Great skin is a reflection of our overall health. It also helps us feel confident and radiant out in the world- doing our thing, whatever that may be!  And while we all love great products and makeup, we do very much have to build our beauty from the inside out, because our skin is after all, our largest organ. Nothing substitutes true, real beauty built from excellent foods and nutrition.

Your skin is the last organ to receive nutrition in the body, yet is among the first organs to show signs of an imbalance or deficiency. Your skin receives roughly a third of all the blood that is circulated throughout the body. So it makes sense that if the blood is congested, this is reflected in your skin. And on the other side, as we cleanse the blood and nourish ourselves with amazing beauty foods, that is also reflected in your skin.

You can expect to see generally more of a “glow” to your skin in as little as a few days upon making a conscious shift to living more healthily, including incorporating strategic beauty foods. You may get questions like, “Wow you look great. What are you doing differently?!” The outer surface of your skin’s cells are renewed every four weeks or so, and so after a month you can expect to see even greater change.

I have talked about so many different foods in my book The Beauty Detox Foods, where I go into a lot of detail about specific foods for specific beauty issues, including building healthy hair, clearing acne, smoothing skin and so on. But today I want to highlight great foods that are especially good for your skin all around. Here’s 5 of my top skin picks:

1 – Sprouts

I start with sprouts because they are so common, so inexpensive, and easily get overlooked. We might even think of them as “filler” in sandwiches or just a random item we might add at salad bars. But it’s time to re-examine sprouts…because they are amazing for our skin!

Clover sprouts grown in a sprouting jar

Sprouts are the “baby” plant that starts to multiply its nutritive value of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals such as iron and calcium, and amino acids, which supply abundant plant protein and many other nutrients needed to sustain the mature plant.

Eating sprouts transmits these nutrients right into your body. Sprouts are one of the most powerful foods for cellular regeneration and health.

Sprouts contain an incredible range of nutrients to cleanse your body, nourish your cells and tissues, and contribute to a beautiful glow, from the inside out. Vitamins, such as B complex and C, existing in seeds can be increased by up to 2,000 percent during the sprouting biochemistry that lasts several days. Wash thoroughly, then throw them in your Glowing Green Smoothie® or on salads.

2 – Bee Pollen

Packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, bee pollen will enhance your overall skin glow, not to mention energy. Bee pollen is said to have been consumed by the Chinese for centuries, to help increase energy, alleviate acne and depression, and improve digestion. Bee pollen contains all the B vitamins (except B12), providing stress relief, improved digestion, hormonal balance, and assists in cleansing toxins from the body.

Picture of bee pollen.

Bee pollen contains rutin (an enzyme catalyst), potent antioxidants, all essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, and nucleic acids such as RNA and DNA. Bee pollen contains high levels of collagen-repairing vitamin C and skin-protecting vitamin E, making it a potent anti-aging, anti-wrinkle food.

I often take eat a little bee pollen off a spoon before going to yoga or as a quick snack on the go (Note: if you have a pollen allergy you may want to avoid. Start with a very small amount if you’re new to consuming bee pollen—approximately one quarter of a teaspoon—and build up from there).

3 – Cilantro

Nobody loves cellulite, especially with short shorts season upon us. So, if you have some unwanted cellulite that you’d like to reduce the appearance of, cilantro is your herb. That’s because cilantro has the ability to chelate heavy metals, that is, bind to and help escort out of your body.

Picture of fresh coriander or cilantro bouquet on old wood table.

What does that have to do with cellulite? You might be wondering. Well heavy metals tend to get lodged in our fat cells, which can contract and expand. So helping to rid our body of heavy metals, it may help ameliorate the appearance of cellulite.

I recommend adding about 1/3 cup of cilantro to your daily Glowing Green Smoothie®. You can also throw it on top of your soups and salads.

4 – Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is one of my favorite non-dairy milks (side note: dairy in my opinion is really not great for your skin, but that is a whole other topic!). It is rich in beauty fats, including omega 3 fatty acids which help build supple, beautifully smooth skin. It is also loaded with anti-aging vitamin A, helps restore your skin’s elasticity, cell overturn and blood circulation.

Close Up of hemp milk and seeds on wooden background .

You’ll also find other healthy skin elements in hemp milk, such as vitamins B12, E, and calcium. Vitamin B12 helps your skin by producing blood, which delivers nutrients to your skin. Vitamin E is a defender. It shields your skin from the harmful effects of sun and free radicals.

Try using it as the base of smoothies, in your tea, chia pudding and so on.

5 – Acai

Acai has been a popular “superfood” for years now, but I can’t help but include it because the fact it is that it is an amazing skin food! It’s super high in antioxidants to help protect our skin’s integrity from damage and preserve its overall beauty. It’s also packed with minerals, vitamins A, C and E, healthy beauty fats, and is naturally sugar-free.

Acai the small superfruit from the brazilian amazon very rich in naturally nutrients and antioxidants.

My favorite way to get it into my diet regularly is smoothies (can you tell I’m obsessed with smoothies?!). I always go for the unsweetened smoothie packets, which flash freeze the acai berries at the moment of peak ripeness. I like the Sambazon brand best, which is pretty commonly found in markets these days.

I hope this inspired you to remember that so much of your health, energy and true beauty is in your hands…you are incredibly powerful and by choosing a lifestyle that supports your goals you will get there!

Sending you love! See you back here soon :).


Picture of Kimberly Snyder at the beach.

The beach is a great mix of Mother Nature’s elements of water, fire (sun), earth (sand) and wind/air. Just be sure to protect yourself with a hat, sunglasses, some chemical-free sunscreen, etc.! xo