Happy Thanksgiving!



Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’ve just come out to LA a few weeks ago, although all my family is on east coast, we’re staying here and having a blissful friends Thanksgiving.

Still started the day as usual with a Glowing Green Smoothie. Ran out of pears, so used a peach instead. Picked a lime from my tree in my new backyard…ahh California living! Please enjoy this very impromptu (and rather dark, forgot to put on kitchen lights!) video.

I am so very grateful and thankful for all of you in the Beauty Detox community. May we continue to grow and support each other as a family.

I wish you infinite blessings,




Last updated: Friday, June 19, 2015
  • Yasmin

    And to you Kim! It was lovely to meet you last Friday, at Glow BIO before it opened.

    Am glad my first, brief visit to LA coincided with the store opening. Plus that the sun came out on the Sunday (the weather up til then had been scarily like London!) before I left LA, but am sorry I missed you on the Saturday.

    I shall be keeping an eye out for when you start to ship to places like Berkeley too :) and if there are any other events coming up at GLOW. I am thankful for so many things …including the sunshine, improved migraines (and assorted), finding this community and having the space to just be :)

  • Beth


    I always find your posts so inspiring. I also find your GGS to be extremely nourishing and a great complexion enhancer. The only issue I find is that in the cold winter months (I live in southeastern PA) I’m a bit unmotivated to make/consume anything remotely cold. Given that my romaine sits in the fridge, blending it results in a cooler type drink. Is there any way to make the GGS and salads in general warmer and more appealing for ‘Vata’ type doshas?

  • Shanti

    You are amazing, I am so thankful to you. I love eating the way you have taught us. I feel better, I just need my skin to clear up more!!!! Happy Holidays.

  • AC

    Hey Kim,
    Happy Thanksgiving! had a question, I find it hard to have a cold GGS in the morning this time of the year. ( Especially when I make extra, like for 2 days and then I take it out of the fridge.)
    Any suggestions?

  • cait

    Hi Kim!
    Are nut butters like almond butter from artisana and sunbutter roasted sunflower organic butter okay? Also, you recommend bananas, fruits, quinoa, oats and sweet potatoes. What if I have SIBO/candida and have to be gluten free? Should I avoid all of them? Most say to eat tons of meats, eggs, whey protein, fats(olive, grass fed butter, coconut oil, avocados), greek yogurt, veggies to help this. I thought you always needed a meat, grain, veggie & fat base to be in balance as if you just do carbs you will spike insulin/diabetic etc? Do you think food combining is essential? thanks!!

  • Yasi H.

    Hey awesome video! Just finished reading your Beauty Dextox Solution Book..I have been looking for something that will help me eat better and give me energy . Im 26, wiegh 120 pounds and im 5’8..but obviously not healthy..and im trying to GAIN weight.but the unhealthy way…I eat soo much junk food and am getting acne..5 cups of coffe day drinker to..get caffeine in and and my energy level is super low ( omg and dark circles)..I can resemble some of your clients in the True Beauty Story.. Because I can’t loose any more weight..and I will be starting on the Blossoming Beauty phase.. I cant afford to loose any weight…any suggestions on trying to maintain my weight, since I cant gain..Im naturally thin!

    Yasi H.