lean muscle? You need to do more research on your works too!

    • Dimi

      Hello, did you manage to lose the weight after you stopped taking the ketones? I have the same problem but thankfully I realised it before gaining too much weight but still, now I have even more weight to lose and I’m going ton holiday in 17 days, will I be able to lose weight now that O stopped taking them? Thanks, pleaaase answer!

    • maia

      Hello Annie, I thought I was crazy when I saw my weight after taking raspberry ketone for one week. I gained 10 pounds, which is weird because I’ve been taking Zumba classes, follow a rigid diet and taking 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills before dinner time….I even thought that was something wrong with my scale and when to get a new one…. I’m very upsel with the results.

      • KScott

        My brother-in-law just took off 15 pounds in about 3 months–and he swears it had a lot to do with RK–along with skipping the french fries. He doesn’t really exercise and wasn’t someone I would have considered overweight in the first place. While there is no doubt–that eating right and regular exercise is the key to losing weight and overall good health–I decided to buy a bottle from Walgreens–and have been taking them for the last couple of weeks. I watch what I eat and exercise 3 to 4 times a week and I have noticed a tightening of my belly and thighs with this product–and I think it is related to RK. I will keep taking them for the next couple of months and get back with you on the results. So far, I am happy with it.

    • John

      The only way to gain weight is to eat more than you burn period.

      • linda

        no john thats not the only way to gain weight , i started taking the pill and that triggered my weight gain 30kg in 6 months , my diet never changed and my exercise also never changed , the only thing that changed was it pill which triggered a hormone imbalance , nothing to do with diet or exercise in my case

      • KScott

        Very true–but I do think we all tend to accumulate Cortisol levels in our blood stream which induces the craving for more carbs that usually end up around the belly and other areas of the body that store fat. While certainly eating healthy and consistent regular exercise helps–there has to be a way to put a dent into the cortisol level of the bloodstream. I have noticed over the last two weeks with RK that I don’t have the cravings that I had before. I can work out hard–can come home and not feel like I have to empty the refrigerator.

        Here is a good article about Cortisol levels in women:

        A study has revealed that women are more prone to stress related eating habits and end up gaining more weight. Another study has showed that high body mass index was found in adults who eat more in response to stress. Additionally stress eaters are found to consume alcohol more often, which ultimately affects your health.

        The reason behind this health affecting issue related to stress is the result of a stress related hormone called Cortisol. When one is in stress, the high amount of Cortisol is released in the blood stream. Receptors for Cortisol are located in your abdomen, which ultimately triggers fat storage, thereby increasing your body fat.

        Additionally, excess Cortisol may also affect the metabolism of your body and supports the weight gain process. Whatever may be the reason, the tendency to eat high fat food may cause a vicious cycle of poor food choices. Women, who eat more, have shown increased Cortisol activity and greater preference to sweets.

        As for now, we are certain about the connection of Cortisol with weight loss plans; there are many pills available in the market that can be taken to control the weight gain because of Cortisol. However, it is a fact that no pill can replace the healthy plans for your weight loss regime.

        Interestingly, as lack of emotional support is so directly associated with the tendency of stress-eating, it is important that you build your own network to suppress the stress. This could mean that you can join a support group or in person weight loss program. Furthermore, instead of looking for something to eat, the best solution is to indulge in other options like talking to your friends, walking or exercise. A burst of activity can help you overcome your appetite.

        There are various ways that can help you cope up with stress-eat disorders. Experts have assured us that regular exercise is the effective way to beat stress and therefore, help you sustain your weight loss regimes. It not only helps you regulate Cortisol levels, but also helps alleviate depression and achieve better sleep at night.

        Consider doing relaxation exercise that will lower your anxiety. Some of the common relaxation exercises are guided visualization, deep breathing and meditation. Try these and combine these with other activities like tai-chi or yoga.

        Get enough sleep; if you are not taking proper sleep, it will directly affect your weight loss efforts. Researchers have shown that there is a great connection between lack of sleep and increased weight.

        You can also maintain a dairy to mention your eating habits. In this, you can mention the intake of food and beverage intake along other notifications. This thing will help you think about eating habits.

  • Nancy Nasfell

    I just tried Rasberry Keytones for the 1st time two days ago. I have had 2 days of diarrhea, horriblegas and cramping. That’s it for me. I won’t be taking them again. Has anyone had this experience?

    • Leslie

      My stomach got hard and bigger while taking these..I am done!

    • Linda

      I did take one before eating instead of during eating and had the same effect as you describe. However, taken with or just after eating, I do not have this problem. I made sure I purchased Ketones with no additives. This is not a miracle drug and I did not expect it to be one, but it has boosted my metabolism a little, I have gone from losing a pound a month to a pound a week..

    • Wendy_G

      Hey Nancy…
      I was taking this product called weight off/Rig, which is a combination of Raspberry Keytones, African MAango and Green Coffee bean extract, and had the same problem. I wasnt sure which one of them was making my tummy upset, I assumed it might’ve been the green coffee bean, cos Coffee does that to me sometimes.. But I called in the company that makes em (Biogetica), and talked to one of their doctors. They said that it was fairly common, and does cause diarrhea because of the metabolic boost in some people, and they reccommended I take the keytones in the kit with LHD Pro diuretic, that keeps your stomach balanced and also keeps you from retaining water… So I ordered the Kit, and have been taking the pills for about two weeks now, and my stomach feels fine. I hav’nt weighed myself as often, but I think the combination, which is all natural, has definitely improved my work out, in terms of being more energetic and alert while I’m in the gym and I definitely feel a lot more fit!!

      Hope it helps.. :)

  • Jerri

    SMy mom used these for 1 week and lost 6 pounds eating as normal and minimal exercise w her 55 hr a week position. My cousin got these and also used or 1 week and lost 6 lbs. I bought 3 days ago and have lost 3 pounds. NO additional exercising or anything as I just had a baby..THESE DO WORKbut are only intended to help you reach other goals.

    • kimberly rogers

      I’ve heard a lot of the raspberry keytones work and others don’t work. Which ones did you guys take ?

  • David

    I’m almost to my goal weight, not through any crazy diet, but through sustanable lifestyle changes. I’m trying raspberry ketones just out of curousity to see if it helps speed of the last few lbs. I think they are fairly safe if you are not on antidepressants or anxiety meds, so worth trying. Following a lifestyle of healthy mindful eating and regular exercise is really the key to successful weight-loss. Anything else is just a bandaid.

  • raspberry ketone

    thank you very much for this information. it is very useful.

  • Russ

    A very insightful article and based on science rather than media hype. I have always appreciated honesty when it comes to health concerns. Diet and exercise still remains king in my book.

  • Pippo

    Andate a zappare!

  • Zebragirl

    I have tryed every kind of diet there is and so I had to try this to. I have been on this for 3 days and I have lost 6 lbs. I am loving it. It was only $10 at walmart for a 2 weeks supply and yes I have drank alot of water and lost mostly fluid and I am starting to have dirreaha but it is suppose to cleans your system so I am ready to get clensed and see how much I lose.

    • kelly

      hi – just wondering how you are making out – you are about another week in, let me know. thanks kelly

    • Meagan

      Is the dirreaha as bad as ppl say, i just purchased mine but that got me nervous of how my body may react.

    • Robin

      hey debragirl i have been on raspberry ketones for 3 days now, and i’m starting to have dirreaha too. does it go away?

    • Jayne

      I was advised by the lady in the shop to take a colon cleanser whilst taking R K, hollan & barrett sell them.

    • icanexcel

      Having diarrohea is telling you there is something wrong in your digestive system. Please reconsider your options before you get really sick

  • http://xristina xristina

    sorry for my english.. i am from greece.. i read the article and it’s so interesting.. but i am a bit confused.. shoud i take it or not? some people tell that they work, in the other hand there are a lot of people who consider that they don’t help.. what is youropinion?

    • georgios

      Χριστίνα κορίτσι μου μακρυά από όλα αυτά. Το άρθρο λέει ξεκάθαρα, αλλαγή διατροφής και ήπια καθημερινή, όμως, άσκηση η μόνη λύση.

    • pranee

      Every thing is fraud. If you listen i suggest you don’t go towards that. It has so many side affects and along that it won’t reduce any weight instead u will gain some at times.
      They will charge you every month that too 79.95 pounds even though u want to cancel i can’t for the first time.They will say it’s free trial but not actually……check terms&condition at the end of their site.

  • Lorraine

    Good. I have read some of your comments and because of this I did not anymore attempt to purchase Raspberry Ketones and its complementary diet pill.

  • Erica

    Guys, try a pill called phenphedrine. I’ve been taking it for 2 months and it works great for me. Not a “magic pill” obviously, but it does what it says it will with healthy food choices and exercise. Good luck :)

    • Leah

      I believe that’s off the market now….it’s really bad for you you shouldn’t be taking it.

  • sonia

    Ive just recieved my months trial of ketones and im quiet confused with the different opinions . But im going to give it ago any way . I will complete the months trial and will let you know how it goes

    • tara

      heey tell me what are the results so far ??
      i ll get mine soon if you could e-mail me pls

    • Karen

      Be careful if you have ordered from beyond Raspberry Ketone Plus, I noticed on the site that there will be automatic shipping at a cost of £79.95 14 days after you have ordered your free trial.

  • yalzzz

    I have taken green coffee bean extract with raspberry ketons for a week, it had no effect on my appetite or weight loss. The side effects though I have been experiencing are constipation, anxiety and nervousness. This was my first time ever I used any supplement for weight loss. It did not work for me and I feel I am jeopardizing my health. I will take the product back and will never try again anything other than clean eating and regular exercise. DONE!

  • Robbi

    I have taken these pills for a week and had a rise in body temperature. I usually have a body temperature of 35,8/35.9 and a morning i woke up with 36.5 which has lasted for a few days. I had hot shot and was always feeling warm. I dont know if these are side effects but it was really a discomfort.

  • M.Gouda

    On the bottle itself it says it is a dietary supplement , so i do not think by itself alone will help me lose weight.

    i am starting exercise and diet while taking them and wil post my results on that

    • queenie

      Raspberry ketones just all hype and bullshit! I end up in emergency room after a week 0f taking it with increased BP and HR. Never had one before…stay away from it before it kills you.

  • Caitlin

    I have been taking Bio Nutrition Raspberry Ketones since Christmas Day, so almost 2 weeks now and I have noticed a change in my appetite. Only slightly though. I seem to get full faster and don’t get cravings like I used to. Also, I have noticed that my belly area is a bit smaller! (my belly is my problem area). I have felt a little gassy lately but, being a woman, that happens every month! I have NOT started any diet much differently than my diet before taking the ketones. I still eat what I used to before (healthy for the most part- some junk food here and there), just less. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks of taking them, as only 2 weeks have gone by so far.

    • Kristi

      Caitlin – since it has been three more weeks, did you see any other progress?

  • lana

    Can anyone tell me if taking these on an empty stomach or a full one matters ?

    • Jayne

      it states on the bottle which I purchased today for the first time from holland & barrett that they should be taken with food.

    • Jennifer

      I think you’re supossed to take it before you eat a meal because it helps break the food down faster. BTW I started taking both RK and green coffee xtract for a month – no results – but when I changed my diet and started exercising did I start to lose weight. Hmmmm… pattern??? Regardless, even if it’s just a placebo (like how I think airborn is the miracle cold killer) I’ll still take them becaise I “feel” like their helping. Best of luck to everyone on their weight loss endever!

  • singcanary

    I have been taking Raspberry Ketone for a week now. I have had NO diarrhea or nervousness, etc. I take it 3 times a day. Brfst, lunch and dinner time WITH food please. I try to not eat fattening things and drink alot of water. I think it is a great starter in helping lose weight. I have lost 4 lbs. in 6 days. …I also made sure I bought a good product. Mine bottle has 125mg. of raspberry ketone. I also found that I feel more energetic and do not tire as easily. I heard that it boost the metabolism and it seems to be working thus for for me. Buy from a reputable brand. I will be adding exercising to my regime which will help boost the raspberry ketone. By combining alittle exercising and eating right with the ketone will aid it is ability to work faster or just work for you. It seems to be working thus far for me. Remember, make sure you get an authenitic brand …mine cost $35 to $40 a bottle.

    • eli

      Can you tell me what brand you bought?

    • Colleen

      What brand are you taking please?

    • olga

      Can you tell me what brand is it?

  • she she

    i have been taking raspberry ketone pills with the pure coffee bean extract every morning before a good breakfast. i have 3 kids and my weight had been.staying at 140 for the longest. i started taking the pills and right now im at 130 pounds. these pills do work. but remember u have to work out as well and have a good diet. i recommend these pills!!!!

    • alxalinm

      Believe me it’s the diet and the exercise, not the pills…

    • Richard

      So, you’ve been taking this “miracle pill”, but also eating better and doing exercise, and you’ve lost weight? Wow, amazing. Nothing to do with the eating well and doing more exercise then. Take the pill, on the normal diet you were on, with the same amount of exercise, and tell us if you lose weight! There is NO SUCH THING as a miracle cure (unless you pay loads of money to remove the fat with cosmetic surgery, and then put it all back on again because you have not learnt from past mistakes) It’s a simple equation of you burn more than you put in, you will lose weight. Put it more than you burn, you put it on. Eat healthier, do exercise and GIVE IT A CHANCE (2 weeks won’t do it people!) and you will lose weight. Keep waiting for the next miracle cure, and you’ll die early.

      • jiu jitsu stew

        totally agree. Train hard, eat well. I was thinking about taking these pills. But when I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I lost 10kg in 4 weeks! With in the run up to this, I spent 1 week eating healthy to get use to it, then the following 4 weeks of eating well and training hard made the transition easier!
        Dont hide behind your couch and moan about being overweight. Get up, get out, join a Gym or Dojo where there are other people you can mix with and train hard! If you have a busy life, or work loads, make time! I have a 40hr week at work, 2 dogs, a demanding wife and child. Yet still manage to hit up 1hr 30 of intensive training 5 days a week!

    • eliri

      thanks!!! you really helped me to make the right choice….!

  • george

    Those pills gave me cancer

    • Jayne

      your very unlucky George!!!!

    • charley


    • A

      I think a kid wrote that….sounds fishy talking about cancer..yet no lawsuit or news of such thing from a man saying this in the media!

  • george

    Those pill killed my entire family…
    I didn’t took them because i had heart pressure problems.

    • P

      How did they give you cancer if you didn’t take them?

      • lu

        How did the ‘kill’ yr family?

  • Debm444

    I have gained 3 kilo’s in 9 days unfortunately.
    I really got taken in by this “easy way to lose weight ”
    No such thing.. very disappointed !!!!!!! , now i have an extra 3 kilo’s to lose. I have actually been very careful with what i have been eating, so under normal circumstances , if i hadn’t been taking RK, i easily would have dropped at least 1/2 a kilo.

    • Ang

      So pleased you commented this, I too gained weight and felt cheated as no one else has reported this. My diet is ok, but made sure it was healthier then normal. Wanted too looses weight after having 5 children. I increased my exercise by walking everywhere instead of using the car. Gained half a stone after 2 weeks. Now it wont shift at all. It’s as if my metabolic rate has slowed right down. Not happy. Is there anyone else who has experienced this???

      • Mikey

        Why doesn`t anybody indicate the make or company name who made your product? This would help as there are many out there. Thank!

  • Eric

    I bought the Raspb. ketones pills that Dr Oz is pushing. Raspberry ketone fresh brand. Lady on phone promised that each pill had 1200 mg of actual raspberry ketone extracted from raspberries but bottle indicates no such thing. It states 1200 mg of a “proprietary formula” of several ingredients with no mention of how much is actually ketones and no mention of it being extracted from actual raspberries. After reading the truth on internet you need to understand that their terms and conditions give them all sorts of excuses to deny your request for a refund such as” providing different dates and timeframes, one sentences says “30 days from ship date”, another states 30 days of or from authorization and elsewhere I read “within 14 days of receiving”. If it says “within 30 days of ship date, that would be legit, but to say “30 days from ship date” would mean a day before or after is too early or too late. And you can’t claim refund without first calling for an authorization code. If that is not enough to convince you to put a stop payment on your credit card payment, they also added term that says they are not responsible for typos and that they can change the terms and condition at any time without notice and you have to live with whatever terms they state they changed them to such as “no refunds”. They also reserve right to turn down your refund request if they decide it is not in good faith. Legally they created all sorts of loop hole & BS excuses to not pay you back for those that paid for more than a month worth. I will call for auth. code and, whether they give me one or not, I will immediately call before paying my credit card bill to dispute the charge on the grounds that the lady that taped the phone call lied to me about the 1200 mg of actual ketones in each pill or dose even after talking to her “manager” . Will also mention the false claims and the scam regarding 7 to 8 pounds typically per week without changing your routine as they told me on phone. BUYER BEWARE. CAN’T BELIEVE A COLLEGE GRAD LIKE ME FELL FOR IT. ALSO, IF YOU GOT 1 BOTTLE THEN YOU CAN RETURN THE EMPTY BOTTLE BEFORE CARD CHARGED BUT IF YOU GOT 3 BOTTLES AT BIG DISCOUNT LIKE ME THEN YOU HAVE TO SHIP BACK THE 2 UNOPENED BOTTLES AND THE ONE EMPTY OR PART EMPTY BOTTLE TO GET YOUR FULL REFUND. WILL BE SHOCKED IF I ACTUALLY LOSE MORE THAN MY TYPICAL 2.5 TO 3 POUNDS A WEEK WHILE STARTING ANOTHER ROUND OF P90X WORKOUTS THIS PAST WEEKEND.

  • vasiliki

    hi,im from greece to.i have been taking them for A MONTH now.everything is fine.i don’t know if i will lose weight but i definately have alot more energy and just for that i like them!don’t order the ones in Greece they have caffeine and mango green tea and all.i order mine off and make sure they are pure ketones no additives.and yes of course diet and exercise is the best and only way to lose weight i agree.these may just help a bit keeping you energetic.anyway i like them :)

  • sian hogan


    I have been taking these pills (raspberry and green tea tablets) for a week and a half.
    I feel as if they at first where working,didnt notice my appetite decreasing but felt thinner but that probably a placebo effect as when i weighed myself i actually had put on weight half a stone maybe more.
    This is concerning as how could it be with me eating the same amount and exercising regularly as i do.
    I found i was bloated and not able to go to the toilet for upto a few days at a time and surely if this to get rid of fat in the food i was eating it surely would be almost more of an laxative.
    I would continue to take this but i am scarred i will end up putting on more weight which is not the deisred effect.

    stick to normal green tea which i find helps and you dont feel terribly bloated.

    did anybody suffer with this too?

    • GAIL01

      Yes i have experience severe bloating and being gassy. I am constipated. When i first took them i could see that i had lost, not by the scale, but by my clothes,,then i begin to put weight on,,it seems like im gaining instead of losing.

  • Mom of 7

    Gimmick and hype?? I COMPLETELY DISAGREE. I am 5’2″ and have been fighting the fat creep since 16 or so! Always have had to seriously watch every single thing I’d eat or else live on salads sans dressings, and th older I’d get the more cardio I’d HAVE to do just to prevent gain–I’m 47 now… I got some and began taking them really expecting absolutely nothing.. My weight had creeped from my trim 109-110 to 118, and for me that was enough so none of my good clothes fit! I was so irritated all the time and worried how much more would creep on…I have mostly stayed off sweets, starches for years– little fat except nuts, which I love. Well I negan taking 500mg 3 x daily, and I make sure I make myself slow down and sleep 8-9 hrs a night… Also at this time I was really not getting cardio at all except occasional 2-4mi walk if the temp was over 60 (I have Raynauds and shun cooler temps out…. And mind you all, when I started I was eating pretty modestly….oatmeal for breakfast w pb /stevia was about the starchiest thing I’d have all day…. And lbs began dropping off WAY faster than I think I’ve ever seen them come off my short frame, even when I was 20 yrs younger… Sometimes during the holidays I’d have a little potatoes w a meal or I even had more than one pc of pie during Christmas and thought the scale would scold me badly for that, but very surprisingly it did not…at most maybe it slowed down my loss a LITTLE…. Right now believe it or not, I’m 10-12 lb less than where I was trying to get and not on purpose, really… I am working t slowly adding in more REGULAR (not processed tho) foods so I do NOT lose anymore! I’ll continue the ketones BC I feel they are CORRECTING my metab rate, which has been screwy for so many yrs! I am adding in food (still not starch tho except sometimes sprouted wheat bread/rolls I sprout/make myself).. But I am not eating just salads all the time! Sometimes nothing else hits the spot like a good big salad, but other times I’m working to eat 2 good meals, because the ketones have, I SWEAR, done e following 3 key things for me:

    1) eliminate my appetite (seriously)
    3)raise my metAb rate so I’m burning all I eat and substantially more, by the rate I’ve seen it come off me-2lb a week, for me, was previously unheard of over the last 20yrs,and that’s including w heavy cardio 6/wk.

    I do drink lots of cold water- beginning at 5;30 am before breakfast, usually 2 tall tumblers full numerous x a day. I make pitchers of green tea and probably go thru 1.5 pitchers of that thru the day as well. I eliminated soda (one long time vice-diet soda) due to salt Nd swelling for me. I am DONE w soda AND w sugar free gum (which had been another crutch). But I find that I have tons more time to get things done around here (big family, plus homeschool!) due to great energy levels, alertness, ability to concentrate, and zero thoughts about FOOD! I don’t know what it is, but it’s like I think like my skinny roommate used to in college.. She was really thin but ate normally.. Never finished anything she wasn’t hungry for, even a dingdong. I used to think, ‘why doesn’t she eat it? It tastes good!’ But only NOW doi really understand, because I have no desire to even taste a cookie ( and cookies were always my worst downfall plus I constantly bake for my many kids)… It’s not thati’m ‘resisting them well’, but that I’m not even interested…so it’s not just blocking my appetite, but making me view food totally differently, too. I was 97 this morning! I set a plan to eat especially more today to keep from dropping more (like I said, I’m very small boned but would rather hang at 107 than 97!!) and hopefully bring it up more, but honestly I do not feel like I want another bite of anything today!

    It ain’t a gimmick. I got mine (no other active ingredients in them) via Amazon w Prime shipping. I have had ZERO negative effects whatsoever, but recall I drink plenty water, green tea, eat out very infrequently (!!) and mostly select whole food type stuff I prepare myself, or any baked stuff I ever eat is made by me crap ingredients, no soda, no gum.. I take vitamins too:
    One a day
    3 mag/cal/zinc
    50000mg d3
    Borage oil
    Daily,and the only oils I use here are EVOO, organic coconut oil, reall butter!

    I get tired of reading people saying, ” it doesn’t work!’ If it doesn’t work it’s the fault of Americans addicted to eating NON-FOODS, preservatives, energy bars (honestly–that is not what your body wants—it is candy)… I use only stevia- NO SUGAR ALCOHOLS… What am I missing…. ? I had to buy all new jeans from my smallest, ones, which were pretty damn small already. I FEEL ENERGETIC AND GREAT.. Checkup is good– bp, hr, blood numbers… I am super active in my housework, errands, occasional a little fast walking jogging on treadmill, and I’ve only. Recently vowed to stick more in so I keep my muscle tone.. Also I use arm weights.

    Good luck!

    • Ann

      What brand are you taking and what website did you order from?

    • sophia

      Mom of 7 I have just one question. Where did you get the ketones?

    • A

      This long of a email….sounds like someone who works for Raspberry Ketone companys wrote this!

      Plus I’ve been on green coffee bean extract PURE…pills…..Which DOES actually work!

      The ketones I ordered too…as advice of Dr Oz……no change in weight in 30 days! When I started the green coffee bean pills after, I did get energy to finally go excercise and got full quicker. I lost 4 pounds in a month. I have not changed my food….just excercise 2-3 times a week…30 mins.

    • Alisa manning

      Why no gum

    • Colleen

      Sounds great, but what is the brand name you are taking. No one ever lists the actual brand name.

    • Joshua0531

      I would like to add…

      Fats from nuts, and EVOO and avocados… these are all good fats that your body can use. It’s not the same as steak fat or trans fat or the fats that are in candies and junk food. You body can actually use these nuts and oils and fruit/veggie fats. They are good for your brain and heart. Learn abot nutrition. In addition to the nuts containing good fats, they are also high in proteins which are a good source of energy and help you stay “full” longer.

      The biggest problem with why people are FAT is due to nutrient imbalance… too much of one, not enough of others… for instance, too many starches, not enough proteins and vegetable. Also you must think about alkalinity. Foods that help regulate your body’s pH will help reduce your fat storage. Stay away from sugar altogether or only have it in small doses. Don’t think that since you are drinking diet soda that you are doing yourself any favors… the body still activates insulin and you still get blood sugar spikes from artificial sweeteners.

      Learn about your food! did you know that ounce for ounce, white bread contains more sugar than jelly beans. and Most of your processed fruit juices are artificially flavored and packed full of sugar. Eat the fruit and drink more water. Drink water 30 minutes before and after a meal. Drinking before helps you eat less since you will be a little full from the water and drinking a glass 30 minutes after helps flush it all down to digest it quicker.

    • Bird

      Wow, you are doing great! I relate to what you said, but I don’ have 7 kids to help me keep in shape. I take two, 100mg of RK, with nothing added. Seems like many are caffeinated, hence the jitters, insomnia, etc..

      I have been taking RK for two months. It has curbed my appetite and like you, I’m rarely hungry, and view food differently. I eat to live, rather than the other way around! I have type 2 Diabetes. My A1C went down 2 points, and cholesterol and other numbers are normal, and I know it is from my weight loss from the RK. I have always been skeptical about this stuff, so no one is more surprised than I that has worked for me. Maybe it won’t for others, but so far, it has sure helped me! How are you doing now?

  • Sustainable Energy

    I’ve been surfing online greater than three hours these days, but I by no means discovered any attention-grabbing article like yours. It is pretty value enough for me. In my view, if all website owners and bloggers made excellent content material as you did, the net will probably be much more useful than ever before.

  • Angela

    I have been taking this ketone stuff for 2 weeks severe hot flashes rise in body temp. I am stopping this stuff yesterday lol. Does not work sorry

    • Lolo

      Hello, I was taking Healthe trim, regular not Rk. I did get severe hot flashes and finally they stopped after 2 months, im still taking them with no hot flashes. It is a thermo booster so I guess that was a way of my body burning fat. I have lost weight but not sure how much as I have yet to get on a scale, but I can tell you I lost 2 pant sizes. The big key is drinking water, no soda, tea, coffee, can drink milk and juice with no artificial flavors.

      • Mikey

        Avoiding wheat products has helped me tremendously. Lost 20 lbs in a month. Before I went on the no-wheat diet, I previously purchased Raspberry Ketone on-line from a company called ANR (Applied Nutritional Research, LLC). Their website is Anybody else out there bought from this company, please let me know if it works or if this is fake. Thanks!

      • houze

        Coffee is a diuretic, appetite suppressant, thermogenic booster. It’s not a bad thing for weight loss. Plus without milk/sugar/etc. it has no calories.

    • Michelle

      That’s because RK is a thermogenic. Your body temp rising is what melts the fat without exercise. Combine that with exercise and you’ll be a fat fighting machine.

    • houze

      Why is it people just jump and use things without first understanding how they work?

      The rise in body temp is NORMAL (it’s a good thing!).
      It’s just like with some other fat burners.
      The Raspberry Ketones are making your body raise it’s level of Thermogenesis (the production of heat).
      When one’s body temp. rises (even 1-2 deg) they BURN MORE CALORIES. Whether they’re active, sitting at their desk or even sleeping, The rise in heat is therefore assisting in the reduction of calories consumed for the day/night, or is even helping create a caloric deficit (therefore aiding to lose weight)!!!

      Why do people not do their own research on health/nutrition/etc. so they’re educated when it comes to diet, exercise and supplementing?

  • http://Rasberryketonetablets Sadiq

    Reading all the post I am confuses should I try to I have thyroid hypo problem is it safe to use in hypothyroid please help and suggest I am 52 years old and 240lbs.

    • Jacki

      Sadiq. I have hypothyroid, and consulted with my Dr. who said it was fine to try. I take them and have no side effects.

  • Maestro

    I totally agree with your posting here. I’m glad that someone else uses hard science to help guide people through all of the marketing hype! I’m curious to see what other gems you have on your site. Good article, I’ll be sure to look around some more.

  • Noulla

    They are supposed to boost ur energy but the minute u stop, u become exhausted. Therefore u pop another pill to boost ur energy and thus, the never-ending spiral. Equally I became gassy,got diarreah and iften felt so bloated that I wanted to vomit; yes, it does stop ur appetite, but the side-effects outweigh it. And, “mom of 7” do u work for the product? I think yes.

    • houze

      No, I don’t think she does. It’s not like she’s promoting a specific brand.

  • Becca

    Currently trying out this ketone stuff, writing a blog about it, hope this will be helpful to anyone. Will be updated daily. Will let you know about symptoms etc, exercise routines and everything. Hope you find this helpful.

    • TRIONA


  • Jean

    IMO, Dr. Oz is a pill pusher, almost every show he is sportin’ some supplements and tea. If I bought all the pills and tea he shows I’d need a warehouse to store them in. DON’T TRUST WHAT HE SAYS. Then one day he says “I do not endorse any of these supplements” WELL….THAT’S WHAT YOUR DOING OZ WHEN YOU HAVE IT ON YOUR SHOW AND A MIRACLE THIS AND A MIRACLE THAT!

    • Waltraud

      I agree with ur comment 100%.
      A lot of people say~~~ Dr OZ recommends this and that, so it must work~~ well no, it almost never does.
      I personally feel like an idiot for trying quite a few supplements that Dr. Oz recommended, and so far not one of them worked, so I need to get smart and stop believing in all his advertisement .

  • Greece

    Pure bull**** . It doesn’t work . Don’ t buy . Waste of money

  • Brenda Kelly

    They have worked for me – or I should say are working, My brand is iHealth and I bought them at a supplement store. i take 2 per day – one first thing in the morning and one later in the afternoon. I have lost 7 pounds in a little over 2 weeks. I am thrilled with the results. No stomach problems, no side effects whatsoever. I eat healthy anyway and have changed nothing. It would seem they work for some and for others they do not… same as other pills/drugs etc. I used Champix to quit smoking and have been a non smoker for 4 years. Other people have tried Champix and could not stop smoking. I am just thankful I could and did. Ketones working for me… good luck everybody.

  • Alexandra

    I congratulate you, Kimberly, on your analysis of RK and the way you are warning people about all the side effects all those so called miracle pills can have on people.

    I am running a nutrition blog in Greece and I am also trying to educate people to follow a healthier way of life and take full advantage of what nature has STILL to offer us.

    Way to go,

    • Ivelina

      Hi Alexandra,

      Can you please send me the link to your blog in Greece?
      MY mum is exploring the RK option but I would much rather prefer if she makes some changes in her lifestyle.

      Thank you.

    • J. Marcuzzi

      Have been using 1 raspberry ketone with 1 green coffee bean extract per day. Now have high blood pressure.

      Have not lost any weight after 2 months. I do not overheat and do not eat too many fat foods.

  • Ines

    Hi , In late december I started taken RK the pill and yes I lost about 3 in from my waist I was 186.4lb and now 180.1 So far no side afects. I order 2 more bottles (pills) So lets see how that goes

  • Rob Spence

    When Dr OZ discussed raspberry keytones on the TV show I decided to give it a try. I work out 5 times a week and could not get rid of my gut. I was drinking beer and eating a higher fat diet. Once I nstarted taking the keytones 500mg x2 my cravings changed, part might have been physcological but I did not crave beer or fatty foods so I stopped them all together. I lost 15 lbs of fat, I weigh 200lbs and look good. I am 52 years old. My gut is gone and for the first time since I was a teenager I have definition in my abs. I will continue to eat better, work out and take 1 500mg capsule a day of PURE(not synthetic) Raspberry Keytones.

    • Kate

      I have been on Ketones since Jan
      THEY WORK!!
      so happy with the product!

    • Chris

      Please let me know which brand of key tones you take. Thanks

  • Ashley S

    Just wanted to say, with the help of ketones I lost 80lbs last year. But they don’t do it themselves, you have to watch what you eat and they just speed things along. I went from just shy of 300 lbs to a current weight of 215 or so.
    As you get smaller the weight loss slows ALOT. The more obese you are the better they work. Now I’m losing more like 5lbs a month vs upwards of 15 like when I started.
    So don’t expect any miracle, it does take work on your end. But if your willing to do it it’s well worth it.

    • Deanna

      How long did it take you to lose 80 lbs?

  • Elizabeth

    I just started my Raspberry Ketones will let you know my result in a week .

    • Chipuba

      Any news so far Elizabeth? What do you think of. Them?

    • JANE

      well be careful if u are on a free trial month as after the month they send u another month suppy and charge u £59.95 and £4.95 postage and package without ure knowledge i sent for my free trial did not want any more but they sent me some and charged me would not take them back and no refund !

  • pronvideos adult searchengines boobs

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    The clarity for your publish is simply great and that i
    can suppose you’re a professional in this subject. Fine together with your permission allow me to grab your feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks 1,000,000 and please continue the enjoyable work.

  • felicia

    Go on the atkins diet and take them that’s what I’m doing

    • Lisa

      Hi Felicia, Im so interested in knowing if the raspberry ketones help you while doing the Atkins diet.
      Give me all the details, this is exactly what I want to do.. How’s it working for you.

  • Marcus

    Raspberry Ketone is a great product and has even been recommended by Dr. Oz. But, the key to weight loss is dieting and exercise. Raspberry Ketone is great for enhancing your weight loss.

  • ben1234

    raspberry ketone powder that can be put into a capsule. This is prepared by a variety of methods from various intermediates. One of the ways this can be done is through a crossed aldol-catalytic hydrogenation, then goes through catalytic hydrogenation to produce raspberry ketone. This method produces a 99% yield. It is used extensively as vitamins, food additives, and the cosmetic industry for scent. In 1965, the Food and Drug Administration placed raspberry ketone on generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status.

  • james1234

    There exists no side effects as to the use of the Raspberry Ketone diet except for those individuals with side effects on the use of raspberries. This is mainly due to the fact that the chemical compounds found in Raspberry Ketones are natural compounds which are not associated with toxins or side effects in any particular way.

  • Berting

    I’ve just finished my third bottle. The only thing loosing weight is my wallet. They have absolutely no effect! A total waste of money.

  • Lauren

    I have been taking the Raspberry Ketone Fresh for about 2 weeks i have no side effects. Energy boost yes,but not too bad. Appetite surpression, yes. i have lost about 7lbs and HAVE NOT changed my eating habit. Im not into excersice and i guess im gonna keep trying it and hope these problems you guys are having dont happen to me. im feeling good for once and hoping i dont end up in some hospital. :(

    • mich

      Hi,I have just purchased raspberry ketone capsules from holland and barrett – do yours contain caffine? I am allergic to caffine and it doesnt say it has it in them,if it did then it would say on the lable ? How do you know the difference between pure keytones – i got mine from holland and barrett shop online ??

      • Bre

        If it is pure it should smell like raspberries once you open the bottle.

    • Brittanir

      What brand?

    • Stacy

      How’s this going for you still? I have the same brand. I tried going to the website but it doesn’t have faq that I’ve found. Am I supposed to take both pills at the same time or 1 twice a day? I took two at once and I feel nausous. please help…

  • Nina

    I took them for about a month and really did not expect them to work. I have to admit, I did lose weight, although I did not attribute it to the Raspberry Ketones at the time, I realize now they must have helped because it stopped when I stopped taking them. You will probably sell more of your book with your negative review to people who have not tried them.

  • Jenny

    Umm it works for me! I’ve already lost almost over 15 lbs with it and I just started in mid January as my new years resolution. Just watch out for the scams out there. Not all of them work. If you want to try the raspberry ketones

    • Joshua0531

      What have you done in addition to starting the RK regimen? I am interested because I keep reading how people who only take the RK are whining about wasted money, while the people who supplement their RK with better eating habits and more water and exercise are ecstatic about their results…

      So it seems to me that whether the pills are helping you out physiologically or simply giving you the mental motivation to make better decision regarding your health and food intake and exercise… then they work one way or another.


        I totaly agree…

    • Lindsay Harlow

      Which brand did you buy?

    • Kimberley

      I got my raspberry ketones from Beyond and they work a treat only you have to watch out for the monthly payments after you get your free trial through. You can email them to cancel after your 2 week trial is over though and you get a months worth from them. I use them along with nutra green coffee cleanse and they give you loads of energy. Brilliant.

    • LILI

      Wish one are you taking?

  • http://rasberrykatone amanda hinman

    i started rasbetty katone 3 weeks ago . i have noticed a difference in my clothes i have not had any side effects at all but i do feel more energised i have lost 7 pounds and so pleased with the start of the results . i am also eating healthy as i have 4 months till my wedding day befor i started them i felt pretty lazy so rasberry katones does help with energy and i feel the difference i do think it depends on the individual to get the same effect i aint had any side effects at all like i did on oilistat which i found i couldnt leave the house . good luck to everyone on here and best wishes x

    • http://rasberrykatone amanda hinman

      sorry about the spelling misake on rasbery katone

      • Joshua0531

        did you mean raspberry ketone?

    • jenn

      you lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks ? thanks amazing

    • Britt

      Which RK did you purchase?

  • Debra

    I take Prozac 20 mg daily. Is it safe to use RK with Prozac?

    • Joshua0531

      talk to your psychiatrist or to a pharmacist. They would know better than an online forum

    • LottieLoo

      It should be okay. not much interacts with Prozac (Fluoxetine), or other leading anti-depressants such as Cymbalta (Duloxetine) or Celexa (Citalopram). Obviously stop taking them if you think that your prescription drugs aren’t working as well as before, and mention that you’re taking RK to your doctor the next time you have a medicine review.

      Currently doing 3 courses of the National Pharmaceutical Assosiation (UK), training to be a Pharmacy Technician.

      Good Luck!! :)

      • Stephanie

        You should not be posting about drug interactions. As a pharmacist, many things interact with antidepressants. Cymbalta and others could potentially increase norepinephrine which can also be increased by RK. Please be cautious in taking he combo.

  • Gloria T

    Hello everyone, I’ve read many of the comments I have also noticed that people who are giving negative responses to RK do not bother to mention the brand they are taking,why is that? If, it was SO bad why not inform everyone of the bad brand that you were taking? It is VERY important to buy a good quality brand, if you did your homework, you would know that it is very important to buy the best quality brand, as cheap brands have put in synthetic chemicals in them and could be the reason you’re having such bad results. I have been on RK now for a week and have only noticed positive effects, such as an increase in energy and after day 2 it was noticeable that it was suppressing my appetite, but all in a natural way. The increased energy was natural not like I’m on some sugar kick , the suppressing feeling the same way, I ate a rice Krispy treat took 3 bites and I was thinking I’m not really hungry why am I eating it,but I did eat it but did NOT feel that normal omg this taste SO good feeling, but instead… oh sheesh I Have to finish this up because I’m in Target and I paid 1.40 cents for it. The brand I brought was $63.00 by Certified Red raspberry. thus far I am glad I paid that higher amount and even if I don’t lose weight, if I continue to feel this energetic I’ll lose weight anyway, as I feel like doing more, I already worked out twice today and went out and about and played tug of war with my dog. Normally I wouldn’t have the energy to do that. I just wanted to give my input and no I do not work for the company and I am not affiliated with them in any way. I also am a Hashimoto’s /hypothyroid patient, so I would recommend this, just my opinion.

    • Joshua0531

      I would like to add…

      Fats from nuts, and EVOO and avocados… these are all good fats that your body can use. It’s not the same as steak fat or trans fat or the fats that are in candies and junk food. You body can actually use these nuts and oils and fruit/veggie fats. They are good for your brain and heart. Learn abot nutrition. In addition to the nuts containing good fats, they are also high in proteins which are a good source of energy and help you stay “full” longer.

      The biggest problem with why people are FAT is due to nutrient imbalance… too much of one, not enough of others… for instance, too many starches, not enough proteins and vegetable. Also you must think about alkalinity. Foods that help regulate your body’s pH will help reduce your fat storage. Stay away from sugar altogether or only have it in small doses. Don’t think that since you are drinking diet soda that you are doing yourself any favors… the body still activates insulin and you still get blood sugar spikes from artificial sweeteners.

      Learn about your food! did you know that ounce for ounce, white bread contains more sugar than jelly beans. and Most of your processed fruit juices are artificially flavored and packed full of sugar. Eat the fruit and drink more water. Drink water 30 minutes before and after a meal. Drinking before helps you eat less since you will be a little full from the water and drinking a glass 30 minutes after helps flush it all down to digest it quicker.

  • Gerard Mallahan

    hey, I really liked the post. devout christian reader out

  • Gloria T

    Here’s an update, if anyone is interested. I gave a glowing report about the product and company I brought my RK from. I still have my energy and I have lost about 3 pounds. BUT I cannot in good faith recommend this company any longer. I don’t trust this company or recommend them anymore, because I have found false advertisements on You tube. The person speaking is obviously working for that company, but says in the commercial/youtube she is not. They do Not have a telephone number to contact them if you want to cancel or ask a question, I wrote them an email concerning the false you tube advertising. I am still waiting for a response back. I will Not continue buying this product from them and have found a well known company that sells this and other products. I now wish I would have gone through them in the first place, I wasn’t thinking. They are ‘Life Extensions’. I’ve already put in an order with them. We all are living and learning. Keep up with the weight loss race!! I Will get to my goal 😉

  • Carley

    Folks, if you are going to post comments, please learn how to spell — particularly the names of your prescription medications. If you don’t have the intelligence to write a grammatically correct comment, perhaps you should seek professional help for your weight issues. Nothing irritates me more than reading comments from folks who cannot spell or write properly.

    • phillip ennis are an angry elf!

    • Vanessa

      Get over yourself. If you get irritated by comments, don’t read them.

    • lynn

      Its a common courtesy not to point out other peoples faults. What if that person had a disability like dyslexia comments like this can shatter what confidence they have. It would be better if you keep comments of an unfavorable nature to yourself. You have shown yourself you be the inferior person.

      • LILI

        Totally in agreement with Lynn and with Phillp. I have a few other names for that angry elf that come to mind but they are not allowed here.

      • Jessy

        Well said

    • Louie

      Then skip over the comments…What are you the grammar police? Professional help really???

    • Karla

      Folks…. now is that grammatically correct? Isnt the proper term “People”? It just sounds so country to me. I cant believe, the audacity of some people, to degrade others because they mispelled a prescription drug name, that they may not be used to even seeing or using on a daily basis. Keep in mind, and please be aware that you can correct someone in a tactful, appropriate and compassionate manner… try that next time, opposed to looking down your snoddy nose and approaching the matter in such a pretensious & condescending way. Really your comment shows that you lack the class, education and refinement, that you are so desperately trying to display.
      Good Day

    • http://Google maryrose

      It makes me sad when I see posts complaining about peoples lack of education…………..instead of criticizing you might try to help answer……………..if you know the answer …………don’t you think it would be kinder? I’m sure she has enough to deal with…………and she sure doesn’t need to go to a website where people are asking and receiving politely and receiving gracious responses…………to have to encounter your cruel intolerance…………..How would you like to be the receiver of your comments?

    • Kathy B


      Maybe you need to take a whole new pill… You need to chill and stop acting superior. If you are worried about spelling and grammar then you probably should not be reading anything on the net or the papers. See, apparently, people are not as perfect as you. **choke choke**

  • Gloria T

    Here’s an update; I found out the company I thought was great, has a lot of problems and I won’t be using them. Go to a well established company such as Life Extension! Good luck!

  • Shane Vargas

    Thanks for blowing the lid on this hyped up fad. I gave the rasberry keytone thing alot of credibility because of it being a natural extract unlike some other red hot diet and weight loss products that are hot right now. You nailed it, its the latest gimmick of the day.




    would you please look into this , i have ordered tis product raspberry keritones and am still waiting to received them , please look in to this thanking you roslyn

  • Krichelle

    They work for me! I’ve been taking raspberry ketones for over a week and am losing half a pound a day, so I have lost 5 pounds so far. I’m also doing Weight Watchers and going to the gym but before I took the pills I only lost half a pound a week due to my appetite. The pills really curb my appetite. So the trick is to take cues from my body and eat less than before since I feel less hungry. I bought my pills on Amazon and the brand is Genetica Labs. I take a 250 mg pill before breakfast and dinner.

    • alison

      Hi I have been taking raspberry Ketone for a week and I have put 2 pounds on!!I stopped eating rubbish and I dont understand why.The tablets are secrets of slimming 200mg(two on a morning)Anybody with any feedback?

    • Robin

      In the 3 days I’ve been taking RK, I’ve experienced more energy and appetite suppression. I’m 51, exercise moderately, and have a mostly healthy diet. Like many women my age, I’ve experienced a decreased metabolism. These pills are the extra edge I needed. For everyone inquiring about brand, GNC carries one by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. that is 99% pure with the only additives being those necessary to create the capsules.

    • kerrycalgary

      You are probably losing weight because your body is naturally adjusting to your new dieting and workout regimes (which are great). The pills are just placebos, but if you think they are getting your to where you want to go, no harm. Just don’t think that they are responsible for any weight loss, but only money loss.

  • Aloe Vera Hair

    Нmm is anyone else having problems with the imаges on thіs
    blog loаdіng? I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any suggestiοns would be greatly appreciated.

  • tera

    i started taking raspberry ketone and weighed myself after 8 day and had lost 6 lbs!

    • marlene hoggart

      i signed up for a free trial of vitaberry trim it said on its web site that it was a free months trial . After 2 weeks they took out 80 pounds for the free trial from my bank account. Had I returned the product within the 2 week period un-opened I would have qualified for my money back. How are you supposed to try a product to decide if it really lives up to its name as a weight loss product without trying it first, plus they did not say that other than shipment costs would be coming out of my account. I now have a long and lengthy period of ombudsman and complaints to my bank . which at the end of the day I may not get my money returned. I want to warn people to read the terms and conditions of these free trial offers or they too could pay out a lot of money which in my case did not work at all. At the end of the day I weigh exactly the same as I did when I tried this product

  • Dawn


    I tried raspberry ketones and it is true, they can increase energy, however, it has extreme caffeine like effects for my friends and I. I had jitters and a racing heart. Please do not take these! There are many reputable doctors warnings out there about raspberry ketones and their affects on heart rate.


    • Me

      This blog says that those are side effects…….not to be rude but if someone wants to take it they will…you don’t need to re-post or comment your opinion……:)

  • NIcole

    Not everyone has perfect grammer LMFAO someone needs to RELAX a little there is more to life then being so frusterated with someone cause they have a hard time with spelling as I do . come on if u cant tell what they are saying scroll down continue with someone who might be a perfect like you pfff … some people ….

  • weight loss green tea

    This signals the body to discharge no cost fatty acids into your bloodstream and you start off shedding excess weight.
    So instead of getting some soda or artificial juices after meals, rather consider
    a cup of green tea to accomplish the normal body weight you are after.
    Pick tea leaves that are small and loose to let out a fast-paced infusion.

  • Lynn

    I think it is unfair to say something is a waste of money just because it doesn’t work for you. Almost every medication/supplement on the market works for some people and not others. The same thing goes for side effects. I started taking the green coffee bean supplements a few months ago and lost 7 pounds in two weeks. I stopped taking them and got off track, but decided to start again and this time added the Rasberry Ketones. They instantly suppressed my appetite to the point food doesn’t even taste good to me. I am not sure I would like this long term since I love and enjoy food. However, it’s okay in the short term to help me stay focused on the weight loss and getting back in the habit of eating healthier and excercising. I have had minor side effects, a bit gassy and mild headaches but it’s hard to say if they are definitely from the supplement or the change in diet as I am eating more fruit, nuts and less junk and sugar.

    And I am taking the Dynamic Nutrition brand.

  • afreeweb

    Most people want to know, “Does Fat Loss 4 Idiots really work?” To answer that, here are the results others have seen from using the program. After following the 11 day diet, the majority of people saw a wide range of results. Some lost little to no weight. Others lost around 5-10 pounds. However, once people started their 3 “cheat days”, they gained several pounds back, then lost the weight again during the next 11 day cycle. Based on this wide range of results, it’s really hard to say what you could expect from following the diet outlined in Fat Loss 4 Idiots

  • houze

    Most capsules sold of this stuff do not contain enough to make a diff. Try taking 400mg’s throughout the day. (For me that’s only 2 caps as mine are 200mg’s each!)
    Aside from that I cannot comment on if the Ketones are helping me or not.
    I also supplement with many other things as I’ve gotten into bodybuilding.
    Also I’m on a Ketogenic diet with a caloric deficit so obviously I will lose weight.

    I’ve just lost 12 pounds in abt 12 days :)

  • Karen

    I stared taking Raspberry Ketones Max May 2nd and I’ve noticed a few side effects, mainly nausea and jitteriness. But that could be simply from all the caffeine it has. The bottle says there’s as much caffeine as three cups of coffee in the recommended dose of two capsules. And I don’t generally have that much caffeine on a daily basis. So that just might take some getting used to.. I have noticed a great decrease in my appetite though. Especially in cravings, which was a big issue for me lately. I saw some comments about how some people got the free trial, as did I, and were still charged after cancelling. I was told to call before the 16th to cancel to avoid being billed again. But I guess I’ll have to keep an eye out. I might order some more in the future, but I wanna finish the whole bottle to be sure before I order another one.

    Seems to be working all right for me so far. I hope everyone finds something that works for them if it’s not the raspberry ketones! Best of luck! :)

  • Victoria

    Hi Kimberly,
    I have been taking raspberry ketones for 2 weeks now and have already lost 4 pounds and feel great. I have to say that at first it made me a bit jittery, but I just started drinking a little less coffee and everything was fine. i found lots of sites that sell the stuff, but decided to go with an organic label so I purchased 6bottles for 6months They are made by Organic Nutrition Direct and I wanted to share my story with you. Thx for this great blog!

    • Mark

      Where did you purchase your ketones?

  • Malka Pecatoste

    Yeh! ¡Muy bien! Esto es una tontería absoluta

  • Fheral Yunus

    I have finished one bottle of Rasberry Ketone. This pil does not work on me besides I have more appretite to eat. The instruction says that two pills a day before eat. Is that right? Please help me by giving some good advice.

    • Rasberry Ketone Reviews

      well may be you are doing something wrong because me and my 2 friends have used it and it has great results.

    • Lisa

      The instructions on my bottle say to take after meals. I wouldn’t dare take it on an empty stomach, it has worked brilliantly for me taking it that way

  • Phil Hudson

    Hey, I stumbled upon this blog after doing some research on Raspberry Ketones. I loved the article and thought it was really comprehensive, and I checked all the comments. It sounds like there are mixed feelings about this stuff, but I had a question no one has addressed yet. A friend recommended getting Raspberry Ketones I didn’t see any recommendations for or against it so I wanted to see if anyone else had tried it before I buy it. Thanks in advance for your time and thanks again for the great info.

    • mandy rugabug

      Bought 3 bottles of High strength Rasberry ketones, tried for 2 months, did not loose a gram of weight. TOTAL WASTE OF TIME & MONEY. Do not buy this product. Also did raise my body temperature & heart beat.

    • Cristiana Cooper

      I took raspberry ketone for 1 month last year and lost 12 pounds. I stand by it because while I was taking the capsules I did not change anything in my diet. I did not exercise more or eat healthier. Before I purchased them, I did my research and spent an hour at the store looking through all the different raspberry ketones they had. I believe that if you want good results you can not go with the cheap brand. It is best to look for something that contains natural raspberry ketone and no synthetics. Also make sure you are buying actual raspberry ketone instead of ground up raspberries or blends! I took 2 capsules a day at 500 mg and had no side effects. I do not recommend it if you are not willing to spend the extra money for the natural stuff, that is when it becomes “a waste of money”.

      Although I was very happy with it, I did not continue because I was at my ideal weight and saw no point in spending the money.

      • Amy

        Hi there, I just wanted to know how has your weight changed since you stopped taking them? There has been some comments that when you stop taking them you gain all your weight back. HAs this been true for you?
        Please tell us the brand that you bought.

  • NicoleLouise

    Just wanted to leave a quick message, I have been using them for 4 days now and have already lost 2pounds 😀 cant weight to see the results in 2 week and a month

    • Elizabeth

      which brand did you purpchase?

    • sam

      hi Nicole
      do you mind telling me which one you are using? I just bought the beyond raspberry ketone but it seems like there is more that one, people are talking about other names?!

  • Janita Ullah

    Nice writeup. Do you mind if I publish a blurb on my site?

  • cindy

    going on week two and I’ve shed 4 pds. I do feel alot slimmer and less bloated.

    • http://KimberlySnyder Tommie Haile

      Would you please tell me what brand you bought. I am so confused with all the claims.

      • Helen

        Tommie Haile i hope the web site above helps if you havent already found it….. :)

  • Robbin Miller

    It’s Pleasure to understand your blog. The above content article is very informative & helpful. aspberry ketone activates BAT in the body along with increased oxygen consumption. This combination results in an increased expenditure of calories, which in turn contribute to effective weight loss.

    • Susan Tomassini

      Thanks for a very informative article. As a Nutritionist myself, I often get clients wanting a ‘quick fix’ when it comes to weight loss. I always explain that if they want to lose weight and MAINTAIN it, then their aim should be to lose weight gradually (ideally no more than 2.2 lbs a week), by adopting a healthy, balanced whole food diet – for life. Experience has taught me that dramatic weight loss (the kind promoted by these supplements) only leads to putting it all back on afterwards – and sometimes more, since losing weight too quickly puts your body in ‘starvation mode’ and encourages it to burn calories at a slower rate. There really IS no substitute for healthy eating!

  • http://ww louise

    Just started today, along with weight watchers hopefull it helps!!!

  • Freda

    Weight loss products is just a waste of money! All you need is to have a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly. Most of the weight loss products have side effects such as palpitations, dry mouth, increase blood pressure, insomia etc but it varies to each person. Most people who take weight loss products will just regain weight some or all of the weight they lost when they stop using those products and they can be dependent to it that it become harmful to their body. Why not do it the natural way and putting some efforts on it and not just by depending on the weight loss products that companies sell. Companies benefits from “You”, those who are desperate to lose weight. They used words such as “You don’t need to diet nor do exercise to lose weight” or this product is “clinically proven or approved by FDA”. This are all advertising claims just to get the clients attention which I found it absurd. You should lose weight gradually and not rapidly for there are risks especially if the person got dependent on the drugs they’re taking.

    The rules are simple, if you want to lose weight have a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. Our body requires a certain number of calories per day so try to maintain that level. You should consume less calories per day and burn more calories by doing exercise if you are really serious in your diet to lose weight. No need to waste money just put some effort on it and you will be grateful on your result plus you will save alot of money on it.

  • Danielle Stevenson

    I have spent the last 2 months on a changed diet. I do not eat potatoes, pasta, bread, drink beer or any other bloating products. I drink around 4 litres of water, with fresh lemon, limes, oranges and grapefuits squeezed into it, per day. I have lost 9kg (nearly 20pounds) so far, but it has slowed right down.
    I had previously (years ago and before a pregnancy) been on the elimination diet for allergies. I lost 15kg or 33lbs during the 6 week program. I kept it off for 3 years without having to try.
    I do not do FAD diets. I enjoy my food too much. I work in restaurants and walk to work, so have a fairly active day to day life.
    I decided to try raspberry ketones in conjunction with what I am currently doing to assist in futher weightloss. I am 40 in a couple of months and am overweight.
    If this works for me, I will be delighted. If it doesn’t, oh well, I gave it a go.
    One thing that a lot of people seem to forget is that each body reacts differently and what works for you and it’s efficiency may not be the same or even similar for others. And there is also a lot of people talking about heart rates etc, if it has caffeine or guarana in it, of course it will speed up your heart rate! If you drink 4 cups of coffee in a row, how do you feel???
    My product is Ketone Premium and I am taking it in conjunction with Cleanse Premium. Relatively low doses of the ketone compared to others who have commented, but I’m not looking for the “quick fix”, just a compliment to my already existing healthy eating and living habits.
    Good luck to those of you trying this, and bummer to those who feel it was a waste of money!

    • Rummana

      Hi Danielle
      I am also on a low carb diet, I was wondering if you had much luck on the Raspberry ketones, did they work? I have reached a plateau and was looking for something to compliment my diet.

      Kind Regards

  • Karen Poulson

    I am using a product that is a combination of raspberry ketones & Garcinia Cambosia (recommend by Dr. Oz) along with chromium picolinate (sp?). I just started but it has absolutely killed my appetite! My friend has been using it for a couple months now and has lost 24lbs! The product we’re using also comes with a free smart phone app that reminds you when to take it. It also suggests one small change to your lifestyle each week and will also reminds you throughout the day about those changes! It also has on online community and weekly calls with Kim Lyons (personal trainer on the the first few seasons of The Biggest Loser, The Dr. Phils Weight loss challenge, and guest advisor for Dr. Oz.). It’s an AMAZING program and I’m loving it!

  • Karen Poulson

    I am using a product that is a combination of raspberry ketones & Garcinia Cambosia (recommend by Dr. Oz) along with chromium picolinate (sp?). I just started but it has absolutely killed my appetite! My friend has been using it for a couple months now and has lost 24lbs!

    • Shaun

      Hi Kim

      A well written article and I do appreciate that you have looked for scientific studies and tests and as you quite rightly say there is little on people other than their experiences.

      I also appreciate that you will quite rightly think I have a vested interest in being positive but I do think that to help people then balance is good in a situation like this with too little verified product data. We sell raspberry ketones as part of our product portfolio but I know of some ladies who have had really good results including my wife. Of course it is unsubstantiated but it is a valid opinion by them and perhaps has merit to sit alonside your valid opinion.

      At Protein Lifestyle we only sell 100% pure raspberry ketones with nothing added so maybe that has a bearing.

      If you mailed me your address then I would be happy to send you some and you could test it maybe, at least you could then advise on any side affects you experienced which again is valid. And then you could update your article.

      Anyway a great blog but remember there are also some really great minerals and vitamins that people can and do use just as a healthy supplement to life.


      • farhana

        please send me more information on your raspberry ketone diet pills, or some to try out. I would also like to know the cost for a months supply. thank you

    • teddy

      I rarely write reviews, almost never unless I’m seriously ticked off. And I’m not sure my results are typical but this stuff is a modern marvel I began taking these on May 4, 2013 and completed the first bottle (two each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon or evening usually with food) on June 19, 2013. I was down almost 500 pounds with no change in workout habits, although I generally exercise 2-4 times per year, and no change in diet. Again I’m not sure the results are typical but this is certainly worth a try

      • renae

        Really 500 pounds in a month ?

      • Mark

        Are you sure you lost 500 pounds? Must be in British pounds.

      • Dr. Who

        This is obviously fake. No person could drop 500 pounds in a month, it would be difficult enough to do that in a year.

        On the topic of this article I ask you this: with so many pills and “new diets” that come out every year, what is the one basic thing that always works? Proper eating habits and daily exercise. If you want to see results and lost weight in a healthy and safe way, then change your lifestyle. It shouldn’t be a ‘diet’ that you go on and eventually “get off”, it should be the way you live.

        A great book I would recommend is “Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It” by Gary Taubes
        Read it and it will change everything that you think you know about nutrition and food.

    • tracy

      Karen what brand? Do you have a link? Plz email me the info if u have it

    • Corinna

      What is the name of the product you are taking? I’m in Canada and would also like the manufacturers name. Thank you
      If you any other advice for me before I start taking this, please let me know.

    • kenneth

      hi Karen, I was wondering what is the name of the supplement your using called? seems amazing! Please let me know at

  • Dottie

    Scam! Scam! Scam! Read the news reports. They have been using fake endorsements from famous people to sell this product and if you sign up you can’t get out of the payment plan very easily. I am so glad I read the news reports because last night I almost signed up for my “free trial” at $14.95 then $84.95 each month after after that. Easier and cheaper to stop eating rubbish and start exercising!!

    • Suzanne

      Hi, I signed up for the free samples… I am a bit worried by what you are mentioning in your message. Have signed up to keep paying each month ? Gosh I am broke, I hope there is the way to step back. Could you help me?

  • Milly

    I have just received the trial from Nutriberry Slim and Vita Cleanse, and am wondering how I cancel these (or do I have to change my card?). Their telephone number does not work.


    • maine

      Idk if this helps but I have been taking the green coffee bean extract by a company called pure health for 30 days 3x a day. I lost 6 pounds. This may be from the pills but I honestly do not know because I’ve lost 22 pounds altogether within 2 months but I have been eatting rite, drinking lots of water, and excersising 3 to 4x a week.I just purchase the raspberry ketones so idk if it will work but ill strt taking them together with the coffee bean extract and see what happens. I’m starting my second bottle 90count of gcbe tomorrow so I won’t start the gcbe/rb combo untill next month. The company I buy my supplements is called pure health 100.

      • Aimee

        I have just ordered the ketone raspberry pills and the other pill that you have been taken, can’t remember the name green coffee bean or something, I just want to know if it’s really going to work?and do you take the pills together? Or at different times? Your help is much appreciated, Aimee.

  • Jonah

    You people do realize that your metabolism is just like a muscle, you have to work it to make it stronger. The pill is supposed to help with the process, not do all of it. If you want results then you have to eat 5 times a day – smaller meals every 3 hours 6am to 6pm should work, drink plenty of water, EXERCISE properly, and get 7 or 8 hrs of sleep. I noticed the people who follow these and take the pill have the best results.

  • Mimi Kennedy

    After two days of taking these, I had stomach cramps like I’ve never had before and I’m normally pretty healthy! I’ve stopped taking these now and, after a couple of days, I’m fine again.

    I wouldn’t suggest that anyone takes these for weight loss – a healthy diet and exercise win out every time.

  • Nicky

    I started taking raspberry keytones containing African Mango and Green Tea extract a few days ago. I feel awful:-( my heart rate is through the roof, I feel nauseous at times, I have lots of physical energy/nervous energy, but I can’t concentrate at all. I have lost some weight, but I have also started exercising/eating better recently. The side affects of feeling shaky and nauseous have actually increased my appetite.
    I definitely don’t think this product is for everyone. Anyone with any sort of sensitivity to stimulants should definitely stay away!!!I’d make an

  • http://lafitness dawia hia

    It is highly helpful for me. Huge thumbs up for this


    hi I brought raspberry keytones I have used them for 2 wks to b honest I have put 2 stone on .and I feel awful .I cant understand .also I am out of breath .and feel sick .I got 2 bottles and now I am left with one ..r they just a gimmick.

  • Jane

    You can purchase 100% RK at Walmart for about $7/30 capsules. I just started and I’m having no side effects. I’ve cut out caffeine and drinking lots of water. A coworker has lost 50+ lbs taking RK.

  • Cheap Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts

    I absolutely love your website.. Great colors & theme. Did you make this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m attempting to create my own personal website and want to find out where you got this from or just what the theme is called. Cheers!

  • Waltraud

    It’s amazing how many people put all their faith in Dr. Oz and his constant new supplements. If the good doctor says they work, then they must work. NOT SO~~~~~. I personally have tried several of his advertised products and so far, not one of them worked~~~ some time in the past he had 2 women on his show to prove the before and after taking a certain product for weight loss ( I believe it was 3 days)~~ well, anyone should know that the only reason those 2 women lost 1 or 2 pounds in 3 days is because they most likely didn’t eat for 3 days so that they would make DR. OZ look like a winner~~~~~ just gimmicks, that’s all.

  • Kerri Hallman

    I tried the trial of the green coffee and colon cleanse without results and then ended up being billed for a month which I cancelled and never got my money back and on top of it kept receiving phone call from ” live body coach” and had them withdrawal money out of my account without authorization. I also tried the Mango without any success. So I’m very glad to have this information. I guess the old theory is that diet change and exercise are the best way to get what you want and there are no short cuts.

  • raspberry pi computer

    I personally feel that this one is the best work from you.

  • sabrina

    can I take rasperry ketone and african mango together ? beacuse I want to start tomorrow vith this combination !

  • http://facebook zara

    hi im just wondering , do you maintain a good healthy diet of which you have been following already and also just take these tabs to move on the weight loss,,



  • http://none anna

    Yesterday I made a mistake and took the pills twice, it was awful. I had a terrible hiccups for some 15 minutes, got frightened it could stay. Haven’t had hiccups since I was a child, a funny feeling. Don’t take this shit people, it is a waste of money and potentially dangerous.

  • http://none anna

    Yesterday I made a mistake and took the pills twice, it was awful. I had a terrible hiccups for some 15 minutes, got frightened it could stay. Haven’t had hiccups since I was a child, a funny feeling. Don’t take this shit people, it is a waste of money and potentially dangerous.


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  • Nail

    Raspberry ketone manages to facilitate weight loss owing to several reasons. and its amezing and I want to try it …

  • Hali

    What is you take on carcinia cambogia?

  • edita

    hi there.i was taking 700mg capsules of RK twice a day for two weeks so far.-no results for the moment-i did not loose a gram of my weight.i bought my pills from Holland@Barrett.

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    Many individuals who suffer from severe “shortness” usually give up and think there is nothing that can be done v3 diet pill results Positivity however,how long does rosetta stone take, is to roll with punches.

  • steph

    I have been taking raspberry ketone and green coffee supplement for a week and a half now i have been drinking plenty of fluid as that what is advised and have had no side effects. I also do an hour of tae-bo 5 days a week and don’t eat too much fatty foods and i have to say since taking these supplements i have lost weight alot quicker than usually.

  • Sonia

    I have been on raspberry keytones for almost a month now. I do not know if I have lost any weight as I am not weighing myself but I do feel my clothes getting loser. What I do notice is that taking the pill curbs my cravings. I have no sugar cravings (not an ounce) since I started on RK. I am choosing to eat more fruits and vegetables including only salads for lunch and I am NEVER hungry. I stopped taking the supplements for two days and my cravings came right back. So this has worked very well for me in terms of food choices and I honestly do not care if I lose weight or not. As long as I am making the right food choices when I am taking the supplement. So RK for me all the way. No cravings beats fast weight loss any day.

    • julie

      What brand are you using?

    • Juan

      Do you know your body can produce ketones? the best way to lose weight is to put it in ketosis. Look for low fat ketogenic diets. Your body and brain run better in ketones. Go for it.

  • Rita

    It’s good to see this being called out for the gimmick that it is. good post :)

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    I believe that green coffee is a much better way to lose weight.

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    Sounds promising. But this pills has been so popular because of so many individuals who have successfully lose weight… :)

  • Marie

    I purchased Raspberry KETONES:
    Can you please tell me how I should take the Caplets with meals or before or after meals thank you

    • K

      The dosage is supposed to be like this:

      2 tablets a day divided into 1 tab 1st thing in the morning and 1 tablet 30 mins before lunch. Additionally, you can eat 1 tab 30 mins before dinner…

      For the exact dosage refer to your products instruction

  • Christy

    Hey I think it has potential. First I tried a cheap version of the RK and I tried it for a full month- 1200mg a day. No results at all. Then I decided to buy the ‘real’ stuff. No gray pills, they’re white. They smell like raspberries (the other ones didn’t) and they leave a taste of raspberries when I take them. I’m taking 1000mg a day and started almost 2 weeks ago- the last 3 days I haven’t craved a sweet thing at all! I can’t believe it because normally I can’t survive without my sweets. I have hope because if something can control my raiding the fridge at night- it’s a miracle! lol

    • janine

      I have been taking raspberry ketones for 1 week with 1 green tea tablet per day my appetite has shrunk and anything sweet is revolting so it deffo does it for me I have 2 smallest meals peg day and it is totally enough any one taking the same please leave feed back thanks

  • maria

    I have started Fonza Raspberry K2 and Green Coffee 2:2:1 together since yesterday and I am taking 1 capsule from each in the morning and 1 capsule from each in the afternoon. I am wondering if this is a right way to take them or not. I mean can I take this two tablet together or no?

  • Nonnie

    I have been taking raspberry ketone tablets for about 2 weeks and it has killed my appetite I never fancy food, I have month full of food and I am full, even the smell of food makes me feel ill. I am not getting the safe amount of food, which Is worrying me and my parents x

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