Hope you are having a great week. It is officially December!!!

This topic was at the forefront of my mind today, as I am weaning a special lady I am working with right now off her yogurt habit.

Wait you might say! Isn’t yogurt healthy? Well of course we all think so with signs like the huge banner (above) at Wholefoods I saw this morning.

Let’s start off by talking about probiotics. Probiotics, or good bacteria, are beneficial and very important to include in our diet. They exist in many cultures, such as in kimchi from Korea and unpasteurized kefir in Russia. Some of the many benefits of probiotics include helping to keep our systems in balance, keep toxicity in check, improve our synthesis of B Vitamins, strengthening our immunity, supporting digestion and helping to eliminate yeast issues.

However, just because a food contains probiotics doesn’t mean it is automatically healthy or beauty-boosting. My friends that frequent my blog here know that I in no way support the consumption of dairy products. Any dairy product. So guess what- yogurt is a dairy product! Yes it does contain probiotics, but it is also acid-forming in the body, and an acid imbalance in the body has actually been shown to cause a loss of calcium from our bones, leading to conditions like osteoporosis (ironic isn’t it, because you always hear the opposite about dairy products. But we have to look at absorbability and the net overall effect of a food, not just what is listed on the nutrition label). Dairy is also highly mucus-forming, which means that it is a clogging food. Any yogurt you buy in a store is going to be made with pasteurized milk, so your body will have to use a ton of energy to break it down.

I feel so strongly about it that I have a whole section in my upcoming book (!) about avoiding dairy. In my opinion, it is a highly aging food that destroys beauty. And you can be sure that I pull all my actors off it immediately.

So… um, no, I don’t recommend dairy yogurt!! There are so many other, better probiotic-rich choices that don’t have all those negative qualities! I do recommend probiotic supplements, consuming raw sauerkraut and other raw, cultured vegetables and high quality and non-pasteurized kimchi.

I also like this coconut milk-based yogurt from a brand called So Delicous. It is dairy free and soy-free, and it tastes pretty good. It is sweetened with cane sugar, so there are no scary artificial sweeteners or agave in it, thank heavens, otherwise it would be on the outs too. :) While it isn’t as pure as say, just eating plain durian, I think in this case the goods outweigh the negatives and I’ve been using it with my clients as a great transition and alternative.

But remember you should start a regiment of making Green Smoothies everyday (save yourself some time by storing them!), not any form of yogurt. The yogurt can come later in the day.

Have a great weekend!

Love, Kimberly